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Smart cities uk 2018 stream 2 - infrastructure

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Smart cities uk 2018 stream 2 - infrastructure

  1. 1. Stream 2 - Infrastructure
  2. 2. Chair's Welcome - Speaker: Phil Beecher, Chairman, Wi- SUN Alliance
  3. 3. The role of IOT in Smart Cities and Towns - Bouygues Energies & Services
  4. 4. The role of IOT in Smart Cities and Towns Matt Fitzpatrick (Sales Director) Bouygues Energies & Services Infrastructure Ltd
  5. 5. Bouygues
  6. 6. What is IoT?
  7. 7. Technology Roadmap
  8. 8. What is a Smart City?
  9. 9. Do we really need Smart Cities?
  10. 10. Structural Health Monitoring
  11. 11. Waste Management
  12. 12. Air Monitoring
  13. 13. Noise Monitoring
  14. 14. Traffic Management
  15. 15. Smart Grid
  16. 16. Smart Parking
  17. 17. Smart Street Lighting
  18. 18. Platform
  19. 19. Safer Healthier Intelligent Communities
  20. 20. Lighthouse Cities - Speaker: Nathan Pierce, Programme Director of Sharing Cities, Greater London Authority
  21. 21. NATHAN PIERCE Programme Director for Sharing Cities
  23. 23. 24 SHARING CITIES
  25. 25. OUR MEASURES… 26 Citizen engagement Building retrofit Sustainable energy management services Smart lamp posts Urban sharing platform EV car sharing eBike sharing EV charging Smart parking eLogistics Shared eMobility
  26. 26. STRATEGIC DIFFERENT STAGES SHARING-------------------------------REPLICATION--------------------SCALE UP
  27. 27. www.sharingcities.eu/sharingcities/knowledge-platform OUR KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM
  28. 28. Creating an Adaptable City - Speaker: Dr Ian Lewis, Director of Infrastructure Investment, The University of Cambridge
  29. 29. Ian Lewis ijl20@cam.ac.uk Department of Computer Science and Technology
  30. 30. Infrastructure “The Digital Architecture of Future Cities” The Adaptive City Programme
  31. 31. The Adaptive City Platform ❏ High-level view of the city “adapting” ❏ Rather than “interventions” ❏ Across multiple timescales ❏ Including real-time Adapt
  32. 32. The Adaptive City Platform Adapt
  33. 33. The Adaptive City Platform Collect Adapt ❏ Assuming a future population of millions of sensors ❏ Real-time collection and processing ❏ Extensive historical archive
  34. 34. The Adaptive City Platform Collect Analyze Adapt ❏ New sensor data ‘derived’ ❏ Valuable for subsequent processing ❏ Becomes ‘First Class’ data
  35. 35. The Adaptive City Platform Collect Analyze Predict Adapt ❏ Adapt based on what you are predicting is going to happen, not wait for it to happen.
  36. 36. COLLECT: Collecting Urban Data ❏ We have a general component (called a FeedMaker) that can ‘get’ the data and publish it. Buses AQ Parking Waste
  37. 37. ❏ We have a general component (called a FeedMaker) that can ‘get’ the data and publish it. COLLECT: Collecting Urban Data
  38. 38. COLLECT: Collecting (Storing) Urban Data ❏ The ‘published’ data can be stored in multiple places in multiple ways
  39. 39. COLLECT: Collecting Urban Data ❏ And… one of our sources is a purpose- built sensor network (LoraWAN) £10, 10 years 10km 10kbits/s Application Server
  40. 40. COLLECT: Collecting Urban Data
  41. 41. ANALYSE: Analyse Urban Data ❏ The ‘published’ data can be stored in multiple places in multiple ways
  42. 42. ANALYSE: Analyse Urban Data ❏ Note the ‘transit plot’ data is granular - this is because it is also event-driven / real-time.
  43. 43. PREDICT ❏ Where’s my bus ?
