Murah>>Jual Total Ststion Gowin TKS 202 Call - Somantri 087778355373 - 08561804442

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Jl Joglo Raya no 68,
Jakarta Barat 11640
0877 7835 5373
0856 180 4442
Fax : (021) 5840 766
Email :
PIN : 2AEC415A
Menjual Alat-Alat Untuk Survey Pemetaan, Infrastruktur, Kontraktor, Telekomunikasi, Pertambangan, Geologi, Exploration,Dirling,Kelautan,Militer,Migas,Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika,Laboratorium Industri,Pembangunan-Pembangunan,Pengelolahan Lahan-Lahan Perhutanan Dan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Dll.Diantaranya Sebagai Berikut :
-−Surveying Instruments
* Total Station
*Digital Theodolite
* Automatic Level
*Hammer Test
* Gps -
−Survey Geology Tools
*Measuring Wheels
*Measuring Tape
*Distance Meter
*Scribers -
*Handy Talkie (HT)
*Radio SSB
*Radio RIG
*Telepon Satelit -
−Binocular (Teropong)
*Night Vision
*Telescope -
−Laboratorium Industri
*PH Meter
*Chlorines Meter
*Vibration Meter
*Lux Meter
*Sound Level Meter
*Turbidity Meter
*Grounding Tester
*Insulation Tester
*Tang Clamp Amper
*Digital Multimeter
*Thermometer Infrared
*Caliper Digita
*Borescope Nts 200
*Borescope BS150
*Borescope extech BR-250
*Wifi endoscope WF-200
* USB endoscope N005
*Gas Analyzers -
Hidrologi And Meteorologi Toll
*Weather Station
*Current Meter
*Spiegel Relaskop
*Thermal Imagers
– Meteran dororong
*Meteran dorong cll 200
*Meteran dorong cll 300
*Meteran dorong cll 400
*Meteran dorong togoshi
*Meteran dorong tokyorica
*Meterandorong digital MWD
*Meteran dorong digital Fatools


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Murah>>Jual Total Ststion Gowin TKS 202 Call - Somantri 087778355373 - 08561804442

