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12 Tips to Build Better Social Campaigns

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Are you thinking about building a social Campaign for your business? If you answered “yes,” use today’s infographic as a quick-start guide for Campaign success!
The tips in this infographic cover every phase of a Campaign’s launch process: From the planning and building phases, to the publishing and promotion phases.

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12 Tips to Build Better Social Campaigns

  1. 1. 12 Tips to Build Better Social Campaigns
  2. 2. This presentation is based on an infographic from ShortStack
  3. 3. Ready to build a social media campaign for your business?
  4. 4. Use this as a quick-start guide!
  5. 5. What we’ll cover… • Planning your campaign • Building your campaign • Publishing your campaign • Promoting your campaign Let’s go!
  6. 6. Have a Goal Before you start building social Campaigns – contests, newsletter sign-ups, etc – determine your goals. Do you want to collect email addresses? Crowdsource for ideas for new products? Get more Likes?
  7. 7. Build Some Buzz Host an email-capture Campaign to pre-register fans for your upcoming promotion. Write a blog post about the upcoming Campaign.
  8. 8. Keep It Simple The easier it is for fans to navigate your Campaign, the more success you’ll have with it.
  9. 9. Create Your Own Theme If you’re building multiple Campaigns for yourself or a client, save time by creating your own theme.
  10. 10. Create Your Own Templates If you plan on duplicating elements in your Campaigns, create a template to use for future Campaigns to avoid repeating steps.
  11. 11. Customize With Extra CSS Classes Extra CSS classes can save you time when styling your Campaigns. Specify styles in your CSS Editor to apply throughout.
  12. 12. Limit Permissions The fewer permission fields fans must go through in order to interact with your Campaign, the better.
  13. 13. Keep Mobile in Mind Keep your design simple and responsive. Preview your Campaign in mobile mode to assure it’s appealing to your mobile audience.
  14. 14. Once It’s Built, Test! Prior to hosting/publishing your Campaign, test it. Make sure prospective users’ experience is what you envision.
  15. 15. Once It’s Built, Test! Give your fans the opportunity to interact with your Campaign, either through a game, quiz, or entry into a sweepstakes.
  16. 16. Publish to the Web Reach a larger audience by publishing your Campaign to the Web or using an embed feature to place your Campaign on other sites like your company’s website, blog or Tumblr.
  17. 17. Promote Everywhere Tell the world about your Campaign! Post about it on your social networks, website, blog and in press materials. If you’re running a sweepstakes, submit it to free contest-listing sites.
  18. 18. Free Infographic 12 Tips for Building Better Social Campaigns CLICK HERE