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Top 10 Brand Campaigns: Wizikey Newsmaker Report 2020

A new report by Wizikey - The Power Rankings 2020: Top 10 Brand Campaigns, highlights the top brand marketing campaigns of the year 2020.

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Top 10 Brand Campaigns: Wizikey Newsmaker Report 2020

  2. 2. Introduction/Exec Summary When it comes to reaching the audience and remaining in the game - various brands try to grab the eyeballs with their creative advertisements - brainstorming and jostling their grey cells to make their campaign as attractive as possible. But sometimes too much of a concept leads to controversy, ban, or appreciation - depending upon how the viewers perceive the idea. From quirky ads involving 90’s Bollywood actors to mocking caricature. Some faced the rant of the netizens for hurting the feelings, others got support citing exploitation of the right to freedom of expression. These various controversies are highlighted in the upcoming sections. Creating Positivity In a year in which people were left wondering what does the future hold for them, brands made sure that they share some positive vibes for their audiences in this pandemic. Brands made the human resolve to overcome any kind of pandemic their focal point and rallied around it. The Asian paints campaign of "Stay home, Stay safe" was a prime example of the same that created much impact n the minds of its consumers 02 Taking the quirky route "Love them or hate them, you just can't ignore them". Some brands lived by these words and set the bar for being quirky in their communications. Whether it was CRED bringing in celebrities only to end with their standard one-liner, highlighting the exclusivity of the brand or Zomato asking its customers to help them make their ads better and thus creating a contest around it, brands made sure that they remain the hot topic for discussion amongst people. Scouting Controversy We saw brands facing the dark side of creativity as well, with certain sections of people not liking what they heard or saw resulting in a bit of controversy. Be it Tanishq's take on inter-religion marriage or Amul trying to highlight the Chinese-app bans, the brands remained in controversy for their take on the subject and had to face some amount of public outcry for not being sensitive enough.
  3. 3. 03 Tanishq, Baby Shower - Tanishq got entangled in a major controversy citing cultural and religious sentiments being hurt. The TVC featured a Hindu girl married in a Muslim family where they celebrate her baby shower - a custom not primarily belonging to Muslim culture. The ad film wanted to project the idea of oneness as well as a liberal family that was more concerned about their daughter-in-law’s happiness. But somehow this projection of theme went haywire with the community. Amul, Exit the Dragon - A case of cross-boundary objectification where the country's top dairy brand started a campaign titled ‘Exit the Dragon’ showcasing the iconic Amul Girl telling the dragon to exit – a critical reference to boycott of the Chinese products. Shortly after the cartoon was posted, the Twitter account of Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation (which owns Amul) was blocked or suspended due to Twitter's security policy. Spotify, Wrapped - A marketing strategy to proliferate its sales - 'Wrapped 2020', a campaign promising detailed insights on artists, songs, genres, and podcasts based on user’s listening preferences particularly in 2020. This was followed by additional in-app features such as quizzes, new badges and top songs. A little about the top campaigns WIZIKEY POWER RANKINGS 2020: TOP 10 BRAND CAMPAIGNS
  4. 4. Zomato, Consumer created campaigns - started off with a campaign where Zomato asked the public to come up with ideas for advertisements for Zomato with the best creative idea being awarded prizes with up to 25 lakhs. This was a much-needed push in their brand marketing due to negative views on its previous outings on social media. Asian Paints, Stay home stay safe - released a new film that touched the typical Indian household and the day-to-day lifestyle primarily focussing on how Indian houses are adjusting to 'new-normal' amid the nationwide lockdown to prevent the coronavirus spread. They projected the motto to stay safe and stay indoors through its tag-line 'Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai'. Also, the new ad carries forward of work-from-home and exploring the changing roles of family members during the necessitated confined stay for an extended period. CRED, Not everyone gets it - CRED, the IPL’s official partner this season, has created quite a stir with its campaign ‘not everyone gets it’. The company is a member-exclusive online platform to pay credit card bills. The CRED ads with Anil Kapoor, Bappi Lahiri, Madhuri Dixit, Udit Narayan, and Govinda have become the most talked-about campaign of the season. They have definitely hit a home run with the audition-styled campaigns with extremely catchy lines. Pulsar, 18 years of thrill - Bajaj celebrated the 18th anniversary of the 'Pulsar' series of motorcycles this year. Bajaj Auto currently sells motorcycles in over 65 countries across the globe. They have sold more than 1.2 crore units of the 'pulsar' bike since its launch in 2001. 'Pulsar' being the sports motorcycle offering from Bajaj was the idea behind the campaign '18 years of thrill'. HUL, Glow, and Lovely - The campaign to rebrand one of HUL’s flagship brands - 'Fair & Lovely' was aimed at taking forward the conglomerate's journey towards a more inclusive vision of beauty and eliminate any wrong perceptions about the brand. The brand has now given the name 'Glow & Lovely'. 04
  5. 5. 05 HDFC, Hum haar Nahi maanenge - HDFC Bank carried out an ad campaign based around the song ‘Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge’. The song is based on overcoming the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The wonderful song was penned by Joshi, composed by maestro AR Rahman and conceptualized by HDFC Bank. Google, Loretta - In January of 2020, Google aired a heartbreaking commercial titled ‘Loretta’. The commercial began with a man typing into Google "how to not forget," and then asking his Google Assistant device to show him photos of his late wife named Loretta. The man then continued to ask Google to remember certain things about her like the fact that she hated his mustache, loved going to Alaska, and always snorted when she laughed. In the end, Google recites all of the things the man had asked the device to remember. The ad closes with the man saying “Remember, I am the luckiest man in the world.” It was later told that the commercial was based on the real-life story of a Google employee's 85-year-old grandfather.
  6. 6. Top 10 (With Wizikey Rank and Score) 06
  7. 7. Prominence Score Coverage in reputed media houses Sentiment Score Indicator of perception of the company in the media Metrics Description Range Score R1 Extent of engagement with diverse journalists Range Score R2 Extent of engagement with diverse publications LeaderHead Score Company focused media coverage Volumetric Score Quanta of news covered in the media Wizikey Newsmaker Score Combined weighted score of all the metrics Wizikey Rank Ranking assigned based on Wizikey Newsmaker Score 07
  8. 8. Methodology A total of 5 million news articles sourced from over the year have been used for analysis in this report. Over 20K+ distinct journalists have been covered in the analysis. These articles are spread across 500+ distinct publications. We have considered the top 10 Indian advertisements (Sourced from third party research and News platforms) Wizikey has extensively studied the data and has applied NLP, Data Mining, Text Analytics, and relevant statistical concepts to formulate the data points that we present in this report. NewsMakers 2020 is a report that has been created with Wizikey’s proprietary AI and ML technology, data mining, and analysis for Top Indian Campaigns. 08
  9. 9. Data Sources Wizikey crawled internal data - for Analysis Alexa Ranking (https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo) - for Analysis 09
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