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Delited - Storytelling 2.0 - Solution Brief

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Delited - Storytelling 2.0 - Solution Brief

  1. 1. The future of digital publishing is about having connections with readers and the knowledge of what those readers want Seth Godin
  2. 2. 2000s Print & Digital Ads Desktop Based Websites Minimal Audience Analytics 1980s Classifieds, News Ads Differentiation On Circulation No Digital Metrics Today … Native Advertising Effective Reader Engagement Behavioral Analytics 2010 - 15 Digital Banner Ads Responsive Mobile Experience Only Engagement Metrics THE NEW ERA IN DIGITAL PUBLISHING
  3. 3. THE JOURNEY IS GETTING REDEFINED These readers give you insights that can help you understand what works and what doesn’t More Readers Build a loyal reader base over time who return & refer more ... Audience Engagement They will help you sharpen your content & ad strategy Audience Insights Yes, the Journey will get you there for sure … More Revenues
  4. 4. Make Magic With Your Content Storytelling 2.0 Created with by InsightsIO
  5. 5. WHO WE ARE A platform where publishers can create non-intrusive & engaging content widgets and integrate it quickly with their stories
  6. 6. 100% Cloud Based Platform, No Dependency on Publisher’s Infrastructure OUR PRODUCT & SERVICE OFFERING More Interactive Content Increased Audience Engagement Monetizable Data & More Ad Revenues 0% Effort, 100% Guaranteed Results 7 Native widgets that create an IMPACT on audience engagement Content Creation Easy, 100% Lesser Time Needed A platform where publishers can create non-intrusive & engaging content widgets and integrate it quickly with their stories
  7. 7. WHAT WOULD YOU GET More Revenues • Native Brand Ads • Monetizable User Data More Traffic • Increased Social Shares • Increased Referral Traffic More Subscribers • Subscribers from Widgets • Demographic Data Greater Engagement • Improved Read Time • Improved Click Through Rate Better Insights • AI Based Algorithmic Insights • Intuitive Dashboard, Easy Reporting Ease of Use • 100% Cloud Based • No Integration, 1 Minute Deployment 360° