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Keurig Premium Coffee Systems

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Keurig Premium Coffee Systems

  1. 1. These brewers are only available from Keurig Authorized DistributorsCHoose Choose from over 200varieties of gourmet coffees, teasand hot cocoa. Why should everyonefill their cups from the same oldpot? With Keurig, everyone canbrew the coffee they love.Brew It’s never been easier tobrew the perfect cup of coffee inunder a minute.How tHe K-Cup® worKs Oxygen, light and humidity are coffee’s worst enemies, so our airtight lid and CommerCial cup design seals in the freshness of the Brewing systems just-ground coffee. To make a perfect cup of coffee, the pressurized water is controlled at the ideal brewing temperature. Each roaster specifies the exact amount For more information, visit us online or and grind within the K-Cup® Portion call toll free 1-888-CUP-BREW (1-888-287-2739) Pack, all to ensure coffee you’ll love. Keurig, Incorporated Technologically advanced filter inside 55 Walkers Brook Drive • Reading, MA 01867 the K-Cup provides optimum results. www.keurig.com Brewing systems to All brewing takes place within the K-Cup itself, so there is no residual coffee left behind to affect the flavor of the next cup. serve up the coffee your office will loveenjoy® Here it is. The coffee (or tea,or hot cocoa) you love. Easy, conve-nient and quick, with no mess to Reorder #7083 Rev Bclean up. © 2010 Keurig, Incorporated. Keurig, the Cup and Star, K-Cup and Choose, Brew and Enjoy are trademarks of Keurig, Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  2. 2. No two offices are alike. Choose the Keurig® brewer that has two brewer that the features and capacity your office needs. features yourKeurig® is not just aBout great Coffee.it’s aBout tHe way great Coffee is made. W HY K EUR IG KEUR B140 B150 B200 B3000SEKeurig has redefined brewing by combining state- CHOICE – w ith over 200 var ieties of gour met ICE wi ov 20 va gou A mainsta of small offices. mainstay This brewer has all the brewer features features to serve small to serv Perhaps our most versatile brewer, versatile brewer, the B200 is ideal f for Designed f large offices, the for full-featured full-featured B3000SE is ideal f forof-the-art brewer technology with our unique and coff e te an sp coffees, tea s a nd specia lt y beverages f om over a be fro ov medium-sized offices. medium-sized offices. break rooms, employee cafeterias employee dozen of the world’s fi nest bra nd s, ever yone in your th wo fin br ev in yo and client coffee service. service.patented K-Cup® Portion Pack. Within the K-Cup are office w il l be able to brew t he beverage t hey love ffic wi be ab to br th be th loall of the essential elements for brewing a single,perfect cup of coffee. So you get coffee you love, from CON V EN I ENCE – at the touch of a button, ever y ENI ENCE at th to bu ev c up is brewed f esh, in under a m inute, w it h no is br fresh, in un mi wi noa selection of over 200 varieties. But what you don’t mess or clea nup or clget is waste, mess or fuss. It’s that simple. NO W ST E – brews one c up at a time so there’s WAS br on cu at ti so th no sta le coffee to t hrow out st coff e to th ou PRODUCT I V IT Y – keep your employees motivated CTI ITY a nd in the office by prov id ing f esh gour met coffee in th offic by pr fre gou coff e COM M ERCI A L GR A DE – engineered to stand GR en to st up to the toughest dema nd s of commercia l use to th to de com us a nd brew about 10 t imes t he volume of a t y pica l br ab 10 ti th vo ty pic home brewer br Office Size Small Small tO medium medium large large Up to 15 employees employ Up to 30 employees employ 15-30 employ 15-30 employees 30 or more employees more employ WATEr SOUrCE Pour-Over Plumbed* or Pour-Over Plumbed or Pour-Over Plumbed UL rATing Commercial Commercial & Household Commercial Commercial MULTiPLE BrEW SizES 6, 8, 10 oz. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz. 6, 8 oz. 4, 6, 8, 10 oz. ACCOMMODATES TrAvEL MUgS • • • • rEMOvABLE DriP TrAy (fOr CLEAning) • • • • DiAgnOSTiC LigHTS Or MESSAgE • • • • DigiTAL inTErfACE in THrEE LAngUAgE OPTiOnS (Eng, fr, SP) • • • WATEr fiLTrATiOn • • • vEnDing COMPATiBLE • • AUTOMATiC K-CUP® EjECTiOn & STOrAgE • K-CUP AnD MUg SEnSOrS • SEPArATE HOT WATEr DiSPEnSEr • * Requires B150 Direct Plumb Kit Accessory