epilepsy sara sami dzhafar epilobium hirsutum drug interactions complementary and alternative therapies surgical intervention relaxation and yoga seizures medicinal plants antiepileptic drugs neuronal hyper - synchronizayion neurological disorders generalize tonic-clonic phase brain disorder fatty acids and mineral compounds neuroprotective gallic acid chromatographic ptz mda e brain tissue biochemical antioxidant phenolics in vitro and in vivo anticonvulsant anticonvulsant brain tissue ptz brain disorders neurology final thesis project medical plants ethnopharmacology new herbal for neurologicl diseases seizure thyroid gland agent drugs of thyroid gland thyroid gland pharmacological diabetic mellitus diabetic mellitus pharmacology diabetics diabetic pharmacology drugs for diabitics adrenal gland pharmacology autonomic nervous system automatic nervous system mascarinic cns receptors nicotinic cholinergic antagonist drugs cholinergic pharmacology cholinergic antagonist agents adrenal receptors adrenal receptors antagonist adrenal receptor pharmacologicaly adrenal antagonist pharmacology adrenal antagonist agent drug of adrenal antagonist adrenal pharmacology adrenal agonist drug of adrenal agonist parmacotherapy cns disease parkinson parkinsone pharmacology
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