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2019 Fall SourceCon Sourcing Tools Roundtable

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With more roundtable sessions and networking opportunities, SourceCon is focused on providing the best peer-to-peer learning in a more intimate knowledge-sharing environment. These sessions, combined with industry expert presentations, will provide you with a roadmap for success in sourcing and recruiting.

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2019 Fall SourceCon Sourcing Tools Roundtable

  1. 1. 2019 Fall SourceCon Sourcing Tools Roundtable Susanna Frazier #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  2. 2. Call to Action for Attendees: Share Extensions 🤓 1. Visit bit.ly/ohShare. 2. Select Add to Chrome. 3. Click extension. 4. Select All. 5. Export Text. 6. ✓ include description. 7. Save as file. 8. Compress file. 9. Email file to SF@Sourcing.FYI. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  3. 3. Agenda u Intake u Prep & Recap u Research u Job Ads u Titles, Descriptions, & Sites u Sourcing u Scraping & Contact Finding u Engaging u Subject Lines & Content u Interviewing #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  4. 4. u Workspace: Chrome, Excel, Outlook, Gmail, Google Sheets, TextEdit u Extensions: Bulk URL Opener, Connectifier, Extensity, GlossaryTech, HIRETUAL, Instant Data Scraper, LastPass, LinkedIn Search Tool, Multi- highlight, Multihighlighter, Nymeria, OctoHR, OneTab, SeekOut, Touch VPN u Bookmarks: LinkedIn Recruiter, GitHub Advanced Search, Indeed Resume, Twitter Advanced Search, linkedin.com/sales/gmail/profile/viewByEmail/[XYZ@XYZ.XYZ] u Other: Boolean & Advanced Search Operators How I Won the 2017 Spring SourceCon Hackathon #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  5. 5. Utility Tools u Bulk URL Opener u Extensity u Feedly u Grammarly u Multi-highlight u Multihighlighter u OneTab u Pocket u Touch VPN u LastPass u The Great Suspender #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  6. 6. Intake Tools u Sourcing Strategy Template u LinkedIn Search Tool u Outlook Quick Parts & Quick Steps #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  7. 7. SOURCING STRATEGY Susanna Frazier me@ohsusannamarie.com TARGET PROFILES Current/Past Team Members: • Hiring Manager Identified: • Previously Interviewed: • JOB TITLE Role’s Job Titles: • Current Job Titles: • LOCATION Cities: • Zip Codes: • EDUCATION Schools: • Degrees/Certifications: • Fields of Study: • Graduation Years: • BACKGROUND Companies: • Industries: • EXPERIENCE Job Function: • Total Years of Experience: • Skills: • NOTABLES Projects: • Attributes: • Interests: • EVP: • PLATFORMS Social Sites: • Groups: • Events: • OTHER Notes: • Keywords: • #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  8. 8. Intake Recap Quick Parts 1. Type out a Template that you wish to use. 2. Highlight the Template. 3. Select your “Insert” Tab. 4. Drop down Quick Parts. 5. Select “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.” 6. Name your Quick Part. 7. Select OK. 8. Use as needed to auto populate. Quick Steps 1. From the mailbox, click on the HOME tab. 2. In the Quick Steps box, click the CREATE NEW button. 3. In the NAME text box, enter Defer to Task. 4. Click the down arrow next to the Actions list and choose CREATE a Task With attachment from the menu. 5. Click the add action button. 6. Select Delete Message from the menu. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  9. 9. Recruitment Strategy Recap Thanks for meeting today, [HIRING MANAGER]. We’re excited about this partnership! Outlined below are our recruitment strategy (also attached) and next steps. Please advise if there are any changes you’d like for us to make. Otherwise, stay tuned 🙂 Link to Job Posting: [linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/JOBID#] Job Profile Criteria: • Must have [XYZ] experience and [XYZ] background Recruitment Strategy: • List of target companies, job marketing locations, sourcing platforms, etc. Next Steps: • Date to present target candidates, schedule phone screens/interviews, etc. Interview Process: • # of interview rounds, interviewers, in person vs. phone, expectations, etc. Aligned Talent Acquisition Resources: • [RECRUITER NAME, TITLE]; [SOURCER NAME, TITLE]; [COORDINATOR NAME, TITLE] #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  10. 10. Research Tools u LinkedIn Recruiter u SeekOut u Glassdoor u Indeed Companies u Owler u Crunchbase u PayScale u Google Alerts u TheLayoff.com u Blind #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  11. 11. Job Ad Tools u Enlighten Jobs u Textio u MosaicTrack u JobGrader u Gender Decoder u LinkedIn Recruiter Jobs u Indeed for Employers #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  12. 12. Sourcing Tools u SourceHub u LinkedIn Recruiter Advanced Search u Indeed Resume Search u GitHub Advanced Search u Twitter Advanced Search u OSINT Framework u Carrot Search #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  13. 13. Boolean Operators Google LinkedIn Indeed "" ✓ ✓ ✓ () ✓ ✓ ✓ AND OR ✓ ✓ ✓ | ✓ NOT ✓ ✓ − ✓ ✓ * ✓ #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  14. 