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Question 7

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Evaluation question 7 for my media coursework

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Question 7

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you think you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? QUESTION 7
  2. 2. The Task For the preliminary we were asked to film a scene in which a character opening a door, crossing a room and then sitting on a chair opposite another character in which they both exchange dialogue. We needed to film and edit this. We needed to establish three technical elements:  Action Match  180 degree rule  Shot/reverse shot Our preliminary scene was decided to be a scene between detective Manning and detective Johnson a few days after the murder of Manning’s former partner, she is invited round detective Johnson’s home for a seemingly friendly chat however Johnson interrogates her about what really happened on the night of the murder
  3. 3. Cast  Our cast for our preliminary was our antagonist, Detective Manning as she will be the main character focus in the film as well as detective Johnson who is also in this scene  Charlotte Yates is playing Detective Manning, we felt Charlotte was a perfect fit for this role as she is in her twenties so relates more to the audience and has had previous acting experience, however when filming our main production, charlotte was unable to attend any of our re-shoots which were crucial, so in result of this Natasha Walsh became our actress, we need to transfer this when re-shooting the preliminary.  Neal Addison portrayed detective Johnson although he has no acting experience, we felt his age and looks would be fitting towards the character.
  4. 4. Use of Mise-en-scene Setting/Location:  The location was at my home, as we felt the kitchen was fitting for this scene. Mise-en-scene:  I felt that the costumes could improve, as although Johnson was smartly dressed, detective Manning was casually dressed. Genre theory suggest that there isn’t a feeling of time, it is unclear. So I feel she should be dressed in the same attire as the opening sequence to follow this.  Props that we used were daily house items such as a kettle, this helped the feeling that the discussion was seemingly friendly. I do not see this as a weakness in our preliminary.
  5. 5. Use of Technical Skills  Our action match was created by the knock of the door from the outside and then on the inside, I felt this was quite smooth and gave continuity between the two shots. The action match demonstrated the scene of the detective visiting. However the action match I feel could be improved by either cutting from the detective answering the door to following the detective into the house or filming the detective answering the door but from the outside view and then cutting to the shot of the other detective entering  180 degree rule – this was not broken and I felt this was done well, this should not be a weakness when re-filming.  Shot/reverse shot, this was also another strong point when filming our preliminary as we kept to this criteria. Due to our target audience being sophisticated similar shots could be used as they would be more interested in the dialogue and tension between the two characters than the pace of the shots.
  6. 6. Transferring skills from the preliminary to the main production  The preliminary gave us a greater idea on how to organise ourselves during production, it showed that everyone should be given each a role to stick with as this will cause less time to be wasted and to work more efficiently  Using the DLSR for filming the preliminary helped us to understand how to use the camera as it was new to us all and this further helped us decided who was better to be in charge of the camera  Furthermore the preliminary made us more aware of continuity, although this was a strong point in our preliminary there were a few minor errors which could have been avoided such as the door being open in one shot but shut in the other.