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Composition presentation

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Composition presentation

  1. 1. Composition PresentationBy Tyler Koos
  2. 2. What is time?Framing Before and After Locked
  3. 3. Rule of Thirds Amid the Peace My Way or The Highway To Park Or Not To Park?
  4. 4. Get CloseNot the Garbage Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose Please Recycle
  5. 5. Leadin The Bright Light, verticalgLines Darkness to Brightness, c curved
  6. 6. Lifes ReflectionEndless Dunes Natures Beauty
  7. 7. Point of viewCuriosity, standardview point, eye lvl. The Dining Swine, low viewpoint, high angle  The Big and Mighty, high viewpoint, low angle
  8. 8. Almost Got It, standard Within Grasp, high view , low angleview, eye level Point of View (continued)
  9. 9. C o l o Transient of Life, complementaryRock Hard,monochromatic r  Sunlit Daisy, analogous