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Engineering at Slido

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How does software development work at Slido?
Learn more about our product principles, teams, tools and programming languages we use.

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Engineering at Slido

  1. 1. Engineering at Slido
  2. 2. What we do Slido is a technology company that enhances communication and increases interaction at events and meetings. We are building a world-class product and we are constantly working on improvements, new features and integrations. Slido offers an amazing environment for self-realization and learning. Everyone has a chance to shape Slido’s product roadmap. Bring your ideas to the table! Interested to learn more about our Engineering teams? Keep reading...
  3. 3. Engineering Team Goal Discover & deliver the right product features as soon as possible with quality that our customers require and at the same time learn and develop our skills & habits in order to improve and adapt over the time. Make customers happy, engineering energized and helpdesk calm.
  4. 4. Our 10 Core Product Principles 1. Participant experience is king. 2. The magic of Slido is in enabling a great meeting 3. The primary purpose of Slido is in enhancing the live interaction in the room 4. Technology has to become invisible to be truly effective 5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 6. During a meeting, Slido either works or not. There is no 2nd chance. 7. Ruthlessly prioritize the silent majority (90%) versus the vocal minority (10%) 8. For every new feature (item), we should aim to remove one 9. The best on-boarding is no on-boarding 10. Design is our main language for communicating with users
  5. 5. Lean and Agile Principles ● System awareness & visibility of the value flow (stand-ups, demos, agile planning & groomings, scrum/kanban boards) ● Empowered, self-organized & feature oriented teams (team autonomy from idea to production) ● Continuous testing & delivery mindset (automated tests, CI/CD, infrastructure as code) ● Continuous improvement & learning (bottleneck elimination, retrospectives, pre/post-mortems, tech talks, conferences, books, meetups, blogs, dry runs) ● Open culture (trust + feedback + courage + ownership = sustainable development) ● Technical excellence (code reviews, handy tools, best practices & patterns) ● Design & simplicity (UI/UX, usability tests) ● Product discovery & product management mindset (vision, strategy, experiments, prototypes, MVPs, KPIs, AB tests, qualitative & quantitative user research)
  6. 6. Our teams
  7. 7. Our cross-functional teams CURRENT TEAMS: Participant Experience, Intelligent Insights, Ease of Use, Enterprise Customers, Integrations ROLES IN THE TEAMS: Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Tester, Customer Experience Specialist TECHNOLOGIES: HTML+CSS, Angular, React, Node.js, MySQL, SQL, TypeScript, Cordova, AWS, .Net TOOLS: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, Cypress.io, Sentry.io, Exponea, JetBrains, SuperSet, SonarQube, LaunchDarkly, NewRelic PARTICIPANT EXPERIENCE TEAM Delivering great participant experience ACTIVITIES: Collect participant feedback (research) Source ideas & experiment (groom) Implement & release (build) Collect data & learn (get feedback) KPIs: % of users who joined an event % of users who were active % of user who were engaged INTELLIGENT INSIGHTS Make sure that Slido brings long term value to meeting organizers ACTIVITIES: User research & check industry trends Collaborate together Design & deliver & test features Evaluate results KPIs: Monthly usage Number of active annual regular users EASE OF USE Investigate UX pains, make Slido easy/usable and help to activate customers ACTIVITIES: Listen to customer pains and insights Explore easy to use solutions & address them Get the customers stick with Slido Measure & analyze impact we did Iterate KPIs: Activation rate of 1st and 2nd used event
  8. 8. Our platform teams API Core Make sure that API works & performs well, is maintainable, extendable, scalable & secure TECHNOLOGIES: Node.js, MySQL, Redis, TypeScript, AWS TOOLS: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, New Relic, SonarQube KPIs: Apdex, Response time Throughput Number of bugs, Error rate Deploy & Revert time ACTIVITIES: Optimization & code clean up Monitoring & enhancement of API & DB performance Keeping core API bug free DevOps Make sure that Slido infrastructure works & performs well and enable development TECHNOLOGIES: AWS TOOLS: Terraform, Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, New Relic, PagerDuty, ELK KPIs: Uptime, Optimal performance, Throughput Number of SEV-1 incidents, MTTR ACTIVITIES: Monitoring & maintaining Infrastructure development Automation SuperAdmin & Data Enable and support other internal teams by developing internal tools, integrations, work automation and explore new approaches to difficult problems leveraging data science TECHNOLOGIES: PHP, Python, R, MySQL, VueJs, Laravel, TypeScript, AWS TOOLS: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, Tableau, Superset, Airflow ACTIVITIES: Data management (aggregation/transformation/distribution) 3rd-party services integration Development of superadmin Introduce new features & ideas powered by data
  9. 9. Impact 244K+ successful events 7.1M+ questions asked 23.3M+ poll votes
  10. 10. Our customers (just to mention a few…)
  11. 11. Our internal hackathons 2 days filled with amazing teamwork and innovative ideas, bringing out the best in us
  12. 12. 2019 Best Ongoing Commitment to Internal Communications, ICE Awards 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2017 Best Event Technology, Eventex Events Tech of The Year, PPA Connect Awards 2016 Best Conference Industry Supplier, Conference Awards 2015 Events Industry Supplier of the Year, PPA Connect Awards 2014 Best Tool, FRESH Best Event Technology, Eventex 2013 Best New Event Tech Startup, Event Technology Awards Our accomplishments
  13. 13. Wanna know more? Find out more about our values & beliefs: Slido Culture Code Read our Slido Developers blog Learn more about our Agile way of work
  14. 14. Join us today! www.slido.com/careers slidolife@slido.com