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What Makes Great Infographics



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SlideShare now has a player specifically designed for infographics. Upload your infographics now and see them take off! Need advice on creating infographics? This presentation includes tips for producing stand-out infographics. Read more about the new SlideShare infographics player here: http://wp.me/p24NNG-2ay

This infographic was designed by Column Five: http://columnfivemedia.com/

What Makes Great Infographics

  1. 1. Infographics’ popularity and importance have steadily risen over the last several years, as readers look for ways to quickly gain insight and understanding of the vast amounts of data and information available to them. A great infographic is a powerful tool that utilizes engaging visuals that both appeal to an audience hungry for information and aids in comprehension and retention of the material. Here, we break down the essential elements neccessary to create a great infographic. According to Payscale, an infographic has the potential to reach 15 million people. Infographics are considered the fastest-rising content marketing format, according to a survey by IDG. B2B Marketers Using Infographics: 2012 43% 2011 28% THE PROLIFERATION OF INFOGRAPHICS Comprehension Appeal Retention WHY ARE INFOGRAPHICS SO EFFECTIVE? YOU NEED A VISUAL CONTENT STRATEGY WHAT MAKES AN INFOGRAPHIC GOOD? SLIDESHARE NOW SUPPORTS THE RISE OF INFOGRAPHICS APPEAL We are drawn to formats that are efficient, engaging, and entertaining. COMPREHENSION Visualizations enable us to digest information more efficiently and facilitate understanding. RETENTION Visualizations aid in our ability to retain information by drawing upon understood symbols, scenes, and patterns. 1 yr 2.5 yr 5 yr Engagement Who is your audience? How do you want your audience to engage with your infographic? Distribution Through what channels and platforms will you reach your audience? What social networks are they using? What online publications do they read? Creativity What format is best for your target channels and platforms? What content is best for your target channels and platforms? Utility Beauty Soundness Is the design aesthetically pleasing? Is the design appropriate, given the subject matter? Is the design helpful in communicating a message, or does it distract from it? Does the story being told have usefulness? Is it: Entertaining? Informative? Inspiring? Is the content reliable, complete, and presented appropriately? BEAUTY UTILITY SOUNDNESS Documents Presentations Infographics Videos January 2010 Interest Over Time, According to Google Trends: January 2011 January 2012 January 2013 THE SEARCH FOR INFOGRAPHICS: WORLDWIDE GOOGLE TRENDS 0 20 40 60 80 100 October 2009 6 August 2010 19 * The numbers 0–100 represent peak Google search interest over time. The numbers are normalized and do not reflect repeated searches from individual users over a short period of time. November 2011 50 November 2012 85 April 2013 100 WHAT MAKES GREAT INFOGRAPHICS? Created by