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Vietnam e-Commerce May 2012

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Vietnam e-Commerce May 2012

  1. 1. Tai TranDuy Doan
  2. 2. "2012 is the year of e-Commerce"The story continues from my slide from Dec 2011 http://bit.ly/taitranvietecomdec2011 Full URL:http://www.taitran.vn/vietnam-e-commerce-2012- updated
  3. 3. ReflectionFrom buyers From merchants From e-commerce• Can I trust them? • Can I trust them? service provider• How to pay? • Revenue on e-commerce? • So few orders?• Who will response to my • Fraudulent orders? • What to sell? complaints? • How to collect money? • Quality control?• Buying online is more • My goods are assorted. I • Inventory? expensive than from the wont just mix my goods • How to talk to local mom-and-pop shop? with other low quality merchants? goods • Features are provided, • Exploit return policy? and not used? • Service charge is too high • How to raise capital?
  4. 4. Our premise Trust iseverything.
  5. 5. The trust of merchantsThe trust of buyers Business models KPI
  6. 6. Trust vs. Myth of Trust• Transaction• Quality of goods• Transparency• Consistency
  7. 7. Case Studies
  8. 8. Business Modelse-Commerce This is a vision $$$$ Scale? Bargain power? deep discount Retailer Retailer e-tailer $$$ $$$ $$$ Wholesaler Wholesaler $$ $$Manufacturer Manufacturer $ $
  9. 9. Business Models AdInventory Logistics Pricing policyMerchant Affiliate policy network
  10. 10. Case Studies
  11. 11. KPITechnicians view VisitorsNumber of storesMembers Show me the moneyTime on site Ad expense
  12. 12. KPI Salesmans view VisitorsNumber of storesMembers Show Transaction me the Value moneyTime on site Ad expense
  13. 13. Its been hard to measure transaction value• Lack of tool & methodology• Lack of formal research• Misrepresentation of information• Unwilling to disclose• Lack of payment method or asynchronous process• Havent felt the need to measure
  14. 14. Why transaction value is important• Effectiveness of the channel – Show me the money• Merchants care most about revenue – Show me the money• Merchants are willing to pay for revenue enhancement
  15. 15. To measure transaction value• Payment method ready and is used: problem considered solved – COD – NganLuong• Use third party – Cross check process• Offline transaction – How?
  16. 16. PriorityProcess MerchantsStandardized BuyersConsistent Support saleChoose the right Commit to Support to performbusiness model and revenue? transactionsKPI Consistency of Ensure buyers revenue acquire high quality products
  17. 17. TRENDS
  18. 18. More offlineoperations Data miningStandardize and lend logistics
  19. 19. Bibliography• Vietnam e-Commerce Overview http://www.slideshare.net/iceinflame/vietnam- ecommerce-overvew-052012
  20. 20. Thank You Tai Tran Duy Doanhttp://taitran.vn facebook.com/doanduy doanduy.vn