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7. net suite retail

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7. net suite retail

  1. 1. NetSuite for Trading companies Ms. Snehal Unawane NuVista Technologies Pte Ltd
  2. 2. NuVistaPlus™ Overview
  3. 3. Industry Verticals 3
  4. 4. Representative Client List
  5. 5. SME EXCELLENCE AWARD © NetSuite Inc. 2013 Confidential 5
  6. 6. NetSuite: World’s #1 Cloud ERP World’s most deployed cloud business management solution Used by 16,000+ organizations Fastest growing top 10 ERP Used across approx 100 countries Top 10 Cloud Companies to Watch Founded 1998 Publicly traded on NYSE: “N” Offices in 10 countries 1200+ employees $309M revenue in FY11 #1 Cloud Business Suite Industry Recognition Background Performance Best Financial Management Best Relationship Mgt. Best Business Software Best Cloud Platform Fastest Growing Top 10 FMS Vendor 3rd Year Running
  7. 7. The Typical Way e -Store
  8. 8. One System for Running a Business 8 CEO NetSuite ECOMMERCE NetSuite CRM+ NetSuite FINANCIALS CFO Sales Rep/ Manager Support Manager Warehouse Manager Operations Manager Customers Vendors Partners SINGLE DATA SOURCEVendor Portal Customer Portal Web Site Web Store Marketing Campaigns Sales Force Automation Customer Support Partner Mgmt Order Mgmt Financials Billing Payroll Purchasing Inventory Work Orders/ Assemblies
  9. 9. Comprehensive ERP: 9
  10. 10. Complete CRM: 10
  11. 11. Powered by the Cloud: Mobility Distributed workforce, outsourcing, contingent workers, any device Self-Service Submit web based time and expenses and purchase requests via the web Self-serve customers, vendors, partners Visibility from Anywhere Real-time role based dashboards, Self-service reporting and analytics Personalized
  12. 12. On-Premise Do It Yourself HARDWARE License Maintain Patch Replace DESKTOP OS License Maintain Patch Replace SERVER OS License Maintain Patch Replace DATABASE License Maintain Tune Upgrade APPLICATION License Back-up Upgrade Migrate Financials CRM HARDWARE License Maintain Patch Replace DESKTOP OS License Maintain Patch Replace SERVER OS License Maintain Patch Replace DATABASE License Maintain Tune Upgrade APPLICATION License Back-up Upgrade Migrate Ecommerce HARDWARE License Maintain Patch Replace DESKTOP OS License Maintain Patch Replace SERVER OS License Maintain Patch Replace DATABASE License Maintain Tune Upgrade APPLICATION License Back-up Upgrade Migrate Suite + Cloud = Efficiency and Savings NetSuite Cloud Suite(ex:NetSuite) HARDWARE DESKTOP OS SERVER OS DATABASE APPLICATION Subscribe
  13. 13. © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 13 Suite Commerce
  14. 14. Suite Commerce © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 14
  15. 15. Suite Commerce Features © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 15
  16. 16. Suite Commerce Features © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 16
  17. 17. Suite Commerce Features © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 17
  18. 18. Suite Commerce Features © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 18
  19. 19. Managing Multiple Channels © NetSuite Inc. 2013 Confidential 19 Distributor n / Customer n Distributor1 / Customer 1Supplier 1 PO SO SOPOSupplier n  Financial Management  Inventory Management  Purchase Order Management  Sales Order Management  Accounting  Others  View PRs / POs  View History  Update Profile  Enter Sales Orders  Track Fulfillment  View Order History  View Quotes  Print Statements  View Invoices  Update Profile Customer (System Owner)
  20. 20. Real Time Visibility for Today’s Businesses © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 20 Evan Brown, Toolfetch Single version of the truth Role based dashboards Real time Ad hoc analysis Summary to detail With NetSuite, I can view with the dashboard what our receivables are and what our sales reps are doing from a daily and weekly standpoint. Those tools are priceless to me, and have made our company 100% more efficient. ‘‘ ‘‘
  21. 21. Functional Overview ERP basics – G/L, A/P, A/R, Sales Order processing & Delivery, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Invoicing Customers, Singapore Tax Nexus Advanced ERP – Billing schedules, revenue recognition, Budgeting, Project Tracking, Expense Reporting, Multi-Location, Multi-Currency, CRM basics – Marketing, Customer Opportunity Tracking, Forecasting, Pipeline, Case/Support management, Employee/HR Center Advanced CRM – Order management, Lead conversion, cross-sell and up-sell, Sales Rep Commissions, Partner Relationship Management, customer self-service