  1. 1. Az A E' r: I 547!# ELECTRONIC TOTAL STATION 'E u, u' 5%" à I ; à ÉOPCON (BK-EH r1(; )To. ^1^n0-í: (;ies íÍcu Lgd ' Precíse Surveying Begins
  2. 2. 7 3 T4737 I 1-11: ABOUT GOWIN From the many years of diligent Research and Development in the China market, TOPCON (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd brings you "6OWIN"; the trusted surveying brand which specializes in high precision Total Station. "GOWIN" represents our commitment and consistency to deliver to you the highest precision level and surveying standards through our expertise. Custom-made to suit the human contour, GOWIN Total Station is the key to demanding field jobs as they are ruggedly built to withstand harsh working conditions. Based on rich surveying experience of TOPCON, GOWIN Total Station focused on offering customers the most user-friendly and all-rounded Total Station solution in the industry. ABOUT TOPCON (BEHING) TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD TOPCON (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd is established on September 2004. Situated in the Strategic location Beijing, it is formed through the tactical alliances of TOPCON Corporation (Japan) and TOPCON China. TOPCON (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd is under the management guidance of both Japan and Chinese surveying professionals, dedicated to provide the best services and technical support to customers. We continuously strived to bring in the best accuracies testing instruments and innovative manufacturing process to ensure top quality of the Total Station. Aiming to become the main surveying powerhouse in China, TOPCON (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd is committed to introducing new surveying technologies and constantly improving to offer to customers the finest surveying solutions that best suit their current needs. For the future of surveying . ... .. GOWIN strived to improve! For your choice in GOWIN. .. lt ls absolutely right! »an FINEST QUALITY, ONLY FROM GOWIN Leveraging on TOPCON's optimal manufacturing excellences; GOWIN ensured every single production process of the TKS-202 Total Station is in compliance with international standards and went through stringent quality control. From fully-automated EDM trials, to 48 hours of non-stop extreme environment conditional testing, GOWIN Total Station demonstrated its durability and operational su periority, highlighting GOWIN commitment to constantly improve. Below are some of our quality production processes which display the outstanding built-up to GOWIN Total Station: ENVlRONMENTAL TESTS Every single GOWIN Total Station undergoes long periods of tough atmospheric checks to ensure the instruments are operational even ín extreme environmental conditions. AUTOMATED EDM TESTS With the largest EDM inspection facilities in China, it ensured that the measurement accuracy of GOWIN Total Station is at a constant 2 + Zppm. ' ' HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION TESTS Each GOWIN Total Station is required to go through a simulated external "tremor" assessment to affirm the ruggedness and 'q long-term durable performance of the instrument. (K ANGLE COLLIMATION TESTS «à í The final step to GOWIN Total Station .9: *eu , (- , --›°" manufacturing excellence is the strict angle collimation review to guarantee , j ç the instrument angle accuracy at 2" sharp.
  3. 3. ROBUST OPERATING SOFTWARE: I v TKS~202 Total Station Series is pre-loaded with versatile software functions for high work efficiency, such as: ROAD, Missing Line Measurement (MLM), Height Measurement, Area Calculation, Resection, Coordinate Measurement, Stakeout and many other useful field application programs. ROAD SOFTWARE MISSING LINE MEASUREMENT (MLM) . 57;) The on-board ROAD software TKSQOÂ "TmaI 5mm" . . ¡. . automatica y measures satisfy your massive app ication horhontal distance' height measurement by wwmamauy difference and percentage of F1:MLM-1(A-B. A~C) , j . calculating comolicated Spiral slope between two points. F2: MLM-2(A-B, B~C) curve and a long distance route _. _ by defining only the required , j l points (start point, terminal I °'5'“"“' › , __ _ . a «a e a¡ v- » . i l point or curvilinear point) i ek j _ u, l according to your needs. _ A V "algm K/ y' wi, r 'l x g 0P ° , l “x ' . e I IT. . B ' ' N L_ . SloDe ? ,/ i . l Í, c RESECTION l l ç' Known Point Known Point j# _I_ O , Ande TKS~202 Total Station can determine the azimuth and coordinates with certain known / r . ,. points. This function is especially useful if the coordinates of the specific instrument Distante , . Distance ' station is unknown. Elevated station from two known reference points can also be m¡ calculated, with each deviaticn of multiple reference points being displayed. g g Resection Point (X, v, ni l , J tl s. . LONG BATTERY LIFE LARGE INTERNAI. MEMORY BT-L1 Lithium-ion on-board battery allows more than 14 hours of continuous operation in the angle / distance model One BT-Ll battery will be sufficient for a full day surveying work. including Distance Measurement : 14 hours Angle Measurement only : 60 hours HIGH PRECISION STANDARD Angle Accuracy : 2" Distance Accuracy: t (2m + Zppm x D) m. s.e. with increased internal memory, TKS«202 Total Station offers you greater ease at work. The instrument can store up to 24,000 points for data collection and lay-out work. Data can be categorized into different job files for easy retrieval. DATA TRANSFER Data collection and lay-out work done on TKS-202 Total Station can be transferred via PC, be it uploadlng or downloading. The raw data formats are compatible with TOPCON GTS-G and GTS-7.
  4. 4. STANDARD COMPON ENTS &Ein; Total Station (with lens cap) x 1 Plastic Carrying Case x 1 Battery Charger BC-Ll x 1 On-board Battery BT-L1 x 1 Plastic Rain Cover x 1 Tool Kit with Case x 1 Instructional Manual x 1 ff. . 7 - 4.47117 I : $1.13 Your local Authorized dealer is: SPECIFICATIO NS TELESCOPE Objective Lens Diameter Magnification Image Field of View Resolving Power Min. Focus Distance ANGLE MEASUREMENT Accuracy* Method Minimum Reading DISTANCE MEASUREMENT Distance Range: - 1 prism « 3 prisms Accuracy Measuring Time: - Fine Measurement Mode - Coarse Measurement Mode - Tracking Measurement Mode Atmospheric Correction Range Prism Constant Correction Range SOFTWARE AND MEMORY On›Board Software Functions Internal Memory Interface DISPLAY Display Unit Keyboard TlLT CORRECTION (AUTOMATIC INDEX) Protection against water and dust*** Operating Temperature Dimension Weight (with battery) On-Board Battery Battery Charger Maximum Operating Time - Including distance measurement - Angle measurement only - Output voltage 45mm (EDM: 50mm) 30x Erect 1°30' 3.0" 1.3m 2,, Absolute 1., /Sn 2,000m 2,700m i (2mm + Zppm x D**) m. s.e. 1.2 sec. (Initial 4 sec. ) 0.7 sec. 0.4 sec. Yes Yes Data Collection, Resection, Road, Stakeout, Area Calculation Height Measurement, etc. 24,000pts RS-232C (Standard) Graphics LCD, 2 Sides 24 Alpha-Numeric Key Manufacturer Tilt Sensor Yes TOPCON (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd Correction Method Liquid Tvpe Building B No. 9, Kangding Street Compensating Range i 3' Beijing Economic Technological Development Area LEVEL SENSmVrry BSÍÍÍHB 100175, China Plate Level 30" / 2mm Tel: 0106780 2499 Circular Level 10' / 2mm Fa” 0106780 2498 0P1'lCAL PLUMMET mascar: Image Erect Magnification 3x Customer Service Hotline: 800-810-1520 Focusing Range 0.5 to infinity Field of View 3° and above OTHERS IP 54 (with BT-L1 Battery) -20°C ~ +S0°C (-4°F " +122°F) 336 (H) x 184 (W) x 172 (L) mm 43kg BT-L1 (Lithium - ion) BC-Ll 14 hours 60 hours DC 10V * Standard deviation based on DlN18723 ** Distance measurement based on mm *** Based on the standard IECSOSZQ Important: ln order to obtain the best results with this instrument, please be sure to review all user instructions prior to operations