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Mobile Payment Systems in China for Android and iOS Apps and Games | AppInChina

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Learn about the mobile payments landscape in China, and how AppInChina Pay can seamlessly integrate Alipay and WeChat Pay into your mobile app or game to localize and monetize it for the Chinese market. Covers the basic differences between the payment systems in the West and in Mainland China, and the details of integrating mobile payments into your app, game, online platform, and/or SaaS Platform.

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Mobile Payment Systems in China for Android and iOS Apps and Games | AppInChina

  1. 1. Mobile Payment Integration
  2. 2. China’s Mobile Payments Landscape • China leads the world in widespread adoption of mobile payments online and offline • The Chinese government is introducing its own digital currency to speed up the process of getting rid of cash altogether.
  3. 3. ChinaWorld-wide China’s Mobile Payments Landscape
  4. 4. China’s Mobile Payments Landscape • Credit/debit cards are common, but not often used directly in Mainland China • Instead, they are connected to WeChat or Alipay for mobile payments • Western e-payment services either not available or not widely adopted Chinese overwhelmingly use WeChat Pay and Alipay for goods and services
  5. 5. China’s Mobile Payments Landscape • WeChat Pay is the most commonly used solution. • However, we still recommend integrating both WeChat Pay and Alipay into your app to give your users a choice. Chinese overwhelmingly use WeChat Pay and Alipay for goods and services
  6. 6. • WeChat app is a whole social ecosystem of messaging, social sharing, shopping, gaming, mini programs, etc. • WeChat’s payment system is handled by the WeChat Pay (formerly known as Wallet) feature in the app. • Similar to PayPay’s scheme, the user links their bank account to the Wallet to transfer money into their WeChat Balance or pay directly from the bank account.
  7. 7. • Unlike WeChat, Alipay is primarily a payment app, for mobile and online payments, utility bills, tickets, etc. • Alipay’s payment scheme operates on exactly the same principle and exactly the same manner as WeChat Pay.
  8. 8. Payments from User Point of View Method 1: QR Code User scans a QR code on a website or in real life (IRL)
  9. 9. Payments from User Point of View Method 2: Integrated Payments • User links WeChat or Alipay account to app and pays in-app • Authentication requires 4-digit pin or biometrics from deviceAsk for payment Choose payment service Confirm payment WeChat Pay Alipay
  10. 10. 3-Step Integration Process 1. Integrate WeChat/Alipay into your app * 2. Testing in Mainland China on Chinese devices 3. Publish the app * Games must integrate the app store’s SDK, and the store will take a commission.
  11. 11. Payment Scheme Each user payment is subject to: • Commission * • Sales Tax • Withholding Tax ** * *total amount, if any, depends on your country. Please check with your tax advisor for details. AppInChina pays Chinese taxes, commission, and fees on your behalf, depositing your total profit into your account. * For games, App stores will take their own commission.
  12. 12. Payment Tools On Your Dashboard • Analytics summaries & reports • Searchable transaction history • Payment history for each user • Track refunds • View and Download statements & reports • Edit important account details • Export transaction details to CSV
  13. 13. Summary • Access charts and statistics, summarizing payment activity on your app
  14. 14. Transactions View • View and search all in-app payments • Download data for import into your own accounting system
  15. 15. User Details • Click a transaction to view searchable transaction status and history for that user • User can be identified by phone number
  16. 16. Refunds • Search and view all refunds
  17. 17. Statements and Reports • Download statements and reports of transactions and activity
  18. 18. Account Details • Update account info
  19. 19. Online Transfer History • View all transfer history to your company account.
  20. 20. For further details, contact: info@appinchina.co or visit www.appinchina.co