  22. 22. For Inventory Items Sales Order Process Sales Order Reservation Accept Payment Create Invoice Fulfillment Accounting Postings Scenarios: Sales Order – Invoice Cash Sale (Manual / POS) Web Orders Notes : a) SO Approval Process can be defined b) Multiple Deliveries in 1 Sales Order is supported
  23. 23. Quotes and Sales Orders Highlights One click convert Opportunity to Quote Opportunity to Order Quote to Order Bookings Dashboard Product & Service Catalog Parent Item/Hierarchy Item Groups Descriptions Price Levels Discounts Per Customer Pricing Multiple Levels
  24. 24. Inventory Management Highlights Commitment Real-time availability Back order management Preferred stock levels Serialized Inventory Serialized assemblies Item bar coding Multi-Location Inventory Lot Management Lot Numbers Expiration Dates Costing Methods Assembly/Bill of Materials Include Non-inventory, Service Items Component quantities & Printable BOM
  25. 25. General Ledger © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 25 – User-defined Chart of Accounts - Support an unlimited number of GL accounts and sub-accounts – not fixed and extremely flexible from a reporting standpoints – Monthly Period Close checklist – Real-time visibility into GL Impact - visibility into every transaction with a detailed, always-on audit trail that shows the author and time of each entry and GL account – Online journal entry and edit with enforced balancing: Error-free, easy-to- use processing. – Multiple company and country capability at the transaction level (not just a data warehouse)
  26. 26. Chart of Accounts Structure - eg. 4000 – Sales (can be any or all subsidiaries, locations, etc) - 4001 – Subscription Sales - Can associate account with one or more specific subsidiaries, to limit availability of the account to the selected subsidiaries only - Class/department/location can be restricted but can only be selected on transactions where that class, department, and/or location are also selected Subsidiary Location Department Class Account Sub- Account Supports an unlimited number of GL accounts and sub-accounts – not fixed and extremely flexible from a reporting standpoints
  27. 27. Closing of Accounting Periods © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 27 An ordered process with controls and audit functionality to close accounting periods - Prevent users from posting to the GL while they make adjustments - Ensure critical process (intercompany, revaluation, etc) are actually performed prior to sign-off - Prevent GL changes to closed periods - Audit who closes / re-opens periods
  28. 28. Closing of Accounting Periods © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 28 During closing, you can put notes for additional information During closing, you can put notes for additional information
  29. 29. Journal Entries © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 29 Approvals can be done for Journal Entries… Approvals can be done for Journal Entries… Intercompany Journal Entries is also possible … Intercompany Journal Entries is also possible …
  30. 30. Budgeting Highlights © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 30 – Multiple Budgets – CSV Import/Export – Enter/Copy Budgets - Streamlined budget entry - Create new budgets from old budgets/actuals – Budget Categories – Create multiple budgets for same criteria – Reports – Fully customizable Budget Income Statement and Budget vs. Actual reports
  31. 31. For Inventory Items PR / PO Receiving Bills Payment Enter Bills Update Inventory Accounting Postings Notes : a) PO Approval Process can be defined b) Multiple Receiving is possible Scenarios: Purchase Request Purchase Order Order items (based on Re-order level) Purchasing Process
  32. 32. Add work order record to the sales order/build process Commit raw materials to a build Link to a sales order or create a ‘production’ work order to add to regular stock of assembly Print BOM picking ticket per the qty of the order Demand for raw materials factors into Advanced Inventory Management feature Handle multi-level assemblies Lay the groundwork for future MRP/manufacturing features Work Order Build WO Update Inventory Accounting Postings Assembly Item Define the BOM Print BOM Light Manufacturing Process
