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Cijferlijst Master

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Cijferlijst Master

  1. 1. ffi / universitYof @ / gronrngen DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT on the level of the qualification Level of the qualification Second cycle National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education; Level 7 NLQF and EQF for LLL 3.2 Official length of the programme The load of the programme is rzo ECTS credits, which equais two years of full-time study 3.3 Access requirements Bachelor or equivalent level of education as specified in the Teaching and Examination Regulations lnformation on the contents and results gained +.4 Nlode of Studv Fuil-time Programme requirements i, ï'r) rzo ECTS: divided up zo ECTS specific intensification in one of the research fields (specialization), ro ECTS compulsory course units, ro ECTS training in specific research techniques, 4o ECTS profile course units and/or academic assignments and 4o ECTS graduation project, as set out in the Education and Examination Regulations. Relevant information regarding modules and grades obtained is provided in the transcript of records (see 4.3) Programme cietails and the individual grades/credits obtaineci Subject Multilevel analysis Modelling Philosophy ofscience and ethics Current issues in sport sciences Physiolory oftraining and exercise Specialization Motor function and cognition in healthy ageing Review article Mechanisms of motor function and cognition in ageing Interventions targeting motor function and cognition in ageing Advanced statistics Motor control Health psycholory Neuropsycholory and psychiatric disorders Psychophysiolory and its applications Master monitor Academic assignment Date 03-04-2013 17-06:2013 21-06-2013 24-70-2073 28-10-2013 15-01-2014 05-07-2013 25-10-2013 t5-07-2014 t7-oL-2014 1-3-02-2074 28-70-20t4 05-1 1-2014 18-1 1-2014 19-01-2015 05-02-2015 Dutch grade 7.9 5.5 7.3 8.6 6.5 8.1 8,0 8.3 7.9 7.5 8.0 B 7 8 P 9 ECTS qedíts 5 5 5 5 5 20 5 5 5 5 5 5 10
  2. 2. 1&r lffi / universitYof @ / gronrngen uation project Poster Article Research internship Presentation P = Pass EX = Exemption Grirding scheme and grade distribution DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT Date 29-01-2015 0B-01-2015 14-01-2015 29-01-2015 29-01-2015 Dutch grade ECTS credits 8.6 40 6.5 7.5 9.0 9.0 Total number of credits az1 I .í The Dutch grading system, used from elementary through to university education, is the r to ro scale given in the following table, in which ro is the highest grade, 6 the minimum pass, and r the lowest grade. The grade ro is rarely awarded. The grading table The grade distribution table below has been developed for the specific degree programme which is mentioned, calculated over the past three years. It indicates the percentage of students who gained the grades mentioned in the transcript of records (under 4.3) and gives a clear indication of the student's performance. Dutch grading marks and percentages calculated over the past three years For: Master in HumanMouement Sciences Dutch grade: Percentage: 6 24.8o/o 7 37.2% B 29.7% 9 7.9% 10 o.4% 4.5 Overirll clirssification of the qualiÍication Pass Information on the function of the qualification Access to fufther striclr Master's graduates are intellectually equipped to work independently on a follow-up project, such as a PhD- project Professicnal status5.2 Master's graduates in human movement sciences are ready for a career as scientific researcher, consultant, developer, teacher, and/or policy officer