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Have you outgrown your tax preparer

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Have you outgrown your tax preparer

  1. 1. Have you outgrown your tax accountant? By Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT www.tonynovak.com Planning Savings Service Representation
  2. 2. It’s not just about filing your tax return. • About half of all taxpayers use a paid tax preparer but few benefit from strategic tax planning that can reduce or eliminate tax lability over time. • Saving taxes requires a coordinated effort and a multi-year strategic planning. • I have over 30 years experience advising clients in all 50 states on tax saving strategies.
  3. 3. Business owners and self-employed taxpayers face increasing IRS inquiries and audits Keeping you safe is equally important.
  4. 4. Chain store vs. independent professional • Big chain tax stores • Seasonal tax preparers • Low wage workers • Minimal training • Available year-round • Online, text and telephone • Self-employed business owner • A lifetime of professional focus
  5. 5. Online service means lower prices.
  6. 6. Simple procedure 1. You provide contact information: name, cell phone and email. 2. I provide a tax organizer for accuracy and completeness along with a detailed privacy policy and engagement agreement. 3. You send documents to a secure online portal. 4. I provide an electronic invoice that can be paid with just a click. 5. The tax return is prepared for you electronic signature. 6. Discussion time is scheduled at your convenience. 7. Confirmation of e-filing usually follows within one day.
  7. 7. To discuss your situation (800) 609-0683 www.Tonynovak.com

Notas do Editor

  • It’s tax time, and the right time of year to ask if you have outgrown your tax accountant. Do you feel like you need more attention paid to planning that saves money your tax bill, more personal service or professional representation?
  • I’m Tony Novak, a financial adviser with an online practice and 30 years experience helping clients cut taxes and avoid problems. While half of all taxpayers use a paid preparer, few benefit from tax planning strategies that, when used properly over years, can net savings of many thousands of dollars.
  • Business owners are especially likely to outgrow their accountant as they become more successful. More than half will trip over IRS penalties in a tax collection environment that is increasingly more uncivil and aggressive.
  • You have a choice between using a chain store and a independent professional. The differences in quality of service are striking.
  • Online service means lower prices. By accepting online electronic payment in advance, my rates are significantly lower than industry averages. Unlike most preparers, my benchmarked rates are published online where you see them in advance. The published rates are about 20% lower than industry averages for all tax preparers. Of course, the published tax service rates do not account for individual differences like business accounting that may be necessary before a tax return can be prepared.
  • I would welcome the chance to discuss your situation. The easiest way is to use this web site to schedule a time to talk. I‘m looking forward to it. Thanks for viewing this introductory video.