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Coloring & Drawing Apps


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Coloring & Drawing Apps

  1. Learning with Drawing & Coloring Tools & Apps ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs List.ly/ShellTerrell
  2. What’s the Story? Cave Painting by Ryan Somma, Flickr
  3. Ar#sts  are  just  children  who  refuse  to   put  down  their  crayons.  -­‐  Al  Hirschfeld   More Drawing by Juhan Sonin, Flickr, flickr.com/photos/38869431@N00/3956357694
  4. Visualization Patterns Symmetry & Shapes Imagination Motor Skills Creativity
  5. Play music while they color & draw
  6. Prepare Aprons Washable tools Timer
  7. Assessment Color the banana yellow
  8. Assessment Color the banana yellow Create their own flashcards
  9. Circle  around  the  room   and  ask  students  about   the  characters  &  objects   they  are  drawing  
  10. Set-up a drawing & coloring learning station
  11. Make a card deck of drawing challenges! Flickr.com/photos/tgifreytag/5772847315
  12. Pair or group them! Pictionary Drawing directions Pictionary 1 by Anna M, Flickr.com/photos/35427145@N00/111913023
  13. Activities Storyboarding Scenes in videos Animation Digital Storytelling Blueprints
  14. Visual Mapping Mindmapping of Musicophila by Oliver Sacks by Austin Kleon, Flickr
  15. Create a rebus Cool Rebus by Stefan Malmesjö, Flickr
  16. Colorful Web Tools
  17. Animate with Blabberize
  18. Create drawing tasks with InfusedLearning.Com
  19. Create an Animated Gif with abcya.com/animate.htm
  20. Sketchpad works on any device https://sketch.io/sketchpad/
  21. Draw word problems, storyboard, & brainstorm with Educreations
  22. Kidblog.org/MrsWideensClass2/annalyseec/bus-math-problem
  23. Educreations screen/voice capturing app http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/big-green-monster/804064/
  24. www2.shidonni.com- Virtual Drawing World for Kids
  25. Create a story with Kerpoof.com
  26. Character Texts LittleBirdTales.Com •  tudents can upload S their pics or choose from a variety of characters & backgrounds or draw on the pages •  an narrate with text C & audio •  mbeddable E •  aid app P http://mail.littlebirdtales.com/tales/view/story_id/95599/
  27. Draw a Habitat http://pbskids.org/fetch/games/habitats/
  28. Draw a mindmap with Popplet.com & the free IOS app!
  29. Draw collaboratively with Scootdoodle.com
  30. Design a presentation with Buncee.com
  31. Buncee Web Tool & IOS App
  32. Draw a comic with Chogger.com http://digitalstorytellingevo2013.posthaven.com/trying-out-chogger
  33. Alessi's turn on the iPad by Marcus Kwan, Flickr Colorific Apps
  34. Tip: Use a Stylus 'Fellowes Multi-Stylus’ Flickr.com/photos/64149699@N00/10046028. Found on flickrcc.net
  35. Comics Head IOS/Android •  hoose  from  many   C frames,  templates,   cap2ons,   characters,   backgrounds,  etc.   •  rite text W •  rawing tools D •  pload  images   U •  reate a comic C book    
  36. Play a drawing adventure game Free  IOS/  Android  App  at  Epic.drawas#ckman.com    
  37. Let’s Learn How to Draw App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lets-learn-how-to-draw-lite/id470978981?mt=8
  38. Activity: Draw My Monster •  ll students draw a A monster but don’t show the drawing •  air students P •  tudent A describes the S monster for student B to draw Vocabulary: Numbers, parts of the body
  39. Icebreaker: What’s your favorite cartoon? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lets-learn-how-to-draw-lite/id470978981?mt=8
  40. Share Board IOS App- Up to 32 can draw, sketch & discuss
  41. Create a movie of your art with Drawing Pad HD IOS App
  42. Bring coloring pages to life with ColAR augmented reality app
  43. Drawp for Schools IOS Free App • Drawing + photo + voice • Collaborative assignments
  44. ChatterPix IOS Free App •  ake a photo T •  dd a line for a A mouth & record your voice •  dd stickers, text, A frames, & filters
  45. Drawing Torch iPad App
  46. Drawing Torch App
  47. Drawing Challenges
  48. StoryKit
  49. StoryKit
  50. Draw Your Story Free iPad App •  rompts, P settings & more to get kids to draw & fill out a story
  51. list.ly/list/EGG-drawing-andcoloring-webtools-and-apps
  52. ShellyTerrell.com/ resources/webinars Bit.ly/ELTLINKs List.ly/shellterrell