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  1. The Unlearning Playground by Chetan Narang Youtube channel All my social links Linkedin Newsletter
  2. About me ~9 yrs of experience in the software engineering industry Currently working as a software engineering manager at a startup in Bangalore, India More than anything else, I call myself a teacher, a life coach and a philosopher at the moment.
  3. Three core pillars of my work ➔ Self awareness I talk about understanding yourself with clarity, understanding how your own mind works. ◆ Delving into our cognitive biases & logical fallacies ◆ How to think about your own thinking ◆ Unlearning the attachments to ideas & biases - GROWING UP 101 Growth lies on the other side of discomfort. Being more self aware playlist
  4. Three core pillars of my work ➔ Everyday life advice How to be better at the game of Life ◆ What really is better? ◆ Letting go & unlearning the attachment to your own ego ◆ Being better at dealing with people, improving your people skills ◆ Improving & expanding your perspective about Life The difference between man and man is one of degree and not of kind. - Swami Vivekananda Everyday life advice playlist
  5. Three core pillars of my work ➔ Philosophy & spirituality Easy-to-understand & practical answers to those deep, philosophical questions all of us have ◆ God, Self, Ego, Consciousness & all that other jazz ◆ Understanding over believing All spirituality is the discipline to eliminate the unnecessary. - Acharya Prashant Understanding God & philosophy playlist
  6. We see the world as we are, not as the world is. 3 levels at which our biases function: My newsletter
  7. Our minds work under so many different cognitive biases & logical fallacies. Being aware of how the human mind works enables us to be better at our people skills and to be better at managing ourselves & others. ● Confirmation bias ● The gambler’s fallacy ● The framing effect ● The Halo effect ● … (and many more) YouTube
  8. Your perspective can be your prison or your power. For most of us, our core ideas about Life are underneath our conscious attention. Like the blind men in the old parable of “The elephant & 6 blind men”.
  9. Taking active steps to bring our unconscious biases into our conscious attention, correcting what’s wrong in our own thinking and then acting along what’s right, is a path every adult must walk at some point in their life.