Cascade gardens e brochure

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Cascade gardens e brochure

  1. 1. 'W- < É 4:); *w -4 _l J 'XTÊÇCUSÇY JÍHTIÍCT 7 Jà 4 CAS CADEÓGARDEN S Sector 99, Dwarka Evxpressway, Gurgaon
  2. 2. It begins with your desire to experience the untouched. It's when abundance IS an everyday necessity It's in the Satisfaction of owning what you deserve. AFFLUENCE IS A STATE OF MIND Il : I 551w».
  3. 3. IIEÍHIIIE' Wake up to a life that's less experienced SÊSWW your paradise of comfon Discover an exceptionai worid designed for you. LIVE THE ART OF EXCLUSIVITY
  4. 4. :Hrllilã An open wcrid or Ieisure welcomes you Where you indulge like riowhere eise. A worid thats crafted iust for you, OWN ABUNDANCE
  5. 5. Imrriacuiateiy designed are your dreams here Intricately crafted are your pieasures here Impeccabiy piush are your preferences here. EXPERIENCE THE EXQUISITE EVERY MOMENT 5759317
  6. 6. i “IM Every iewel that captivates your heart. Each pearl of emotion that embarks new sensations. Every Step you take, i5 a new indulgence. A WORLD OF RARE POSESSIONS
  7. 7. That perfect drink made from the firiest of spirits That speciai bath that repienishes you, reiuvenates you. It's aii about your choices, the way you want to celebrate itre Distinctiy vou WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO BE NOTHING BUT YOU
  8. 8. .' "“ t' WHATIF t' *t* a : I EAÍI E IitrI _ 4.o; - y - WAS : anel-That _ 1 , WHERE YOU LIVED t' , It
  9. 9. .r a IU 'A | g Artistic inrpression ra E EI , üüãñàá mraaamaaa 111111 Il MIC I. .. FI Ilim- «aí CASCADE GARDEN S Sector 99, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Cascade Gardens, as the name suggests, presents a unique concept lifestyle for the first time in Gurgaon. Every residence at Cascade Gardens offers the luxury of a personal cascading Waterfall and a private garden. In addition, the bigger units offer many grand privileges like a private swimming pool with wooden deck, a party bar, a barbeque and space for open dining. This proiect has created for the first time, a world that brings together every premium luxury one can desire for and makes it exclusively available inside one's life-space.
  10. 10. Private Garden Cascading Waterfall Private Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi Seats Personal Wooden Deck Private Party Bar Personal Barbeque Outdoor Patio Dining PRIVATE LANDSCAPE AMENITIES
  11. 11. The spiendor of your abode at Cascade Gardens comes truiy alive ivitn a spiasii of indulgence Dive in Get Refrcshcd Enioy the sparkling waters Let the worid be in awe of your grandeur, your private swimming pooi wiIi be the ceriterof attraction atyour mayestic home YOUR SENSATIONAL POOL PARTIES Actual Afll5ÍÍtZlI71piE55l0I1
  12. 12. «i»- At cascade Gardens, we have created a speciai place foryour Grey Goose, Ballantines and Jameson. Your liquid luxuries will have an exclusive space so that they are safe. Let your favourite drink turn upthe magic and unfold a world of fantasies After all, no one ever wrotea brilliant storywhile having tea. THE PRIVATE BAR THE DRINK YOUR SPECIAL STORY
  13. 13. _Fã . z/ t »ff fr! _x E? .g4 / i / : Xliirsll . attmitnnnetmut-ui As you unwind in yourcolourful, vlbrarit and peaceful private garden, life Wlll take you through a floral ecstasy that's positive, full of zeal and delightful. Amidst this Zion of nature, you wilI discover how beautiful life can be Just read a book, take a nap or stroll, Vou own the most expensive and rare luxury in the world an opuient open and green space where you can breathe free BREATHE AMPLE IN YOUR PRIVATE GARDEN
  14. 14. Cascade Gardens has been designed to be your personal paradise, full of privileges that Wlll make you feel speciai every moment Relax in the most exotic and lavish way in your personal ultra luxuriouslacuzzi with beautiful cascading waterfall. Let the ecstatic whirlpools and effervescence take you on a fascinating and tantalizing odyssey of pureleisure YOUR PERSONAL PARADISE AMIDST CASCADING WATERFALLS
  15. 15. Actual Arttstic Impre At Cascade Gardens we have left no stone unturned to make things extraordinary Even¡ amenity and feature is handcplcked to add comfort and extravagance to your lifestyle Even the way you dine Relish your favourite cuisine under the cozy yet flarriboyant covered patiodining table MAKE THE WAY YOU DINE EXEMPLARY
