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Wp mikrotik io t plugin for realtime network management

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Buy WP Mikrotik at http://garazlab.com/product/wp-mikrotik-iot-plugin-for-realtime-network-management/ This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. It integrates Mikrotik API. So you do not have to log into your Mikrotik router every time to perform simple tasks like creating user, changing user package, enable, disable and removing user from Mikrotik. You can do all these from your WP admin panel. WP Mikrotik is a simple, straightforward application to manage ISP.

WP Mikrotik is designed with easy-to-use yet powerful interface allowing network administrators to deploy network structures and functions, that would require long education elsewhere simply by WordPress plugin.

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Wp mikrotik io t plugin for realtime network management

  1. 1. WP Mikrotik IoT Plugin for Realtime Network Management