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  1. Why SD-WAN? Businesses are embracing digital transformation and rapidly adopting technology to .. Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs, Deployment Time, Enhance Security and Transform the Customer Experience
  2. Are we using Data Network as a Platform? Embracing Technology by Business We as many Businesses are generating a lot of Data; the world is full of sensors, IoT’s (Internet of Things), we need a secure platform, Network to transfer and analyze it, use it to our advantage, for the greater good and to be competitive in the market space. The Cloud is evolving, and they are not the same what they used to be in 2005, 2015, and they will evolve further in 2025. Data Networks in current and future business model provides security and scalability, at the same time Data Networks are agile and available for use. SD-WAN ticks all the boxes and integrates nicely with other services, this gives the Edge, adds value and benefits Business. If you are in Energy, Retail or Manufacturing Business, embrace new opportunities, The Network is here to help you GROW.
  3. What is so distinct about SD-WAN? The traditional role of the Wide Area Network (WAN) was to connect users at the branch or campus to applications hosted on servers in the Data Center. For this purpose expensive private-circuit or MPLS were used. This is no longer needed in the digital world as applications are moving to the Cloud and end-users are much more mobile and work from remote locations. Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) came to the market over 5 years ago as a solution to address many challenges that we are going to discuss in detail next slides.
  4. So, the question remains: why SD-WAN? How does it work? Imagine you are on a trip between San Francisco and New York before GPS was available you would have to use a map to identify a best route. If there was an accident and the motorway was closed, you would have to find an alternative route based on limited information at hand. This is the way WAN router used to operate. Today, just as GPS has changed the game for car travel, SD-WAN changes the game for WAN architectures. With SD-WAN, the edge router can now rely on an ‘eye in the sky’ for direction as to how and where to forward traffic. Whereas GPS can help a person avoid road construction, accidents, travel delays and inefficient routes, SD-WAN can help branch router avoid loss, latency (delay) and jitter with the network.
  5. What challenges Business is facing? How can we assist you? Before we go to next slides and reveal all the benefits, we would like to find out what challenges your business is facing and how can be we contribute to resolve any matters. From our side it is important that we add value to the business by delivering a project and enhancing data network and cyber-security infrastructure. We will listen to all your questions and queries. Our aim is to assist and provide tangible benefits to the business – this gives us huge satisfaction when our client is content with the result. Perhaps, we can revisit this at the end of presentation.
  6. SD-WAN Benefits to the Business • Increasing bandwidth through the activation of idle backup links and dynamic Load-balancing – Active/Active setup. This is very essential business pays for two links; broadband and LTE, both are fully utilised, and pays dividend for latency (delay) sensitive application like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and provides resiliency to the branch, campus office – mitigating any downtime. • Delivering a faster Cloud access by enabling direct Internet access at the branch. Using traditional methods via the Data Center will cause delays for the traffic and put a stress on Data Center infrastructure, firewalls will have to filter more data, and bandwidth could be congested. Therefore SD- WAN is a better solution, particularly more scalable for an agile business that is expanding vividly. It provides options for the user and application: go directly to the Cloud and Data Center. • Reducing Operational and management costs through centralized management that is commonly cloud-based. This is very important once the infrastructure is deployed as a unified platform across the company to provide the same tight security everywhere and it is easier to troubleshoot. • Lowering WAN costs through the use of cheaper Internet; broadband or LTE connectivity as an alternative to MPLS. Costs are quickly multiplying with number of sites. SD-WAN is up to 40% more cost-effective to MPLS, if you multiply that by 100x sites? (2x LTE from different providers if broadband is not available in remote location). You can relay only on LTE in very remote locations.
  7. SD-WAN Benefits to the Business (continued) • Advanced application optimisation that delivers a predictable application experience as the business application strategy evolves. It gives an advantage to the business over its competitors, the idea is that end-users, clients, partners are benefiting from a considerably better performance by using company applications and services. • Multi-Layered Security which provides the flexibility to deploy the right security in the right place, either on-premise or cloud-delivered. We can’t emphasise this enough. Security is EXTREMLY important at the branch office, and in the past, it was always an ‘Achilles heel’, this has changed with SD-WAN for the better. More to follow in next slides. • Simplicity at Enterprise scale which enables end-to-end policy from the user to the application over thousands of sites. It is fair enough that business model is changing, Covide19 has proven this already. For Today’s Business Simplicity and Scalability are important items in case of expansion or compression. • Immensely Reducing Provisioning time when deploying remote sites. Time is the commodity that we don’t have and can’t buy. Talking from experience to setup MPLS or private-circuit a lead-time of 90 days is needed. With SD-WAN this can be achieved with a matter of days.