  44. 44. PREDICT ❏ ~1000 buses, ~30 updates/second
  45. 45. INFRASTRUCTURE A Digital Architecture for the Adaptive City
  46. 46. The Adaptive City ❏ We’re planning for a world with millions of real-time sensors. ❏ These will include ❏ Air quality ❏ Waste accretion ❏ Traffic flows at the level of individual vehicles ❏ Pedestrian densities and flows ❏ Vermin ❏ Public environmental measures such as building temperature or humidity ❏ Energy use ❏ Transportation will remain important but will become increasingly automated, introducing a new set of challenges ❏ Urban regions will have significant ability and responsibility to direct the activity in the region, such as: ❏ Directing transportation including both public and private vehicles ❏ Directing waste collection ❏ Management of challenging situations such as traffic, air quality, or energy problems ❏ This new, digital, intelligent, autonomous environment will need new infrastructure to support, manage and control it. But the city will adapt
  47. 47. Ian Lewis ijl20@cam.ac.uk Department of Computer Science and Technology
  48. 48. How asset sharing platforms are an easy win for smart cities - Speaker: Daniel O Connor, CEO, Warp-It
  49. 49. Furniture and equipment sharing networks are the low hanging fruit of smart citiesDaniel O’Connor CEOWarp It Daniel@warp-it.co.uk
  50. 50. Overview Peer to peer collab Assets Organisations
  51. 51. Why? Save money Good news story Low cost Gate way habit
  52. 52. Surplus assets
  53. 53. Building Clearance
  54. 54. Building Clearance
  55. 55. Broken system
  56. 56. Silos
  57. 57. Internal Collaboration
  58. 58. Internal Collaboration
  59. 59. Friend requests
  60. 60. External Collaboration
  61. 61. External collab Access to other organisation’s items
  62. 62. New
  63. 63. External Collaboration- increased disposal network
  64. 64. External Collaboration NHS London save £3K , NHSTayside save £15K
  65. 65. Win win win
  66. 66. Take a look at the savings: Sunderland Partnership ½ million £100K+ to charity (£20K investment) Glasgow Asset Share; £1+ million (£40K investment) Leagues
  67. 67. Why? Save money Good news story Low cost Gate way habit
  68. 68. What now? Pitch to you and your stakeholders
  69. 69. Twitter: @Warp It_ Linkedin: Daniel Bede O’Connor daniel@warp-it.co.uk
  70. 70. Easy to grow but difficult to grow 'SMART': James Rayner, Board Director at Broadway Malyan
  71. 71. Easy to grow Difficult to grow ‘SMART’ James Rayner, Board Director
  72. 72. City urbanists City architects City placemakers
  73. 73. Click to edit Master title style Versatility to bring together inter-disciplinary teams with global and local expertise to design solutions for the most complex projects. Our local presence ensures a personable and responsive client service for projects of all scales. A global practice Abu Dhabi Birmingham Dubai Lisbon Liverpool London Madrid Manchester Mumbai Santiago São Paulo Shanghai Singapore Reading Warsaw Weybridge Our Studios
  74. 74. City Futures Where Next….
  75. 75. 3.7 trillion miles to the next exoplanet …..a long long long long way….. the earth is what we have
  76. 76. World population ‘to hit 9.7bn by 2050’
  77. 77. The urban population of London is forecast to grow by 3 Million.....
  78. 78. By 2050 the Urban population will be 2.1 Billion bigger Equivalent of building London over 250 times....
  79. 79. The Future is less about power of nations; More about the Power of Cities & Metro regions.
  80. 80. The most liveable cities will attract a larger % of the best talent, investment, resources, they will be the places to be at....
  81. 81. Many new urban residents live like this…. This is not a viable future……..
  82. 82. We all know that this has many future challenges This is not a viable future……
  83. 83. How do we optimise this existing city context? This is not a viable future……
  84. 84. How do we make the best use of technology? This is not a viable future……
  85. 85. City Planning is moving on..... context, environmental, transit, people & place focussed... .....and more intelligent & smart....
  86. 86. It is smart city “thinking” as well smart city “technology” that will make the difference....
  87. 87. Smart Next generation Cities & Planning is about:
  88. 88. “Smart” is a catalyst for re-setting city environments
  89. 89. “Smart” can re-position & re-shape our city streets
  90. 90. “Smart” can re-working how we use our city streets & places
  91. 91. “Smart” is re-working how we use our city streets & places
  92. 92. “Smart” thinking & approaches like Transit Orientated Communities Can help our Cities Grow “Smart”
  93. 93. Research indicates that communities & places with TOC characteristics are more liveable
  94. 94. Now we can test concepts like TOC in a robust & nuanced way, we can make city planning smarter...
