mpharm secound sem kuhs secound sem kerala university of health caad advanced biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics pharmacceutics advantages application biopharm secound sem kerala university of health cosmetics definition classification pharmaceutics advantages and disadvantages b pharm quality assurance computer modelling preparation types targeterd drug delivery evaluation approches regulation cosmetics and cosmaceuticals pharmacodynamics computer adided drug delivery targerted drug delivery robotics geometric dilutions. eutectic mixtures. efflorescent and hygroscopic effervescent official preparations simple & compound powders powders: solubility enhancement excipients used liquid dosage forms: first sem b pharm introduction to dosage forms recalling and waste disposal. handling of return good evaluation of complaints complaints tools elements of qbd program overview quality by design (qbd): protocol for conduct of a non testing facilities equipment facilities organization and personnel general provisions good laboratory practices: unit v pci education pqa 6 th semester unit 3 warehouseing ideal characters nanoparticle mechanism of drug absorpton factors affecting absorption drug absorption selection extented release dosage form biotechnological pdts pharmacokinetics dissolutionrequirement alternative method of dissolution absorption market analysis ethical iiisues statitical modelling computers in pharmaceutical reserch active transport classificatation surfactant ph partition hypothesis tight junction complex transport model biological events components microemulsion emusion chemical maethod physical transfer techniques viral and non viral gene transfer propallent aersol disadvantages pulmonary drug delivery system monoclonal antibodies disasdvantages classification of lipid liposomes gene therepy liposomal gene delivery dis dvantages gene therapy applications microsphere delivery system intra nasel drug delivery labelling reqirements spurious drugs misbranded drugs barriers tumor targeting molecular targeting brain targeted properties aptamers applicatin role mechanism antisense molecule cosmetic hair facts hair structure hair growth cycle type of hair structure of hair formaldehyde liberators health concern 1 4 dioxane parabéns contraversal ingredients cosmos source notes in perfume manufacturing eu regulatio n perfumes bioequivalence study drug interactiion ich q8 quality by design non compartment model one compartment regulations classification of sunscreen sunprotection sunscreen computer stimulation in phaarmacokinetic preparatiom phytosomes targetrd drug delivery computer aided drug develpment computer in clinical trial artifical intelligence targeteted drug delivery aquasomes non linear pharmacokinetics bsc based biowavers criteria biowavers genericsubstitution phramaceutics cadd secound herbal cosmetics callenges guide lines pharmaceuticus biopharm secound sem kerala university of health
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