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Hotelgenius company profile

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Company profile of Hotelgenius

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Hotelgenius company profile

  1. 1. company profile mobile concierge
  2. 2. 2. company profile We are not just a fast-growing company that specializes in hospitality technology. Nor we are just a group of enthusiastic professionals on the quest of getting and applying the latest technologies for hotels’ prosperity shake. We are creative, innovative, ambitious and ingenious thinkers dedicated to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge services and products. Get to know us better…
  3. 3. 3. company profile After15yearsofasuccessfulpresenceinthehotelindustry,ourfounders,TheodoreTheodoropoulos and Spiros Loisios, gathered a lot of experience and precious knowledge. It was these assets that made them realize hoteliers’ problems and it was at this point that Hotelgenius was founded. In fact, the two young entrepreneurs decided to provide hoteliers with the most avant-garde tools, to allow them to optimize their business’ web presence and boost their online bookings. Our birth was not just another company; it was a genius modernization of hospitality technology as a whole. The story behind ours
  4. 4. 4. company profile Hotelgenius is on a mission to bring hotels, guests and technology on the same page. Technology is evolving, guests are becoming more demanding than ever before and hoteliers are having difficulties speeding up. To overcome this inconsistency in the industry, we decided to offer hoteliers an effective, user-friendly, state-of-the-art solution that would allow them to present the most modern image of their hotel, engage customers and build an unparalleled brand that starts online but extends offline as well. Our mission + vision…
  5. 5. 5. company profile A good team is different from a genius team. And it is our team that makes our company such a gem in the industry. From day one, our geniuses were carefully chosen based on their talent, their creative minds, experience and dedication to create success stories and their ability to collaborate and communicate both in the corporate level but, mostly, with our dearest hoteliers. We think out of the box, we bring on a new perspective of doing business, we build awesomeness and the outcome is always a masterpiece. Creativity, passion and willingness are all part of our company culture so our customers bet on the best result. After all, we are the geniuses in hospitality technology. No doubt on that! Our genius team…
  6. 6. 6. company profile Extensive research and experience has led us to the creation of a one of a kind cloud-based software, which makes our core product. More specifically, we have developed an original online platform, exclusively designed for hotels, that allows hoteliers to build, manage and control all their sales and digital marketing channels through one user-friendly system that requires zero experience or programming knowledge. You get Hotelgenius; you get full control of your hotel on the web. You use Hotelgenius; you make your potential guests fall for your hotel. You perceive the idea behind it; you place your hotel on the top of the industry. So simple! SaaS, or in plain English, a ticket to success Website BuilderBooking Engine Mobile Concierge Hotelgenius Dashboard
  7. 7. 7. company profile central dashboard website builder booking engine mobile concierge app The Dashboard is the system that combines all online tools needed to control, monitor and plan a hotel’s future actions. It brings together all data and statistics needed to monitor performance and identify the best actions for the future, sales- and marketing-wise. The Website Builder allows hoteliers to build their newwebpage,ontheirown,inafewhours.Choosing among hotel-optimized website themes, the user gets a captivating website, built on responsive design, according to the latest SEO requirements, the industry trends and UX standards. The user can make unlimited changes; even to the entire design and start from scratch. In other words he can frequently update the hotel’s online image at a click of a button and no extra cost. The Booking Engine offers hoteliers the opportunity to build their own sales channel, without commission and none hidden fees. A reservation system with full content control, rate and availability tables, user-friendly interface that will be perfectly integrated into the hotel website. A tool designed to convert and allow hotels to effectively compete OTAs. The Mobile Concierge App brings all hotel services on the guest’s smart device. Exclusively designed for hotel businesses, it allows hoteliers to increase engagement, boost sales, offer a unique customer experience and communicate directly with current or potential guests 24/7 with no time or location limitations. Guest loyalty and retention is the ultimate outcome. The fantastic four
  8. 8. 8. company profile Genius thinking does not stop at the four tools a hotelier needs for a gorgeous web presence. We are not the regular hotelier’s partner. We are something else. For that very reason, our platform allows for the integration of a hotel’s social media accounts, newsletters, landing pages and blog. In other words, Hotelgenius allows you not only to control your web presence, online sales and mobile app but also your email marketing, social media marketing and other content marketing methods. It sounds life saving, doesn’t it? You bet it is! And we have more…
  9. 9. 9. company profile From day one, we never stopped growing in a number of ways. We extend our reach (European markets are already welcoming us), our team (we are already 20 of us), our products and services (we are always one step ahead of competition, having the latest technologies), our education (in- house or out, we are under an endless education process, as we are fully aware of the rapid pace of changes and advancements happening in our industry). Overall, we plan to stay genius. After all, once genius always genius! Come aboard and see for yourself. Our plans… Fingers crossed!…
  10. 10. OFFICES UK: 338 Euston Road Regents Place NW1 3BT London OFFICES GREECE: 4 Methonis str., Athens 106 80 contact@hotelgenius.co