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Sciennes P4-7 Resilience Role Models Assembly 1.9.17

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On Friday 1st September 2017, Mr Howie led the P4-7 Assembly, continuing our 'Building Resilience' Health and Wellbeing focus by exploring Resilience Role Models. Mr Howie particularly focused on Teddy Roosevelt, engagingly telling the story of his fascinating, inspiring life and how he strove to overcome adversity and take on personal challenges. Mr Howie also highlighted links with some of the ten 'Be Resilient' toolkit strategies (from a City of Edinburgh HWB programme) that we will be exploring further this year.

Pupils from P7A helped launch our annual P6 and P7 Junior Awards Scheme for Schools (JASS) and we celebrated recent pupil achievements.

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Sciennes P4-7 Resilience Role Models Assembly 1.9.17

  1. 1. Sciennes Primary Assembly P4-P7 Resilience Role Models Friday 1st September 2017
  2. 2. MR HOWIE
  3. 3. Skipper’s journey on the river of life
  4. 4. Resilience Role Models Ask yourself… Do you know someone who has faced a challenge or set back? What were the things that helped?
  5. 5. Activity Think of someone who demonstrates resilience. Create a poster of a Resilience Role Model. Share at next week’s Assembly Look for examples of Resilience Role Models. What helped them get through their difficult time?
  6. 6. Teddy Roosevelt
  7. 7. Why have a ‘role model’? In an elegant recent paper, Burgess (2016) found that Michelle Obama's interaction with students at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School (including her visit to the school, meeting students in Oxford and inviting a group to the White House) appear to have caused a significant jump in results compared to other schools.
  8. 8. Why have a ‘role model’?
  9. 9. A positive role model
  10. 10. A negative role model
  11. 11. A global role model
  12. 12. A specific role model
  13. 13. A close role model
  14. 14. A distant role model
  15. 15. An ‘up’ role model
  16. 16. An ‘across’ role model
  17. 17. Teddy Roosevelt
  18. 18. The man in the arena
  20. 20. A Sciennes idea for a DofE Award for P6 and P7
  21. 21. JASS logo A personal achievement award for P6-S2 Wider Achievement – in or out of school e.g. Scouts, Guides, football, guitar, chess, Earth Calling, volunteering… Individual – you set your own targets. Record –upload photos and evidence to eJASS Share – five minute talk to class
  22. 22. JASS logo JASS has four sections: Adventure: an outdoor activity as part of a team. Get Active, Stay Active: a sport or fitness activity. My Interests: a personal interest (hobby) or a new skill. Me and My World: a community or environmental project.
  23. 23. JASS logo ADVENTURE Benmore and Lagganlia
  24. 24. JASS logo GET ACTIVE, STAY ACTIVE Which sporting activities will you do this year?
  25. 25. JASS logo ME and MY WORLD How could you help others?
  26. 26. JASS logo MY INTERESTS Which new skills will you learn? What will you study?
  27. 27. Have you joined a Club yet?
  28. 28. P7 JASS Conference Monday 4th Sept
  29. 29. An online record
  30. 30. Sciennes Pupil Ideas for eJASS
  31. 31. Mentor Signatures on Paper
  32. 32. Short Talk to Class in May
  33. 33. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Robbie raised £350 for Mercy Corps!
  34. 34. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Molly 500 Word Scottish Winner!
  35. 35. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Gold Swimming Medal for Alasdair!
  37. 37. Mon 4th P7 Conference P4A Museum on the Mound Tues 5th P6C Cycle Training Wed 6th P4B Museum on the Mound P6A Cycle Training Thurs 7th P6B Cycle Training Mon 11th MATHS WEEK SCOTLAND P4C Museum on the Mound P7A Water of Leith Tues 12th P7B Water of Leith Thurs 14th JGHS Open Evening P7C Water of Leith P6 JRSOs at City Chambers Fri 15th Pupil Council Election Results (Day of Democracy) Mon 18th September HOLIDAY
  38. 38. This Week’s House Points Tantallon Lauder Sienna Grange