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Compressed CO2

  1. Compressed CO2 for alternative energy storage MESH 520 - 5.1 Shai Ehrmann March 31, 2023 1
  2. Compressed air energy storage (CAES): ● Excess energy used to compress air ● Air compressed and stored in cavern, drained reservoir, or other large container, typically ● Air heated and released through turbine to recover energy ● “Battery” similar to pumped hydro storage 2
  3. Compressed air vs. compressed CO2 ● CO2 has a higher critical temperature than the typical air mixture ○ Can liquefy at room temperature at >67 bar (>972 psi) ● CO2 in liquid state requires only ~0.2% the volume of ambient gaseous CO2 3
  4. LAES<->CAES ● The novel energy storage system takes advantage of the relatively easy liquefaction of CO2, making it a Liquid Air Energy System ● Energy is stored as a liquid, requiring less volume ● Heat from the compressor is stored or co-cycled to regasify CO2 ○ Technically considered an adiabatic CAES(A-CAES/A-LAES) since it does not require external heat for operation ● CO2 is released into a large gas chamber (i.e. closed loop) ● CAES -> LAES to “charge”; LAES->CAES to “discharge” 4
  5. Currently only trial by Energy Dome 5
  6. Considerations ● Can work together with carbon capture, instead of injecting ● Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) <$100 per MWh (comparable to Li-ion) and projected to achieve $50-60/MWh ● Scalable, unlike cavern-based CAES ● Efficiency >75% with heat co-cycle ● 4 MWh/2 MW pilot plant complete, 200 MWh/20 MW plant in progress ● Long-term storage possible ● Still experimental technology ● High pressure system (70 bar+) ● Not market-available, cost unknown but likely high ● Storage capacity limited by bladder size 6
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