14. Advanced Search Operators Google u site: Search within a specific website. u inurl: Search within the URL. u intitle: Search within the page's title. u intext: Search within the body text. u inanchor: Searches within linked text u filetype: Search for a specific file type. u before:YYYY-MM-DD Search for results that were published before a given date. u after:YYYY-MM-DD Search for results that were published before a given date. u n..n Searches for results containing numbers in a given range. u * Acts as a placeholder for any unknown term(s), up to 5 terms in length. u AROUND n Limits results where term1 appears with a certain number of words of term2. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  15. 15. u title: Search a resume’s current job title. u anytitle: Search any of a resume’s job titles. u company: Search a resume’s current company. u anycompany: Search any of a resume’s companies. u school: Search a resume’s school. u fieldofstudy: Search a resume’s field of study. Advanced Search Operators Indeed Resume #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  16. 16. u XYZ type:user personal accounts named XYZ u XYZ in:login users whose username contains XYZ u XYZ in:fullname users whose real name contains XYZ u XYZ in:email users whose email contains XYZ u language:XYZ users with repositories written in XYZ u location:XYZ users that live in XYZ u followers:nX..nZ users with between nX and nZ followers u repos:nX..nZ users whose repository count is between nX and nZ Advanced Search Operators GitHub #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  17. 17. GitHub Tools u CoderStats u GitHub User Languages u OctoHR #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  18. 18. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  19. 19. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  20. 20. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  21. 21. #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  22. 22. Scraping Tools u Instant Data Scraper u Data Miner u Phantombuster u Blockspring #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  23. 23. Chrome Extensions for Finding Contact Information & Social Profiles u AmazingHiring u Clearbit Connect u Connectifier u Connectifier Social Links u ContactOut u Entelo u FindThatLead u Hikido u Hiretual u Humantic u Hunter u Improver u JobJet u Kendo u LinkedIn Sales Navigator u Lusha u Nymeria u PreContact u Personly u Pipl u Prophet 2.0 u RocketReach u SalesQL u SeekOut u SignalHire u Snovio u Swordfish u VoilaNorbert u ZAPinfo #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  24. 24. Engagement Tools u Grammarly u Hemingway u Readable u Humantic u Crystal u Send Check It u Subject Line Analyzer u Zurb u Loom u Zoom #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  25. 25. Interviewing Tools u Calendly u Doodle Poll u UberConference u Outlook Quick Parts & Quick Steps #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  26. 26. Good news, [CANDIDATE NAME]! Next steps @ [COMPANY]… Happy [DAY OF THE WEEK], [CANDIDATE NAME]... Good news! Our [TEAM NAME], which is part of the [JOB FUNCTION] group, has expressed interest in continuing the conversation with you. They primarily [TEAM MISSION]. [HIRING MANAGER, TITLE] has requested we schedule 45-60 minutes for a CodePair challenge (AKA technical interview). You can expect this to cover programming (coding, algorithms, data structures, problem-solving) and ML fundamentals. Here's an article "Secrets to a Successful Data Science Interview" one of our Data Scientists published that you may want to familiarize yourself with ahead of time. I think you will do great, and I’m very excited about this opportunity for you 🙂 CCed is this team’s dedicated recruiter, [RECRUITER NAME], who will take good care of you moving forward – and will be in touch very soon to coordinate the next steps… Congrats again, stay tuned, & best of luck! #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  27. 27. Tools to Find Tools u Carmen Hudson RecruiterHunt.com u Dean Da Costa TheSearchAuthority.weebly.com/Tools.html u Improver HRstack.improver.io u Irina Shamaeva BooleanStrings.com/Tools u Jonathan Kidder WizardSourcer.com/Tools u Martin Freeman bit.ly/MartinFreemanTools u Sjamilla Van der Tooren github.com/Sjamilla/awesome-recruitment u Susanna Frazier OhSusannaMarie.com/Tools u Todd Davis bit.ly/ToddDavisTools @o h su sannam ari e
  28. 28. bit.ly/OhBlogs u Boolean Strings BooleanStrings.com u SocialTalent SocialTalent.com/blog u SourceCon SourceCon.com #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  29. 29. bit.ly/OhGroups u Growth Hacking Recruiters bit.ly/FBgroupGHR u SourceCon bit.ly/FBgroupSC u Sourcers Who Code bit.ly/FBgroupSWC #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  30. 30. bit.ly/OhVideos u Dean Da Costa bit.ly/YouTubeDean u SocialTalent bit.ly/YouTubeSocialTalent u Recruiting Blogs bit.ly/YouTubeRecruitingBlogs #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e
  31. 31. twitter.com/ohsusannamarie linkedin.com/in/ohsusannamarie facebook.com/ohsusannamarie ohsusannamarie.com me@ohsusannamarie.com bit.ly/ohATLsusanna #SourceCon @o h su sannam ari e