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Social Media for DJ's and Producers

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During this talk, Sebastiaan tells us about how he uses social media for his DJ career and how he has brought e-mail back into the mix during the past period. Also, he talks about the five basic principles of entrepreneurship about which he recently wrote a book. Only a good idea is not enough to be successful.

Read more about his book via https://www.redesignbook.com

DJ producer and label owner Sebastiaan Hooft has been involved in music all his life. More than twenty-five years after gracing the decks at school parties in front of his friends, he traded the school’s gym for superclubs and festivals in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Miami Beach, Azores, Ibiza, Prague, and Berlin. Also, he has his record label named Redesign Records.

Follow his music via https://www.shooft.com

In fifteen years Sebastiaan has set up, acquired and sold more than twenty companies, supervised dozens of startups, interviewed more than five hundred international entrepreneurs and drew up a basic model for a healthy life as an entrepreneur from all his experience and inspiration.

US News named him one of the most consistently successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands in 2015. At the age of 32 he ended up on the 100% Self-Made list of Quote Magazine, and he had a top 10 listing in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

This talk has been recorded during the Social Media Club event 'The Sound of Music' in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Sign up for their events via https://www.meetup.com/SMC030/

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Social Media for DJ's and Producers

  1. 1. My Journey
  2. 2. 500 15 countries, 3 continents, 3 universities
  3. 3. Five Facets of Sustainable Entrepreneurship And how to use them
  4. 4. How to Live Like a Lion Eat well when you want and hang out when you please
  5. 5. Why a Great Idea Doesn’t Equal Success
  6. 6. Why Transparency is The Golden Ticket
  7. 7. The Entrepreneur’s Pyramid
  9. 9. Five Facets of Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  11. 11. First Facet: IDEA
  12. 12. Your idea A big facet of sustainable success is doing what enjoy doing and are good at Your idea should feel like an important mission Most people will think your idea is bad and that you sound crazy Focus on a small, specific market You need a market that is going to be big in ten years
  13. 13. Develops Over ten years Think global Change the world Why now? Do you like it yourself? Clearly articulated vision
  14. 14. Second facet: TEAM
  15. 15. Friends, family and fools
  16. 16. Your team Formalized, empowered and responsibilities Get the best people Find experts in a domain Find tough and calm people Experience matters a lot Try not to hire
  18. 18. Try not to hire You’ll lose a lot of money Be proud on a small team Hire if you have a desperate need Mediocre people kill your career Find new hires through hires
  19. 19. How to find good people? Three questions Are they smart? Do they get things done? Do you like them?
  20. 20. Date Get to know them
  21. 21. Mentors You need them when you’re on a roll
  22. 22. What is your job? Figure out what to do and how to get it done Set the vision Make money Take people on your journey Hire and manage Make sure the team executes
  23. 23. Third facet: PLANNING
  24. 24. Understanding the timeline Involvement Where do you come from? Where are you now? Where do you want to go to?
  25. 25. The planning process Online tools. Share. Business Model Strategy Timeline
  26. 26. Fourth facet: RESOURCES
  27. 27. What do you have? What don’t you have? Money People Time
  28. 28. Unique What resources are unique to your situation? Customers Location Knowledge Patents Connections
  29. 29. Fifth facet: HEALTH
  30. 30. How do you measure? Find help from experts Financial health Emotional health Physical health
  31. 31. 0,0001% Makes it to the DJ Mag Top 100
  32. 32. $19.09 Hourly mean wage independent artists (US, 2014)
  33. 33. Later stage advice But a waste of time until you have something going on Management HR Productivity Legal, finance, accounting and tax Your role in the team Marketing and PR Dealmaking
  34. 34. My Social Media
  37. 37. Let your fans decide Figure out what to do and how to get it done YouTube (1+ billion) NetEase (400 million) Spotify (200 million) iHeartRadio (120 million) Pandora (71 million) Apple Music (56 million) Anghami (55 million) SoundCloud (40 million)
  38. 38. Let your fans decide Figure out what to do and how to get it done E-mail (close to 5 billion) Facebook (2+ billion) Instagram (1+ billion) WhatsApp (1+ billion) WeChat (1+ billion) QQ (861 million) LinkedIn (590 million) Twitter (335 million)
  39. 39. Visit redesignbook.com and invite me to your LinkedIn Sebastiaan Hooft