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Iowa State University WLC487 Methods course

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  1. 1. TPRS: The Road to Fluency Iowa State University WLC487 11/5/15 khuegerich@nevada.k12.ia.us Twitter: @donakimberly http://theactivelearner.blogspot.com
  2. 2. está – is feeling/located hay – there is/are tiene –has es – is Objetivo: comunicar con el vocab
  3. 3. TPRS® is a method of second- language teaching that uses interactive stories to provide comprehensible input and create an atmosphere of immersion in the classroom. What is TPRS®?
  4. 4. When we ACQUIRE another language: First, we learn to LISTEN. We learn to READ what we’ve heard. We learn to WRITE what we’ve read and heard. Finally… We SPEAK, because we’ve heard, read and written it.
  5. 5. Comprehensible Input Listening and understanding Baby Acquisition vs Classroom Acquisition
  6. 6. Make every minute COUNT!!!
  7. 7. input output Speaking Writing Listening Reading
  8. 8. Teach to the Eyes! ✓teach STUDENTS not curriculum ✓look in individual student’s eyes when teaching ✓hold students accountable ✓always check for understanding
  9. 9. Objetivo: comunicar con el vocab le gusta – likes va a – goes to quiere ir –wants to go quiere tener–wants to have
  10. 10. The Super Seven está – is feeling/located hay – there is/are tiene –has es – is le gusta – likes va – goes quiere –wants Coupletheseverbswithcognatesfor powerfulstories.Storypossibilitiesare virtuallylimitlessoncestudentshave masteredthesesevenstructures
  11. 11. The Sweet 16 sale de leaves from hace does se pone+ emotion becomes puede can; is able to le da gives to him/her le dice says to him/her sabe knows vuelve returns ve sees TheSuperSevenverbsplusthesenine formthefoundationforlevelone.Use alltenses,butlimitnewvocab.
  12. 12. Shelter Vocabulary Limit vocabulary to a few hundred words per year Teach structures!
  13. 13. Don’t shelter grammar Use whatever grammar is necessary to express meaning. Pull-out grammar: Super mini lessons <30 seconds
  14. 14. One could increase the life span of a memory simply by repeating the information in timed intervals. You have 30 seconds before a word leaves the brain
  15. 15. Circling: the heart of TPRS® Teacher will tire of the questions long before the students will!
  16. 16. Types of questions Yes/no Either/or Wh Always restate the negative and follow up by restating the positive. The key is aural repetitions.
  17. 17. Readings • Embedded readings • Volleyball readings • Act out – visualize/dramatize • Draw details – picture notes El coche rojo
  18. 18. Ask a story • Helps build confidence • Guided production • Scaffolds learning • Adds additional reps • Student ownership
  19. 19. Videotalk: Aki el mono está – is feeling/located hay – there is/are tiene –has es – is le gusta – likes va – goes quiere –wants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZTRxKyx410
  20. 20. Music • Can have a catchy tune that they will be singing in other classes • Model for pronunciation • Great listening activity • Connect to culture in different way • Life-long learning
  21. 21. Vamos a la playa Vamos a la Playa by Loona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-77txuiVXs Vamos a la playa Let’s go to the beach A mí me gusta bailar I like to dance el ritmo de la noche the rhythm of the night sounds of fiesta you know we go where the feeling is right you know we go where the groove is hot you know we go where the feeling is right amigos ¡qué calor! Friends, How hot! esta máquina bailando this dancing machine Vamos todos a la playa Let’s go to the beach vamos todos a gozar We’re going to enjoy everything baila baila dance, dance baila baila baila baila
  22. 22. Embedded Readings • Scaffolds learning • Builds confidence • Introduces main events • Adds details • If they can read 80%, it’s a good reading
  23. 23. PQA Personalized Question-Answer • Practice structures using vocabulary that they already know • Ask questions about their personal lives • Can use parallel characters • Focus on the student to build relationship and create buy-in
  24. 24. Classroom Management Greet at door Personalize! PQA Jobs “Clase clase” – “Profe profe” Chicle Rejoinders Affirmation cards
  25. 25. Los 10 Súper Trabajos Don Luz Don Bibliotecario Don Anfitrión Don Intérprete Don Enfermero Don Proyector Don Pantalla Don Café Don Trump Don Secretario
  26. 26. Contact information: khuegerich@nevada.k12.ia.us Twitter: @donakimberly http://theactivelearner.blogspot.com
  27. 27. Don Luz/Doña Luz Responsibilities: Turn lights on/off, as needed
  28. 28. Don Bibliotecario Doña Bibliotecaria Responsibilities: Keep library neat and organized each day.
  29. 29. Don Anfitrión Doña Anfitriona Responsibilities: -Welcome any guest to class -Explain that you are happy s/he could join us today. -Invites to sit in special seat -Get beverage and snack “Welcome to our class. I’m happy that you could join us today. Do you speak Spanish? Someone will help you understand. Please have seat here [Show guest to an open seat.] May I get you a beverage or a snack today? We have a social contract [review main topics from the list] Can you follow our contract? Is there anything else I can do for you? Enjoy your day today; thanks for being a part of our class.
  30. 30. Don Intérprete Doña Intérpreta Responsibilities: -Explain to guest what is currently happening -State the goal of the day -Interpret every word that Señora and other students are saying for the guest -Overall help guest understand what’s going on and said in class.
  31. 31. Don Enfermero Doña Enfermera Responsibilities –Lead class in “Uno, dos, tres…. ¡SALUD!” when someone sneezes –Escort sick student to nurse’s office
  32. 32. Don Proyector Doña Proyectora Responsibilities: Turn projector on/off Freeze projector Adjust volume Use remote for what Señora needs
  33. 33. Don Pantalla Doña Pantalla Responsibilities: Pull screen up Pull screen down
  34. 34. Don Café Doña Café Responsibilities: – Hand out café cards as Señora announces them – Suggest actions that may be worthy of a café card –Be sure café cards are in box at end of class
  35. 35. Sr. Donald Trump Srta. Trump Responsibilities: –Be sure everyone is doing their job –If not doing job, tell them “¡Estás despedido/-a!”
  36. 36. Don Secretario Doña Secretaria Responsibilities: –Keep track of class jobs –Take attendance daily and during drills –Inform Señora of missing students –Check off those who give anuncio –Keep track of anything Señora needs