  33. 33. For Inventory Items Sales Order and Light Manuf. Process Sales Order Reservation Accept Payment Create Invoice Fulfillment Accounting Postings Work Order
  34. 34. Advanced Forecasting Product Catalog Service Catalog Putting the “C” in CRM Integrated Quotes/Proposals Document Management Document Publishing Integrated Order Mgmt Bookings Dashboard Incentive Management Customer Portal Project Tracking Time & Expense Upsell/ Cross-sell Website Hosting Search Engine Optimization Website Analytics Online Catalog Lead Dashboard Intranet Sales & Marketing Tools Mass E-Mail Group Calendaring Resource Availability + Lead Prospect Qualify MeetQuote Order Service Delivery Repurchase Suspect + + + + + + + +
  35. 35. Components of NetSuite CRM Sales force Automation (SFA)  Account Management  Contact Management  Activity Management Marketing Automation  Lead Management  Campaign Management Customer Service and Support  Case Management  Knowledgebase Management  Issue Management Advance Partner Center  Partner Center Access Productivity Tools  NetSuite – Outlook Integration  Calendar Sharing  Opportunity Management  Quote / Sales Order Generation  Forecasting
  36. 36. Customer Center Highlights Password protected access View Personalized content – Project status – Outstanding quotes – Order/contract status – Pertinent documents Customer Service – Enter trouble tickets – Support/service history – Search knowledge base
  37. 37. Lead to Customer Lifecycle A Contact can be created anytime throughout a Customer's Lifecycle You can create a Saved Search to display your Contacts in your Dashboard Create activities such as Tasks, Phone Calls and Events related to a Contact.
  38. 38. Top Search Terms Leads by SourceCampaign ROI Web Form Lead Capture Import Data Web Site Visitors Inbound Calls Lists Plan and Execute Marketing Campaign • Google AdWords • Email Marketing • Direct Mail • Cold Calls • Partners • TV • Radio • Events • Trade Shows • PR • Set up auto-response emails -”Thank you for your interest” -Your trial information -Event details • Set up lead assignment rules -Geography -Company size -Product of interest • Use the import wizard or Excel connector • Purchased list • Trade show • Legacy data • “Contact me” request • Free trial • Event registration • Organic Web traffic • AdWords referrals • Email responses • Yellow pages • Google Maps • Word-of-mouth referrals Create New Leads • Search for the customer in NetSuite • If one doesn’t exist, create a new lead Lead Quality Generate More Leads
  39. 39. On-line Lead Forms: Used to receive information from customers / leads from your website (customer registration or survey)
  40. 40. Lead and Territory Management: Sales Rules Sales Territories
  41. 41. Leads Management
  42. 42. Month-to-Date Trending Closed Business by Month Top Sales RepsTop 10 Deals Presentation Proposal Negotiation Won Yes No Open Opportunities You can monitor your opportunities reports and dashboards to keep track of your top deals and prioritize your time. Customize NetSuite to fit your internal sales methodologies and processes, making it easier to monitor your sales pipeline. Use email marketing and call downs to re-market to your archived opportunities. Keep an archive of your dead opportunities. NetSuite gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your customers and facilitates collaboration across your organization, helping you build strong, lasting customer relationships. Sales Support Marketing New Customers Opportunity Management • Log call notes • Create follow-up tasks • Schedule an event • Send an email Log Activities
  43. 43. Funnel Cases from Disparate Customer Touch Points • Technical Support • Billing Question • Feature Request • Updated Account Info Call Support Log a Case Online Email Support Call Sales Case Deflection • Customer Portal • On-line Form • Press 1 for Support • Press 2 for Billing • support@acme.com • billing@acme.com • “While I have you on the phone…” •” I don’t know who to call but…” CTI Integration (optional) The customer’s information automatically pops up for the support rep Log a Case Manually The salesperson creates a case on behalf of the customer Email-to-Case (optional) You can setup email-to-case so that a case is automatically created based on an incoming email. With the customer portal, you can set it up so the customer receives a suggested solution before submitting a case Case Is Created Your Customer Has a Question ? Cases by Source Case VolumeCases by CustomerCases by Type
