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Abstract of Big Ben
Abstract of Big Ben
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Big Ben

  1. 1. Big Ben: On US Federal Reserve Communications Shiva Kumar Srinivasan
  2. 2. The Fed’s Communications Policy • What is the Fed’s communications policy? • Why does the Fed need a communications policy? • What are the antecedents of the Fed’s communications policy?
  3. 3. The Bernanke Doctrine: As Governor and Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Washington DC
  4. 4. Helicopter Ben and Helicoptress Yellen
  5. 5. Ben Bernanke, Milton Friedman, and Stanley Fischer
  6. 6. Fed Communications and the Financial Crisis of 2008: Bernanke at George Washington University in 2013
  7. 7. Bernanke and the US Media: Bernanke Explains Unconventional Monetary Policy
  8. 8. The Montague Doctrine ‘Never Explain, Never Excuse’ Mystique as a Source of Credibility in the Bank of England
  9. 9. Recent Fed Chairs and their Communications Policy: Antecedents and Precedents Paul Volcker (1979-87) Alan Greenspan (1987-06) Ben Bernanke (2006-14) Janet Yellen (2014-Present)
  10. 10. Recent Fed Chairs
  11. 11. Contributors to Fed Communications Policy: Kohn, Mishkin, and Poole On The Limits of Accountability and Transparency in Monetary Policy
  12. 12. The Yellen Doctrine:Continuity in Fed Policy • Credibility, Expectations, and Forward Guidance
  13. 13. Janet Bernanke’s Balance Sheet
  14. 14. Fed Controversies: The Value of the Dollar
  15. 15. The Fed’s Dual Mandate: Inflation and Unemployment
  16. 16. Policy at Zero Bound: Explaining Unconventional Monetary Policy to the Public
  17. 17. The Federal Reserve System
  18. 18. The 12 Reserve Banks
  19. 19. The Fed Hierarchy and the US Treasury: The Fed-Treasury Accord of 1951
  20. 20. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the Federal Funds Rate
  21. 21. Recent Nominees to the Fed and the US President
  22. 22. Yellen and Senator Chuck Schumer
  23. 23. Prescott and Kydland on the Science of Macroeconomics
  24. 24. Bob Lucas on Expectations: Implications for The Fed’s Policy Path
  25. 25. The Taylor Rule: Rules, Discretion, and Constrained Discretion
  26. 26. Marvin Goodfriend on FOMC vs Merrill: Why Fed Secrecy and Mystique is a Thing of the Past
  27. 27. Explaining Bernanke’s Fed in Recent Years
  28. 28. Monetary Policy as a Performative Art
  29. 29. The Fed and Financial Regulation
  30. 30. Frankly Speaking: Christopher Dodd- Barney Frank and the Federal Reserve
  31. 31. The Fed as Regulator: The Shift in Perspective
  32. 32. The St.Louis Fed and its Review
  33. 33. Larry Summers and Alberto Alesina on the Independence of the Fed (1993)
  34. 34. Working-through Bernanke