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Social media and your business

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Social media and your business

  1. 1. Social Media and Your Business Steph Marshall Power @steph_m_power #stephsprezi www.tigernash.co.uk
  2. 2. What will I say?• Practical advice, useable straight away• Why social media does not sit in isolation when it comes to marketing strategy• Who, what, when and how to use it• Examples of #socialmediafails• Some top tips for dealing with social media• The highlight pros and cons of social media @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  3. 3. Get involved• Follow me on Twitter @steph_m_power• Use #stephsprezi to follow our discussion• Get Twitter handles from everyone in the room or create one if you want to• Use this talk and me as practice @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  4. 4. @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  5. 5. Why?@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  6. 6. about.me@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  7. 7. about.me@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  8. 8. In the beginning…@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  9. 9. Why do we go online?• Primarily we go online to: – Learn: educate, research, keep informed – Have Fun: entertainment, escapism – Socialise: connect, share, discuss, community• More than twice as many people go online to socialise (82%) than to do business (39%) or shop (31%)• Source: RuderFinn.com Intent Index @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  10. 10. Why use social media in business?• It will become the norm and expected• It allows us to nurture relationships• Know: It gives us ‘virality’ or easy exposure• Like: Interaction with real people is authentic• Trust: Social proof of value Awareness | Credibility | Authority @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  11. 11. WARNING: Scary slides coming up@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  12. 12. Well it’s better than this one…
  13. 13. Content is still King• Linked-up strategy to direct users to high quality, interesting content• Twitter should not replace a blog or other important online activities• Content needs to be updated regularly across all online platforms• Nothing will happen unless you make it – there is no social media without substance @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  14. 14. Get it?@steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  15. 15. #socialmediafails• Nestlé and Greenpeace on Facebook• Kevin Smith and Southwest Air on Twitter• Lewis Hamilton and McLaren telemetry data @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  16. 16. Fastest Formula 1 Tweet Removal… EverDearest @JensonButton and @TheFifthDriverI’m so sorry, lots of love @LewisHamilton @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  17. 17. Dealing with social media• Develop a social media strategy• Establish the ground rules for dialogue• Monitor social networks• Recruit allies• Respond quickly• Tailor your response to the situation• People don’t relate to faceless corporations. They relate to people @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  18. 18. Dealing with social media• Direct the discussion• Don’t be defensive• Build bridges• Adopt a sharing mindset• Add value• Be consistent It’s good to share• Be authentic @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  19. 19. Cons of Social Media• Time consuming – tools may be free but the running of them will cost• Managed – Direct engagement with end user needs to be handled properly; timely• ROI – Not powerful way to make sales directly• Brand – dilution; control; negativity• Drain – on productivity in workplace @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  20. 20. Pros of Social Media• Cost – cheap in comparison to other media• Fast – build your target audience quickly• Direct – engagement / relationship• Reach – WOM / viral / global• Creative – more chances to get funky• Crisis – quash crises quickly @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  21. 21. Top Tips for Social Media Use1. Listen. Learn. Discover.2. Join in. Be engaging; ask and answer questions.3. Target. Respond.4. Be nice. Don’t swear, stalk or argue.5. Keep it up! @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  22. 22. @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  23. 23. Useful Twitter Tips Handles | Hashtags | Happy | Helpful• Get a @handle: use it, promote it, engage it, manage it – it is part of your strategy• Fill in your bio, pic and background• #SMB | #smallbiz | #marketing | #startups• #eastmidlandshour | #WOW | #SBS | #FF• #longandcomplexhashtagsarerubbish @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  24. 24. Useful Facebook Tips Link | Like | Comment | Share• Have to have a personal account• Groups versus Pages• Room for full info, pictures and a cover photo that is yours• Customisable pages | Apps• Adverts versus Sponsored stories @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  25. 25. @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  26. 26. Useful LinkedIn Tips Complete | Connect | Contribute• Complete your profile and a company page, get employees to join it• Make it clear what you do, what you’re good at and how your business can help• Join groups and contribute to conversations• Update regularly, posting useful information @steph_m_power #stephsprezi
  27. 27. Thank you Steph Marshall Power @steph_m_power #stephsprezi @tigernash www.tigernash.co.ukhttp://www.linkedin.com/company/tigernash-ltd https://www.facebook.com/TigerNashLtd