  8. High Availability and Redundancy The SD-WAN solution is designed with application availability and performance as a cornerstone. The main Goal of any High-Availability solution is to ensure that network services are resilient to failure. The Core of SD-WAN High-Availability is achieved through a combination of these factors: • Device Redundancy: The strategy consist of deploying redundant hardware devices (two or more). These devices are connected using secure protocol in Active/Active mode • Robust Network Design: Support for multiple dynamic protocols (such as BGP and OSPF), so if topology changes it will be automatically updated to both LAN and WAN segments. • Software Mechanism: Ensures rapid recovery from both direct and indirect failure. Provides resilient solution that monitors the status of all WAN Edge routers on the network.
  9. SD-WAN offers a unified way of connecting to applications in the Cloud and extending the network to the Cloud from any site including the Data Center, hub or branch. Applications, such as Salesforce or Office 365, are optimized by choosing the best available path. The Path selection is based on performance measurements obtained from all available paths. In case performance degradation, traffic will be move dynamically to a more optimal path. The Best way to the Headquarters and the Cloud
  10. Solid Security • Stateful Application Firewall • Intrusion Protection and Detection (IPS/IDS) • URL filtering (web traffic) • Advanced Malware Protection • In case of Cisco bespoke Umbrella and DNS Security Protection Services • Encrypted VPN, tunneling to Secure Internet Gateways in the Cloud or Data Center (including 3rd Party Partners) SD-WAN architecture provides strong security at multiple layers and provides assurance you need. You are confident to enable branches to have direct Internet access without dependency on another devices or service. Very strong threat defence mechanism are built into the WAN Edge router. This ensures the protection of end- user traffic at branch network from Internet threats, and it also improves the application performance Following are the threat defence features and benefits which are available on the WAN Edge router:
  11. Management and Operations SD-WAN Solution offers automated management and simplified operations, from a single pane provides visibility for management, monitoring and troubleshooting. It makes it easy to deploy new sites, policies, provide deep insights into application visibility and performance, it can check device health, perform software upgrades and much more! SD-WAN is very useful for forecasting of network and application utilization for better capacity planning
  12. Improving Application experience Although networks are built to carry application traffic, delivering an optimal application experience is one of the most critical aspects of achieving higher user PRODUCTIVITY Some issues impacting an application’s quality of experience include: • Data loss over pool quality circuits • Excess delay or jitter on a circuit impacting voice or other business-critical applications. • Latency due to backhauling cloud traffic to central Data Center • Inappropriate prioritization of Business-Critical traffic on lower bandwidth links.
  13. Business Need & Core Requirements Connecting an Enterprise Network to a Cloud provider infrastructure can be challenging for IT since each cloud provider has different consumption models for connectivity. IT Managers are looking for a transparent and automated way to extend their Enterprise Network into the Public Cloud. Scalability and reducing time are the key reasons for integrating Enterprise with SD-WAN • Uses full SD-WAN capabilities in the Cloud • Applies a common policy framework across SD-WAN and multiple Clouds • Centralised management for physical routers from the Cloud • Ensures best infrastructure security
  14. Cisco Case Study, Largest US Bank • Improve customer experience for applications such as self-service kiosks, video conferencing with live experts, and new retail bank applications. • Reduce overhead related to compliance and security • Share real-time data with financial technology partners • Simplify operations for branches and ATM’s • Become more API-driven One of the largest banks in the United States, with more than 1,100 locations and almost 2,500 automated teller machines (ATM’s), was looking for an SD-WAN solution for their 1,400 locations in order to achieve the following major goals: The chosen solution was a managed service built on SD-WAN, which dramatically improved service delivery and quality of experience. It significantly shrunk the time to deliver higher-bandwidth capacity to remote location from 60 days to just few days by leveraging the Internet as transport. Application performance improved due to dynamic SLA-based traffic routing over Internet and LTE circuits. The higher performing network helped with data loss prevention and backup as well. In addition to enabling video and Wi-Fi in the branches, this network foundation helped the bank to move to agile development, it enhanced user and client experience, and securely connect with financial technology partners. Centralised software updates were used to quickly update the network. We can deploy this solution in any business
  15. A large fashion retailer with over 1,000+ locations was looking to increase bandwidth at every branch, to reduce the dependency on expensive private MPLS circuits, and provide better guest Internet access. As part of the SD-WAN deployment, the customer adopted a model of using WAN Edge router devices with dual Internet uplinks. These sites were also tied into bespoke DNS and Web filtering services. This deployment model provided very desirable business outcomes – monitoring, integrated security, more bandwidth, and better performance with significant cost benefits. The company now relies exclusively on Internet connectivity for smaller sites and uses a combination of MPLS and Internet circuits for much larger and critical sites. Having multiple Internet uplinks makes the network more reliable: if one fails, it can easily failover to another one, and with in-depth security enabled, all guest traffic goes to the Internet directly. This vastly improves the end-user experience without exposing the environment to more risk and ensures security policies are implemented in the environment. Cisco Case Study, a Large Fashion Retailer We can deploy this solution in any business
  16. SD-WAN, functional in Industries Banking and Financial Services Reducing security breaches, achieving compliance, transforming business for mobile and digital financial experiences. Energy Sector Delivering connectivity to most remote sites, driven by the growing demand for process automation and exploring IoT for energy management Healthcare and Pharmaceutical SD-WAN will deliver desired security in telemedicine, interconnected devices between patents and medical stuff. Pharmaceuticals will become more agile and secure Retail It doesn’t matter whether you have 10, 100 or 1,000 outlets this the most scalable, agile and secure SD-WAN solutions for modern Retailer Higher Education From Complex to Simple Solution, this what SD- WAN delivers, connects campuses, integrates with Wi-Fi, securing Students connections State and Local Government Digital Technology such as SD-WAN and Internet of Things (IoT) is providing new paths for Smart Cities, benefiting local services, Police, Fire Brigade & Ambulance
  17. A unique approach to network infrastructure and cyber-security to make your business safe and agile
  18. Why? Vision Everything we do in Data Networks, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo; is by designing and delivering Secure, Agile, Resilient and Uncomplicated Data Networks that don’t fail. Applications and Services over these networks provide enhanced user and client experience. We happen to create a fantastic Data Networks. Would you like this Personalised Service?
