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In August 2015 President Barack Obama and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) expressed support for the use of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) to finance energy efficiency upgrades in homes.

More importantly, the FHA will allow borrowers to use its insured mortgage loans for financing properties with existing PACE loans. This is considered a welcome development for residential PACE that has met some opposition in the past from industry stakeholders like the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

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  1. 1. FHA PACE loans
  2. 2. What are PACE Loans PACE is an innovative product that helps residential and commercial property owners afford the costs of renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency (EE) , or water efficiency projects.
  3. 3. Background California passed the very first legislation to enable PACE financing and launched the BerkeleyFIRST program, which paved the way for the PACE financing model and now concluded, in 2008
  4. 4. Kinds of PACE Loans Residential Commercial PACE
  5. 5. Residential PACE Loans and FHA Obama Admin’s Action Plan Towards Clean Energy President Obama’s announcement on August 24, 2015, showing support for PACE as part of his overall plan to address climate change and transition into a cleaner and more energy efficient America. In the statement, the FHA is tasked to “unlock” residential PACE financing for single­family homes. This action is deemed to “remove existing barriers and accelerate” the use of residential PACE financing.
  6. 6. FHA’s Guidance on PACE Assessments Based on its preliminary statement, the FHA will allow for the purchase and refinance of properties with subordinated PACE loans using FHA­insured mortgages. The FHA will set out the eligible methods of subordinating existing PACE liens in its guidance.
  7. 7. DOE PACE – FHA Partnership Accordingly, the DOE or the U.S. Department of Energy PACE has Guidelines that offer recommendations regarding acceptable PACE programs that should: Require mortgage holders to be notified when a PACE assessment is made on the property; and Finance PACE projects that are cost­effective and reduce energy requirements as can be measured using DOE­approved methods.
  8. 8. What Are the Benefits of FHA PACE Loans FHA’s integration of PACE financing into its insurance will help more homeowners take advantage of energy saving options and will preserve the marketability of homes with existing PACE loans.
  9. 9. On PACE’s side, how does it help homeowners? Investment Value Sustainability
  10. 10. Why buy homes with PACE loans using FHA loans? They are available for purchase or refinance of properties; Known for their down payments that could go as low as 3 &1/2 Down payments could be funded by friends, relatives or institutions approved by the FHA; Requires a credit score that is deemed lower than asked for conventional loans; Have a number of loan programs for borrowers that suffered financial hardship, who are public personnel. Have no income limit but maximum lending limits will apply.
  11. 11. Buying an energy­efficient home is a good investment and you may do so using FHA loans. We can connect you with a local lender to find out the status of properties with PACE loans and their eligibility for FHA insurance, availability of PACE financing, or qualification for an FHA loan.
  12. 12. Finding the BestFHALender is a one­stop shop offering useful information about FHA loans and enabling customers to shop for multiple lenders. Best FHA Lender Click here to learn more
  13. 13. Information Provided by   He is Americas Mortgage Commentator and has been providing Mortgage commentary for over 10 years. Justin Mchood
  14. 14. mortgage.info facebook.com/www.mortgage.info/ @_mortgageinfo pinterest.com/mortgage_info/ Hotline: 855 ­ 531 ­ 7677 VISIT US!