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What's new and What's next for Strapi?

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In this online meetup, Aurélien Georget, co-founder and Chief Product Officer first gave everyone some context by looking at the CMS history, with the rise of traditional CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

He then introduced the [JAMstack]([https://strapi.io/blog/jamstack](https://strapi.io/blog/jamstack)) and the differences between decoupled and Headless CMS as well as databases-driven CMS vs Git-based ones.

We looked at the main Strapi features introduced in the latest versions and demo'ed the new Dynamic Zones feature which allows users to build dynamic pages and complex data structures from multiple components and nested fields.

Finally, we looked at the roadmap and share some insights into what to expect in upcoming releases.

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What's new and What's next for Strapi?

  1. 1. Manage your content. Distribute it anywhere. ONLINE MEETUP #1 What’s New and What’s Next for Strapi?
  2. 2. Aurélien Georget Co-founder & CPO at Strapi. @aureliengeorget The #1 open source Headless CMS. https://strapi.io — https://github.com/strapi/strapi Hello 👋
  3. 3. 1. CMS History. 2. JAMstack + Headless = <3. 3. Strapi Introduction. 4. Demo time! 5. Strapi Roadmap. 6. Live Q&A. Agenda
  4. 4. 1991: World Wide Web creation
  5. 5. 1993: Mosaic, the first web browser to display images inline with text.
  6. 6. 1995: Dynamic Pages with Programming Languages (Python, Visual Basic, Lua, R, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript, etc).
  7. 7. Introducing FileNet. The first CMS.
  8. 8. The CMS/Website-building platform surge
  9. 9. Traditional CMS are great for building websites 📝 📜 🖥 Back-Office Interface used to manage content Front-Office Generates web pages ✅
  10. 10. Everything seemed to be going well… until now.
  11. 11. 2. JAMstack + Headless = <3
  12. 12. But now, the content has to be displayed everywhere 📝 📜 🖥 Back-Office Interface used to manage content 📱 ⌚ ❌❌ Front-Office Generates web pages ✅
  13. 13. Even the way to create a website has changed 📝 🖥 Back-Office Interface used to manage content 📱 ⌚ ❌ ❌ 📜Front-Office Generates web pages ❌
  14. 14. Distribute your content anywhere with a Headless CMS 📝 🔌 🖥 Back-Office Interface used to manage content 📱 ⌚ ✅ API Makes content accessible to any platform ✅ ✅
  15. 15. “A decoupled CMS is proactive,it prepares content for presentation and pushing it into the specified delivery environment usually through a templating system. A headless CMS is reactive, thus more flexible — it manages content, then just sits and waits for some process to ask for it.” Deane Barker, Blend Interactive CSO Decoupled VS Headless CMS
  16. 16. Databases driven ● Best option to centralize all content in one hub and deploy to many devices / apps. ● Based on a database, best option for relational & large volume of content. Git-based ● Version control your content, easier collaboration and rollback. ● Developer friendly workflow i.e text files. Databases driven VS Git-based
  17. 17. ● JavaScript, APIs, Markup. ● Not based on a web server, can be hosted directly on a CDN. 💰 💥 🔐 Cost Performance Security JAMstack
  18. 18. JAMstack trends + Strapi ;)
  19. 19. 3. Strapi introduction
  20. 20. APIs DatabasesSSGs
  21. 21. 1
  22. 22. Strapi - The #1 Open Source Headless CMS 👪 🌟 💻 340+ contributors 21K+ GitHub Stars 700K+ downloads
  23. 23. Community
  24. 24. Buffet.js Buffet.js is Strapi's open-source component system. Based on styled-components, Buffet.js aims to provide a good development experience for programmers and facilitates contributions in the ecosystem.
  25. 25. ● SQLite support with quickstart mode. ● New structure to easily update a project. ● Deep filtering. ● Create-strapi-app. ● Dynamic Zones & Components. ● Tons of improvements. Recent features
  26. 26. 4. Demo Time!
  27. 27. 5. Strapi Roadmap
  28. 28. ● Flexible & complete data structure (Single & Collection Types w/ components). ● Powerful & strong API. ● ~100 issues fixes. ● Must-have features including: ● Webhooks. ● Single Types (e.g pages). ● UID field (SEO-friendly URL). ● Media Library (with crop/resize capabilities). Stable release
  29. 29. Webhooks The core team finished the feature a week ago. It will allow you to: ● Set a new webhook. ● Select the events when to trigger the webhook. ● Manually trigger the webhook (and be able to cancel). ● Enable/disable a webhook. ● Add custom headers in the request. ● Develop and trigger custom webhook directly from the backend.
  30. 30. Webhooks — Preview
  31. 31. Single Types Managing static content across devices is one of the values to use a Headless-CMS. The easiest example is to manage website pages. ● A new data-structure: Single Types (+ Collection Types & Components). ● Hyper flexibility and maintainability of the content structure. ● It also provides an easy way to switch a Collection Types to a Single Type, and vice-versa.
  32. 32. UID field When you're using Strapi to manage content from a static website, it can be useful to retrieve data using a unique UID (e.g slug). It can greatly improve the SEO of the website. Examples You'll be able write request like: ● http://api.com/articles/1930-my-unique-slug ● http://api.com/articles/daftpunk-2013-randomaccessmemories-getlucky For more details, please see the RFC https://github.com/strapi/rfcs/pull/3.
  33. 33. Single Types — Preview
  34. 34. Media Library ● Upload & manage files such as images, video, PDF, Word document, etc. ● On the fly cropping for images. ● Optimized images without quality loss. ● Auto-generated formats in different sizes (responsive) ● Thumbnails and GIF (for video preview). ● Metadata (filename, caption & notes). ● Built-in sorting & filtering (image, video & other). ● Download link. ● File details (size, extension, date).
  35. 35. Media Library — Preview
  36. 36. Including one of the most wanted enterprise feature: Administrators Roles & Permissions. Contact: victor.coisne@strapi.io for more infos! Strapi Enterprise — Private ßeta
  37. 37. Thank you!