  16. 16. Hrlãiil Watch the rain turri the wooden deck into a glossy arid shimmering surface that will reflect the sky in front of your abode. Spend a lazy winter afternoon reading yourfavourite book or watching your best ioved movie. vour personai wooden deck adds an earthy yet elegarit touch to the overall design of your home THE PATIO THE RAIN AND THE PERSONAL DECK
  17. 17. cnsguuronuuocui &É; cascade Gardens is one those piaces that iets you rejoice every moment We have conceptualized this space to be yours forever. Have a barbeque party with friends and relish your favourite grilled dishes out in theopen. SMOKE GRILL AND ALL THE FUN EMC»
  19. 19. i _EL O” i ll- . í ea. " l v í Home Automation at Cascade Gardens enables . .. 11'* 4 É e. -v ~- automatic control of commonly used elements such as í* li htin , securit , tem erature, music and other home 9 9 Y P Í V e. . _ñ l' devices in a manner that is personalized to the needs of 't ' , _ _ each family. Your home here is customized to be a smart L. home I l ¡Wmilliillltñli›s']_i| |]fll i . .z- -~ . l c": l* r BEAUTY OF DESIGN 8 INTELLIGENCE
  20. 20. l l l l -s-, - í mr ContdIlEtontçt-'l : ta-ttdt-àantczaui Welcome freshness every moment Breathe life Let your space be refreshing. Live the comforts that are essential. REFRESHINGLY MODERN
  21. 21. manuela-l ljit Lot-i'm¡ Be maiestic. Eeei like a king As you walk down the grand lobby The llft takes you to your grand abode. WALK YOUR WAY MAKE A STATEMENT
  22. 22. Designer Wardrobes keep your silk and your satin anew Pick your favourites with ease. There's so much more room for a hundred more DRAPED WITH LUSTRE ln neat spaces. modern spacing decked to queue.
  23. 23. Iungtotrk-átdl Ithtñtta- atuante: Walk on a mirror that's handcrafted. see your reflection, feei special, be yourseif. The glaze, the shine, the finish is a statement of your sophistication. THE RARE SHEEN OF CLASS IN CRAFTSMANSHIP
  24. 24. Sras-algum 721k: Qaúilnuat Look upwards and you'll find beauty With lights, with design, with modernity. The sheer charm of aesthetics will enchant you EVERYTHING ABOVE, EXEMPLARY
  25. 25. Íthkiiãli' : um: Lavishly crafted for your discerning taste. Here's where you'll indulge in rest and relaxation that's ultimate Let your dreams unfold now, this is your private luxury WELCOME TO THE KING'S ABODE nlilnllmlhltlttqgtnüuni
  27. 27. f' ( v , nr” _ -' C. _r ~ , ~ Be entertained / , _ _ _r . 1.' 5,55* ~ nr. , “É Be social. f 'T _ Be in the limelight. *s Í i a AMPHITHEATRE *na x * _ Fx. .. g t _ v» 4 > stiluutlhulnlilnusuüklr l: . 51a_ e
  28. 28. 'till 13H31 QUÊ¡ . .g5 The Gazebo bccorncs the perfect place for relaxing in the open with friends Sit out and enioy, or iust play guitar GAZEBO
  29. 29. Frolic now, be happy, Let your kids smiie away and cheer They have found their favourite hangout KI DS” PLAY AREA . E. FÉ plate. eamuemmamame, e . u.
  30. 30. Swimming pool Fitness centre Wellness spa Recreation centre lacuzzi Card room Snooker Multi-purpose hall CLUBHOUSE
  31. 31. Lawn tennis Basketball Badminton logging track Lush Iawns MODERN SPORTS FACILITIES
  32. 32. Ylllnflllllll llil iiiiiiiii~ itiiiii ' The S lanei 150 meter wide E¡ 18 km long Dwarka Expressway: A location that sets you truly apart - Welcome to an era of congestioncfree travel e from Dwarka or Airport to Manesarvia Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon - Sectors along Dwarka Expressway when completed, will be planned, premium a contemporaryas perthe Gurgaon Master PlancZOZl i Areas that faii in the periphery of this expressway are designed to become a posh destination and will compete with areas like Shanti Niketan and Vasantvihar ~ Proposed Aerocity at The Hospltallty oistrict, iGi Airport is spread acrossi Zmillionsq ftandincludes 400o starguest rooms - The planned commercial belt along with The Dwarka Expressway and coupled with its proximitytotop notch MNCs, international hospitality brands, retaii and entertainmentindustry NEIGHBOURHOOD
  33. 33. ' Dlrectaccess from lSOmcWlde Dwarka Expressway ~ Corner Propertyalso adiacentto 75m›wide Sector Road. r DIRECTLY ON DWARKA EXPRESSWAY