  95. 95. We are working with Dar es Salaam City & the World Bank to apply smart TOC planning principles to rapidly growing & challenged urban environments
  96. 96. We are mapping, testing, refining & applying integrated development, economic, social, environmental, planning data & insight
  97. 97. We are using the TOC matrix tool to assess mapped data, test scenarios & evolve TOC planning strategies
  98. 98. Using city mapping & analytics to see how best City districts can shift towards TOC approaches
  99. 99. Using city mapping & analytics to see how best City districts can shift towards TOC approaches
  100. 100. Evolving & Testing Integrated Transit & Development Strategies
  101. 101. Evolving & Testing Integrated Transit & Development Strategies
  102. 102. Evolving & Testing Integrated Transit & Development Strategies
  103. 103. open & rich city data will enable us to analyse & re-think traditional city planning approaches
  104. 104. Preliminary analysis suggest that existing station areas are below desired TOC PPH thresholds Planned TOC areas could accommodate GM Growth Preliminary TOC Studies for GM stations based PPH @ 400m radius 150 PPH UN Habitat TOD Target
  105. 105. rich open source city data needs to be as ubiquitous as water & air
  106. 106. Our aim is take “Smart” TOC thinking to more Global Cities
  107. 107. www.broadwaymalyan.com
  108. 108. Cities Transforming Parking Problems to Revenues: Ofer Lidror, CEO & Founder, Lidror
  110. 110. Introduction
  111. 111. BACKGROUND  2%-3% of the world population are disabled  In the UK alone there are 2 Million people, with special parking needs  There is a constant shortage of (disabled) parking spots  Authorities distribute disabled tags which are made of plastic or paper, and are easy to forge & abuse
  112. 112.  30% of the tags shown on the vehicle are either forged, or misused by family members  Today the Disabled Tags are car related  Municipalities suffer massive income loss from this phenomenon  There is no indication for parking officers to verify Disabled Tag’s authenticity THE PROBLEM
  113. 113. Lidror invented The Biopark Tags A Biometric Personal Tag THE SOLUTION
  114. 114. The Biopark Tags are personal, and activated by identification touch while parking Biopark allows Parking officers to easily verify if the Tag is genuine, with an APP Bluetooth communication When the Biopark unit senses that the vehicle is in motion, it automatically shuts off PARKING OFFICER APP How does the Tag & System work?
  115. 115. Easy to operate and control:  Easy registration process  The Biometric data is coded into the Tag unit, and cannot be stored on the software.  The unit will work until the expiry date  Easy to Add an escort person to the Tag The Operating System - Software Lidror’s supplies the operating software system to authorities
  116. 116. The Biopark Tags & System have been granted with patents in:  USA  Canada  Israel  Australia  New Zealand  Europe The Biopark has won the: Intertraffic Parking Innovation Award most valuable prize in the world of parking Patents – World Prizes & Press
  117. 117. Lidror leases the Biopark Tags & system to Authorities for a low monthly fee As low as the price of a cup of coffee Business model
  118. 118. CITY PARKING TAGS By Lidror
  119. 119. Every year 10% of car owners change their home or work address Municipalities invests in expensive manpower to supervise parking in the city In the current situation its impossible for municipalities to verify the true parking situation Background
  120. 120. The City tag is an advanced electronic device, replacing today’s simple sticker on the car’s window The Tag allows authorities digital capability, to control over the city parking in real time, with 70% less manpower The City Tag Solution
  121. 121. City tag Software City tag Parking Officer APP Municipality Private Network
  122. 122. Faster, better, and more precise control Special City Tags can be issued for non-residents & Businesses More parking spaces Up to 70% less manpower Municipality benefits
  123. 123. Access control for Public buildings, Hospital & Universities Billing services for toll roads, bridges, private parking services and other road fees Service to car rental agencies, insurance companies Governmental authorization signs Billing services CITY TAG Advantages
  124. 124. Municipality Smart Tag Center City Tag System Flow Cloud Smart Tag App Center Driver get Massages from Smart Tag away from the car The Car Become A Multi Task Services Platform Driver Cellphone become the Smart Tag Screen with Bluetooth City Tag
  125. 125. THANK YOU +972-54-4310811 lidrorlt@netvision.net.il www.Lidror.com