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Developer Experience

  1. 1 Designing the Developer Experience Tanja Bach & Jacob Bo Tiedemann @jabopiti YConf Online Conference | October 15, 2020 | #YConf2020 #DeveloperExperience © 2020 ThoughtWorks
  2. 2© 2020 ThoughtWorks Sponge-like learner. Always in search of ‘the why’. Agile Advocate. Loves Berliner. BUSINESS ANALYST TANJA BACH “We empower teams to seamlessly deliver.” CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE “We accelerate and simplify the software lifecycle for developers.” IOT PLATFORM Once Working as Dev. Product Focused. Hamburger. Loves Pancakes. BUSINESS ANALYST JACOB BO TIEDEMANN
  3. 3© 2020 ThoughtWorks “DX describes the experience developers have when they use your product” - Sam Jarman What is Developer Experience? Source:
  4. How we designed Developer Experiences 4© 2020 ThoughtWorks
  5. PO Devs User Dev User 5 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Devs PO I’ve been in Sales for >5 years. I know what the customer needs. I would do it this way .. trust me I am a Dev. Figuring out what the user actually needs. Who is the Know-it-all? UX DX
  6. ❏ Identify the pain points that developers have ❏ Helps developers on your team learn that their customers’ needs might be different from their own ❏ Look out for related personas to identify their - sometimes conflicting - goals (eg. product owner, compliance officer) 6 Developer Personas Understand the needs of your users © 2020 ThoughtWorks
  7. Billing is not transparent Insufficient Monitoring Tools Slow Scaling of Computing Power 7 Manual Steps Late / Lack of Feedback Complex Onboarding & Knowledge Sharing Developers Biggest Pain Points Some Examples © 2020 ThoughtWorks
  8. Developer J urney 8 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Set up Dev Machine Getting Started & Setup Create Resources Access Dev Portal Read Docu- mentation Local Development Test Code Debug Push / Deliver Build Run Test Vehicle Monitor Release & Operate Package Release Set up Test Bench Test Bench Inspect Deploy
  9. 9© 2020 ThoughtWorks Design isn’t just about pixels User Interfaces for Developers API Application Programming interface PORTAL Graphical User Interface CLI Command Line Interface
  10. 10© 2020 ThoughtWorks Easy to Learn but Efficient to Use Memorable but Typable 1. Always provide help 2. Consistent & structured naming 3. Show progress 4. Avoid implicit steps 5. Use expressive flags 6. Prompt if you can, but never require it 7. ... 8. Be fancy 10 Command Line Interface Design Guidelines Text-based User Interface
  11. 11© 2020 ThoughtWorks Challenges we faced in the design process
  12. “Would you invest in something you do not understand?” Most probably not. 12© 2020 ThoughtWorks
  13. 13© 2020 ThoughtWorks POLL Do you know what transit services are?
  14. 14 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Translate from Tech to Business Internet endpoints (plugs) endpoint services (sockets) Public Cloud ProviderClient Premises App System ABC System XYZ Secure Connection AppABC XYZ Understanding is key to getting buy-in (Transit services in 2 minutes) Firewall Firewall
  15. User Stories are your Friend Story Title: Terraform plan to apply Even ‘technical’ stories have a reason 15 © 2020 ThoughtWorks As a developer I WANT faster pipelines SO THAT I can reduce waiting time and resources used - Watch out for the why - Remember the 5 Why’s - Defer conversations about the ‘How’ - Foster a proper story conversation
  16. - DevOps is a new mindset - It requires people that have not collaborated before to work closely together - Paramount for success in modern infrastructure projects 16 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Build relationships Makes your life easier
  17. Go-to metrics with external platforms - Weekly active users - Time to first hello world Challenge: Internal Platforms - Generally no other choice - Our metric: Net Promoter Score (NPS) - Find sth to measure against 17 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Measuring DX How to measure value?
  18. Helping the Developer Benefits the Business 18© 2020 ThoughtWorks Enable EXPERIMENTS Increase FLEXIBILITY Accelerate DELIVERY Save COSTS Promote QUALITY Attract TALENT
  19. Enable remote updates and test automation reduces cycle time of testing on hardware from 2-3 weeks to 2-6 hours. Developers benefit from Faster Feedback Cycles. 19 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Literally Removing Manual Steps
  20. Self-Service for teams leads to autonomy. Autonomy speeds time to market and increases innovation. A supportive infrastructure, the right tools and flexible processes support developers in their ‘jobs-to-be done’. 20 © 2020 ThoughtWorks Flexibility = Speed Flexibility enables Agile Delivery
  21. “I want to work for a company which is open for modern technologies. Sounds pretty obvious right? It isn’t. Looking at job offers here in Germany, I see that most companies prefer established technologies which are at least 30 yrs on the market. [...]” Answer to the question on Quora ‘What should every software developer look for in a job?’ 21© 2020 ThoughtWorks Attract & Retain TALENT
  22. 22 Helping the developer, Benefits the business. DX matters - also to Business Invest time to learn, explain, and build a shared understanding. Translate from Tech to Biz © 2020 ThoughtWorks Developers are Users too … and Designers :) You can use the design tools you know. DX is UX for Developers
  23. Tanja Bach Business Analyst 23© 2020 ThoughtWorks Jacob Bo Tiedemann Business Analyst | @jabopiti #YConf2020 | #DeveloperExperience