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SlideShare Hack Day Oct. 2013

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Pictures from SlideShare's two-day hackathon in San Francisco and Delhi, Oct. 3-4

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SlideShare Hack Day Oct. 2013

  1. SlideShare Hackathon Oct. 3-4, 2013 San Francisco & Delhi
  2. Earlier this month, SlideShare’s San Francisco and Delhi offices partook in a 2-day hackathon. Teams were challenged with coming up with and building the best new tool for SlideShare.
  3. The ground rules are set in Delhi
  4. The clock starts in SF!
  5. Teams brainstorm ideas
  6. And the hacks begin!
  7. Some of us got tired…
  8. Others had to start over
  9. We took a little time to eat
  10. But mostly just hacked
  11. Oh, it was SlideShare’s 7th birthday, too!
  12. Day Two: Still hacking
  13. OK teams, time is up!
  14. The Delhi teams present their hacks
  15. SF teams present, too
  16. The judges
  17. Waiting for the results….
  18. And the winners are…. 1st Place SF 1st Place Delhi 2nd Place Delhi 2nd Place SF
  19. Congrats, teams!
  20. Mission accomplished!
  21. More SlideShare hackday 2013 photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/graydot/sets/72157636219622864/ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/68p4qiiwyxw2ke2/g7a8arr7T5 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sylvainkalache/sets/72157636205164964/