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ChangeForCause Pitch Deck

  1. ChangeforCauseTM 1 INVESTOR PITCH DECK PRESENTATION Investment Opportunity
  2. ChangeforCauseTM 2 Lack of frictionless process to support social causes. Despite innovations in the app and web ecosystems, supporting specific organizations and charities is a multi-step, time consuming and an inefficient process. Despite online presence smaller charitable organization are overshadowed by larger charitable organizations that have access to more resources Problem Millennials and other young target markets are demanding more from their charitable giving experience. They are requiring transparency and social proof from fellow peers before donating time or money.
  3. ChangeforCauseTM 3 Customize how much you want to donate to the causes you care about Automatically donate by rounding up debit transactions Get rewards and recognition for your donations Keep track of what you’ve donated and receive an annual statement just in time for tax season Donate All This Week This Month + $0.27 $133.73 Costco Inc. + $0.20 $199.80 Zara Inc. + $0.05 $30.95 Cineplex Inc. + + + - + $0.02 $49.98 Chevron Gas Jan 15 2016 Jan 14 2016 Solution Connect and share with other about your causes and donations
  4. ChangeforCauseTM 4 Plaid API Technology Finxera Monitor Transaction 1 2 • Check if users minimums are met 3 Request Withdrawal Approve Withdrawal Authorize Rounding Choose charities 4 Example: ChangeForCause Server Allocate funds to charities • Store users settings
  5. ChangeforCauseTM 5 Market Size 95% 95.4% of American households donated in 2014 Raised from donations $350 Billion Donations from rounding up at check outs in 2013 $358.4 Million Total debit card and credit card transactions in 2013 $2.7 Trillion (Source: IRS Data Sheet 2013)
  6. ChangeforCauseTM 6 Competition Roundup Transaction FocusedSingle Transaction Focused Single Cause Multi-Cause
  7. ChangeforCauseTM 7 Convenient round up process makes setting aside money for donations hassle free Tailored for all budgets to be philanthropic Earn real rewards from major brands for your donations Choose from 1.9 million different charitable organizations All Competitive Advantage
  8. ChangeforCauseTM 8 Business Model Expected Transactions $50 Million in the first year. 1 million donors or 0.003% of Americans 1,000,000 users per month Estimated Active Donors $0 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000 $6,000,000 $7,000,000 $8,000,000 $9,000,000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Revenue Changeforcause will transform the future of charitable donations. Through technological innovations, we will democratize philanthropic giving for all demographics, irrespective of budget. Furthermore, institutions, organizations of all sizes and all types of social causes will receive unparalleled visibility and user engagement. Fee on Transactions Fees will be charged on all transactions to the organization receiving the funds.10% Opportunity for corporate accounts and white label service Charitable fundraisers can use our technology to create their own round up experience. Expected first year revenue $3,000,000
  9. ChangeforCauseTM 9 65% Would use and donate 95% Ease of Use of our iOS 64% Enjoyed ease of donating 52% Preferred digital trace, receipt and monthly state of donations. After surveying 100 respondents who were able to demo the app on iOS and view the marketing video : Validation The general public is demanding/wanting round up features for areas in their lives that require setting aside money. ($31.96M Raised) ($13.8M Raised)
  10. ChangeforCauseTM 10 Investment Opportunity $200,000 Development for public beta $40,000 Licensing and Legal Fees $10,000 Marketing Costs $35,000 Reserve $115,000
  11. ChangeforCauseTM 11 Team Teddy Stanowski CEO & Founder Teddy has been an entrepreneur since 2009. In industries such as internet marketing, alcohol beverage, restaurant, and the pet industries, Teddy brings experience and superior knowledge on all levels within marketing, finances, system efficiencies and sales. Teddy’s desire is to make an impact on the world and that is what drives his passion in seeing this venture succeed. Calvin Mann CTO & Business Development Calvin Mann’s background has primarily been in Software Development and Business Development. He’s been a lead developer of a software team for over 6 years as well as mentoring new hires and taking part in the software planning process. He has previous experience as a co-founder of a startup company, Calvin is a focused entrepreneur and strives to educate himself in the language of business.