  19. What is so unique about v500 Systems? - We got your back. We care about your network, we do give damn, and we will add value, protect your reputation and secure your assets. - Diagnose, solve problems. What is driving us, and what we are trying to achieve for our Clients? We close the gap where you are now and where you should be in network infrastructure. Provide a solution to all the Challenges you are currently facing - Pro-active. Technology will never stop evolving, a fact of life! Having an innovation Network Expert on your side is vital; a bespoke strategy that fits, and to uncover the right tech for your toughest business problems. We will steer, guide you, and deliver your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also optimising your legacy systems - at a pace that is right for your organisation.
  20. Our Services Intelligent Cyber-Security Securing and Transforming Your Business with Intelligence: Network, End-User and End-Points. Cloud Edge & Applications Cloud Networks The Expertise, Performance, Security and Stability required to drive the Business Network Infrastructure to the Cloud SD-WAN Solutions Allows Businesses with branch locations to Build Cost-Effective, Scalable, Secure and optimised for High-Performance WAN’s Internet of Things The Network has become The Platform. IoT drives Digital Transformation and Better Business Outcomes. Disaster recovery A Network DR solution enables all resources and services dependent on a network to run in the event of a disruption. Knowledge and training We gladly pass on knowledge and experience when deploying a project. Your IT Dept must feel comfortable that they understand the environment. Professional Services Full range Network Solutions, design and implementation. Expert knowledge at your fingertips. Managed Services Fully Managed, Network Devices and Services, Designed to Maximise the Impact of your IT Department. Premier Services Keep your team engaged on Goals, rather then problem-solving. Our dedicated team will ensure that all your services are delivered. We deliver amazing outcomes in Data Network & Cybersecurity
  21. Knowledge and Experience Delivering Solutions • Network Infrastructure Assessment & Audit • Network Analysis, Design and Deployment • Next Generation Data Center Networking • LAN & WAN upgrades and new deployments • Hybrid On-Premiese and Cloud Networks • Network Load-balancing (Application) • Installation and Configuration • Using and deploying latest innovations • IoT and SDWAN Solutions • Solving Challenges & Troubleshooting • Implementation and Support • Security Product Evaluation • Strategic Planning and Technology • IT Operations Management • Network Operations • Budgeting and Cost-Control • Capacity Planning • Client Relationship Management • Delivering Value • Consolidation and Optimisation • Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats • Next Generation Firewalls • Intrusion Prevention Systems • Multi-Factor Authentication • Web Application Firewall (WAF) • Vulnerability Scanning • VPN (IPSEC/SSL) • DNS Security • Audit / Monitoring • Network Admission Control (NAC) and Cisco ISE We use the latest technology to our advantage to deliver safe & agile network to our clients
  22. v500 Systems | Responsibility and Independence How we Deliver, what is our Approach? We conduct ourselves to below Core Statements. Our aim is to assist business, deliver secure, agile, innovative Data Networks, and most of all to Add Value to our Clients so they can focus on their Business. • Responsibility We are NOT afraid to take full responsibility; we take the project on our shoulders, and we are accounted for the whole scope of the work. We deliver End-to-End Solution to our Clients • Independent Being independent, we are NOT forced to do things in term of sales and targets. We can take a long-term view of how we work best with each of our Clients • Ethical Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have house views that we expect everyone to follow. So when we are advising you, we can give advice that suits your business in the best way. • Unique We don’t try to squeeze you into some solution that has worked for someone else. We are trying to find a solution that is right for your Business. • Dialog We listen to our Clients, have a insightful conversation, understanding the challenges they are facing. Than we start identifying in what way to resolve the problem and provide the best outcomes.
  23. v500 Systems | enterprise network solutions Juliusza Slowackiego 14 Konstancin-Jeziorna 05-510 Poland | +44 808 168 6834 | Thank You We design and deliver experienced-led Innovative, Agile and Secure DATA NETWORKS, Solving complex business challenges applying knowledge and expertise.