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Bestiality final

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Reporting the case of accused

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Bestiality final

  1. 1. Bestiality (Zoophilia) Bestiality is the sexual intercourse by a human being with a lower animal . It may be either vaginal(most common), anal or any other orifice e.g.nose. This includes all animals ,including birds , the usual victim being pets and farm animals. Generally sheep are used by males and dogs or cats by female as they are easily available as well as they have convenient size.
  2. 2. Surest evidence of bestiality in victim : Human spermatozoa in the genital tract of animal. Surest evidence of bestiality in accused: The penis may be contaminated with fecal matter, vaginal secretion or hair of animals. There may be injury to penis, dung stains, general body injuries or bloodstains.
  3. 3. Reasons for bestiality : 1. Sex starvation. 2. Some mental abnormality. 3. Superstitious belief that venereal diseases like gonorrhea are cured by sexual intercourse with a lower animal.
  4. 4. Examination and reporting of accused of Bestiality  Date:16th April 2018  Regd. No: 12897  Requisition for examination was received from: Sub Inspector, Bharatpur Police Station  Letter No: 300  Vide Ps case No: 1200  Place of examination: Bharatpur Government Hospital  Date and Time of examination: 16th April 2018 at 12:00 PM
  5. 5. Case Scenario The owner of the dog heard some unusual noise from his farm yard. Then the owner went over there and saw a 35 years old looking man, wearing black shirt and blue jeans pants doing unusual activity with his dog. As soon as the owner shouted 35 years old looking man ran away. Then the owner immediately reported to Bharatpur police station.
  6. 6. Details of accused Name : Harish Shah Address : Tandi,Chitwan Age : 35 years Religion : Hindu Occupation: Unemployed Marital status : Divorced Brought and identified by: Paribesh sharma(police constable)
  7. 7. Identification Marks 1. A black mole, flat, non-hairy, 2cm, medial to left tragus and 3cm below the left lateral canthus. 2. Scar mark 2cm*3cm, 5cm above the wrist joint and 12 cm below the elbow joint, non- tender, dark brownish
  8. 8. History As given by the police: - According to the police, 35 years looking male Harish Shah from Tandi ran away after committing unnatural sexual intercourse(anal intercourse) on dog. He has been caught by police from bus station (Paras buspark) after the owner came and complained in the police station.
  9. 9. History As given by the examinee 1. Denies the incident. 2. He has recent abrasions on his front chest(sign of resistance from victim i.e. dog in this case) 3. Stains of blood, semen present on his clothes(underwear) and mud stain is present on his knee area. 4. No history of STD 5. Did not take bath or wash after the alleged incident. 6. He has not changed his clothes after the incident.
  10. 10. •He was victim of child sexual abuse at the age of 11 years. •He had been engaged in an incestious sexual relationship (first attempt force sexual intercourse and then consensual sexual intercourse) within the family and also continued having sexual intercourse (infrequently) with a female in his village since when he was 14-15 years old. •He preferred to watch sexual activities of animals (only of cow, dog, and hen).
  11. 11. General physical examination Consent of the individual for examination in writing or thumb impression: Obtained Height :5 feet 6 inches Weight : 70 kg General built : well Gait : painful Axillary hairs : present , normal colour
  12. 12. Beard/moustache : present , normal colour Pubic hairs: shows matting with semen and blood . Pubic hair preserved and sent to forensic laboratory. Teeth: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Injury on his body: 1. Linear abrasions on the front chest. 2. Bite marks of dog on left leg.
  13. 13. Examination of clothing The clothes are examined and following findings are found: 1.Blood, seminal stain are seen in the crutch area of underwear . 2. Mud stain on the knee area. 3. Tear of clothes on the back of body.
  14. 14. Local examination  Smell of anal glands from the penis, traces of faecal matter present.  Tearing of frenulum and redness of penis present.  Presence of traces of faecal matter, blood and hairs in the coronal sulcus.  Blood, faecal and seminal stains on the thighs and perineum .  Absence of smegma.  Penis, scrotum, testis and prostrate are normal as far as the developmental aspect is concerned.
  15. 15. Laboratory examination Urethral swab : gonococci absent but shows faecal material and organisms similar to those found on the anal verge swabs of victim. Loose foreign hairs from perineum: Send to F.S.L.
  16. 16. Opinion Taking into the history of case, the data on clinical examination and report from F.S.L. I came to draw the opinion that a recent unnatural sexual offence(anal intercourse on animal) has been committed by Harish Shah which is evidenced by recent tears on the frenulum, injury to the penis, presence of traces of blood and faecal matter and animal hair in coronal sulcus, peculiar smell of anal glands from penis.
  17. 17. Date: 23th April 2018 Place: Bharatpur Hospital Signature of Medical Officer Name: Designation: Medical Officer Regd. No. :
  18. 18. THANK YOU 