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Master Workshop iOS - The Institute Mexico

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Master Workshop iOS - The Institute Mexico

  1. 1. iOS (Improving you Online Strategy)
  2. 2. We don’t see things as theyare, we see them as we are
  3. 3. Digital Nomadz
  4. 4. I help companies improve their online and offline listening skills. I facilitate creative workshops that teach about working with internet and createsmarter companies and organizations, mostly in healthcare.I also love to help entrepreneurs with a good idea, design feasible business models for it and make their dream a success! Diana Vermeij @dianavermeij (twitter)
  5. 5. I believe we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.I like to be they guy that shows show people what is possible so they become even better versions of themselves. Steven Zwerink @szwerink (twitter)
  6. 6. Everything is changing
  7. 7. The whole world is upside down
  8. 8. The snowball of information is only getting bigger
  9. 9. Just like you....
  10. 10. ...I am wondering how the way wedo business and communicate ischanging.. 14
  11. 11. It is a newway of doing business forany company anywhere!
  12. 12. Why are YOU here? What doyou WANT to get out of today?
  13. 13. Laptops and Mobile Phones must be TURNED ON! (sound off please)
  14. 14. Two kinds of people: Fighting to keep everything the same
  15. 15. Two kinds of people: Looking for opportunities
  16. 16. There is a new generation coming..They have completely different skills and knowledge..
  17. 17. Skills that they don’t have, don’t know and cannot help develop in a company..
  18. 18. They are completely comfortable like this.They don’t know about ‘the old days’ and cannot imagine how it was done before.
  19. 19. Microblogging platform 140 characters About your interestsPublicly shared with the world
  20. 20. Social NetworkAbout your interests and job experiences Shared with your professional network
  21. 21. Social NetworkInternational About your interestsShared with friends
  22. 22. 6 things you should know about privacy on Facebook1. Use friends lists for posts2. Set your profile information privacy3. Avoid the tag mistake4. Relationship status private5. Restrict access to third party apps6. Don’t tag people who are not on FBLearn more? Download the pdf FB privacy guide!
  24. 24. iOS (Improving you Online Strategy)
  25. 25. 3. Getting it to you
  26. 26. Information overload? = Filter Failure* * Martijn Aslander
  27. 27. Survival of the strongest??
  28. 28. Survival of the fittest!!So, how to become fit online?
  29. 29. On an average day, Steven manages his:• Email (50-100) • RSS (500+)• Twitter (100+) • Vimeo (0-10)• Yammer (0-10+) • Flickr (0-10)• YouTube (0-10+)• Website (0-10) • FourSquare (0-10)• Facebook (0-10) • Slideshare (0-10)• News (10-50) • Big Files (0-10)• Blog (0-10) • LinkedIn (0-10)
  30. 30. Getting it to you• RSS• Tweetdeck• Google Alerts
  31. 31. RSSReally Simple Syndication
  32. 32. Subscribe to all your favorite websites and news And read them on one page
  33. 33. How? Google Reader Periodwww.google.com/reader
  34. 34. Tweetdeck• Manage multiple accounts (twitter, facebook, linkedin)• Search Columns• Following made easy
  35. 35. Tweetdeck
  36. 36. Google Alertswww.google.com/alerts
  37. 37. Google Alerts
  38. 38. THE END Master Workshop‘Improving your Online Strategy’ for The Institute Mexico @dianavermeij @szwerinkInterested in having us facilitate a workshop like this for your organization? Contact us at: www.digitalnomadz.nl
  39. 39. iOS (Improving you Online Strategy)