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Festive Consumer Behavior And How Small Businesses Can Cash In!

Here are some ways how small businesses understood the festive customer behavior and will get benefit by offering Christmas packages (i.e. discount in the household, beauty products, sale on clothing & accessories, giveaways, discounts in service providing businesses and other packages) in this festive season.

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Festive Consumer Behavior And How Small Businesses Can Cash In!

  1. 1. Festive Consumer Behavior and how Small Businesses Can Cash In
  2. 2. One third of SMB believe in seasonal trading.
  3. 3. How festive season affects consumer behavior?
  4. 4. 59.6% of household spending will be on gifts.
  5. 5. It is the perfect time to offer gift cards.
  6. 6. 65% of consumers plan to browse online.
  7. 7. Consumers are taking out time to do research.
  8. 8. 62% of shoppers tweet about purchases.
  9. 9. Step up your Twitter activity throughout the holiday season.
  10. 10. 47.7% of shoppers say that pins inspired holiday gifts.
  11. 11. Pinterest has great potential. Unlock it.
  12. 12. 67.2% said they are most likely to share coupons.
  13. 13. Organize campaigns and contests to giveaway coupons.
  14. 14. Ready to get started?