  34. 34. í m¡ Rnnwe' DWARKA CASCADEÇARDENS Gv-Wmw 1 Sec-QQ »a1 um à ESSWAY “ RKAEXPR _ , , wwARKA IIIANESAR um¡ a v uuuemnssg REsmEmmLAnEA GURGAW¡ FALAM VIHAR A clrv m' sem, Commbxa arm e vu¡ A m. HUspwtaW ~ aq¡ c _ _ _ 7 _ nELmcANn ° v « r › . : nunk KañErêÊQE. ? _ É azaoau, ... ' x 'FF°°C"°WK Unvbe snow m4; _ , m_ numa( _ _ _ ramwa - a "MVCWW" Y Amhwence Shu/ Mun¡ ñyrwhuavwmuwu! say MEWAWWM M” Ramsian m” VASANT ' cynarcrw Nam Lada hmm WHAR . g uma : :eagçaü . rf aaa" «Êuwuiuxvlgm r cywnêwm A r m"" ' aaa. ,F v max 4 JNU . Para 52244 Cascade Gardens is perfectly located in a neighbourhood that boasts of everything the urbane ¡ifestyle demands. TRANSPORT Arrpor¡ a 20 mmutes away írom WG! Arrport Road - Dwrecüy on ! Sümrwlde Dwarka Expressway connecung Dwarka, NH-s a. Manesav (hvough Guvgann, Addmanaw access From 75m - wnde Sector Road Raw! - wo km ! rom Gurgaon Rarwway Stauon Metro - waíkmg dnstance ! rom DMRC; proposed Metro comdor COMMERCIAL LOCATION MAP 5 mm away rram Upcommg cammarcrax Bel( of Seítors B3, 31% 8B. ESA, BSB 1o mm. away from rw Manesav rs mm away Ívom Udyog vrhar 2o mm. away Ívum Cyber City RESI DENTIAL Close proxwmwky to zw new rasruenqraw : charme: s mm away «rom posh CNH hnes area 10 mm away irem proposed Dwmomanc Enclave z 15 mm away from populated Suhna Road (Nomes INFRASTRUCTURE & ENTERTAWMENT MaHs, Shopping (ompíexes a. Entenalnmen( : ones m dose vrcrnrty Hyau Regency hole! a 7 km Sultanpuv arrd Sanctuary a s km Mrnr Secvetana( Guvgaon a wo km Medanta Medmly Haspnal a 12 km AHMS Jhauar (NCR) a 13 km
  35. 35. THE PH# ^ '_U"| J< 4 OF n"w“ñ A "n ›| V
  36. 36. › r Landscapr-Archrtt-et NMP uosign NMP DESIGN Pvt. Ltd. is a professional firm offering Landscape Design Consultancy Services (originally founded in 1994). The firm is located in New Delhi and is presentiy working as consultants fur projects aii aver India and abroad. Over the years NMP DESIGN Pvt. Ltd. has collahorated successfully with a variety of corprofessionals (architeets, Iandscape architects, planners, engineers, horticulturists, artists & vendors etc. ) to deliveroutstanding quality. Principal Architect iOliNEN ICHINEN is a full-service planning and architecture firm. The Íirm offers one of the best services and offers high quality solutions for a diverse clientela. Apart from offering aesthetic architecture, the firm has an unparalleled ability to respond to market requirements, and meet the developers business objectives. it takes great experience to define a viable business concept, and then to translate it into an architectural plan that is highly sensitive to market needs, ICHINEN understands this very well. coniracior SALARiA Salaria has been offering clients some ofthe best services for many years. The companys extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate sphere enables it tn keep clients informed on trends in the market place using the latest statistics about the area that the client is interested in. PARTNERIN G PROGRESS
  37. 37. Cosrni Infra Engineering (India) Limited Winning through excellence. Creating many milestones. Cosmos Infra has been a pioneer in residential real estate developments in North India since i989. Cosmos infra is best known for its iconic project 'Rishi Apartments' in the posh Civil Lines area of Delhi which was delivered in the year 1994. Having already delivered around 2.5 million sd, ft area in the last 25 years, the cornpany is developing another 2 rnillion sq. ft in Gurgaon, Bhiwadi & Ghaziabad. Driven by a team of qualified CAs, MBAs and Engineers, the cornpany follows a strict code of rnoral & ethical Conduct. The companys vision is to create spaces and structures that add value to life and urban landscapesthataretirneless. Cosmos Infra Engineering (India) Ltd.
  38. 38. .mama mscozocmm mezzo: :m Eâwaãoo o. : . .o . E388 m. : É : ozmosucã . w co= mcm> o. «owãzm ucm wêmãw. 9m . Bm mzmñ 53m_ . ..m3 msm . mzozmusumam . mena : :x53 __< . maroto _mam_ m B: vem _maãwucoo 292_ m_ @S505 mz. c_ : soam zozãzmmwcno_ _m: m_> _. _mE_m_uw_a CAS CADE , GARDEN S 9 Sector 99, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon www. cascadegardens. in Marketing Office: 133, Vipul Trade Centre, Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon 122 O18 Email: sales. cascadegardens@cosmosinfra. com