  44. 44. Case Rules Case Record Created Filtered into Territories Assigned to a Support Rep Case Rules Case Territories
  45. 45. Closed Loop Case Management Process
  46. 46. Marketing Campaign (email) © NetSuite Inc. 2011 Confidential 50 Marketing Campaign Target Group ExecutePlan Monitor/ Analyze Text or HTML Format From Name From Email Address Reply To Email Address Campaign Domain (required for > 10,000 emails) Email Marketing Template Static or Dynamic Search
  47. 47. Email Blast / Mail Merge Large Volume E-mail Campaign Automation Multi-Channel Campaign Tracking Promotion & Online Form Management Real-Time Statistics & Complete ROI
  48. 48. HR / Employee Center Employee Management – Employee Profile – Employee Time HR Reminders – Reviews, Birthdays, – Visa Expiration Self-Service – Edit Profile – Paycheck History – Time Sheets – Expense Reporting – Purchase Requests
  49. 49. Account Planning I can see my customer’s history of events and activities in Netsuite which help me develop an account strategy and action plan. I can create my own Action Plans by assigning tasks to myself as To-Do’s. I have the option to create a follow-up activities & future date them as a reminder to take action. I can see which accounts I have committed time & if there are positive results as the outcome.
  50. 50. Increase Collaboration (Calendar Sharing) You can see other calendars (employees and resources) You can see other calendars (employees and resources)
  51. 51. Monitor Activities by Sales Rep
  52. 52. Monitor Activities by Sales Rep
  53. 53. As a Sales Rep, My Managers don’t have to micro-manage me! There are no accountability issues since I know what is assigned to me. If my manager needs a history of events, it can all be found in NetSuite My managers can look in the application to see what I’ve done instead of asking me My managers don’t have the time to look at every single detail and record. It’s a waste of their time! Their objective is to help me meet my goals and targets, just as much as I would like to.
  54. 54. NetSuite-Outlook Integration saves me time I am able to synchronize my Contacts, Tasks and Calendar to and from Outlook and NetSuite Emails I send from Outlook can be added to a record in NetSuite. I don’t have to enter data twice in both applications!
  55. 55. 60 #1 for Software #1 for WD #1 for Manufacturing #1 for Services #1 for Etail/Retail #1 for Enterprises NetSuite: World’s #1 Cloud ERP
  56. 56. NuVista’s NetSuite Customers Snapshot Marine Industry Part of Listed Company- SINWA Complex requirements with multiple work-flows & processes www.amsmarinegroup.com Light Manufacturing Industry EV-Electric Vehicle Conversion NetSuite powers entire business operations in ERP/Inventory/CRM www.evworld.sg Collins MoversCollins Movers LotteLotte EV WorldEV World AMS MarineAMS Marine Logistics & Transportation Industry Non-standard requirements for CRM, Costing & Billing Calculations Replaced multiple disparate systems for CRM, SO & Accounts www.collinsmovers.com.sg FMCG Industry Korean Conglomerate Subsidiary- Lotte Confectionery Singapore No Systems in place with Multiple Items/SKUs mgmt with integrated SO, PO & Financials www.lotte.co.kr
  57. 57. NuVista’s NetSuite Customers Snapshot Safety Equipments/Training Industry Mix of Service & Products Business model Integrated Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Training/Ops Mgmt www.asretec.org Most Reputed Apple authorized service centre in Singapore Receive >8000 Customer Cases per month, with integration req in Sales, Purchasing, Inventory & Fin eserv.micro2000.com.sg WD Industry MarnixMarnix FortisFortis Micro2000Micro2000 AsretecAsretec Financial/Insurance Industry Japan HQ Global Company Insurance Broking Non-standard req for Premium Calculations Had manual process for Sales, CRM and Accounts- integrated the same www.marnix.co.jp Hospitality/Retail Industry Premier Hospitality Management Company that oversees Travel, Events, and Privileges Program for our corporate customers CRM System www.fortis.com.sg
  58. 58. Thanks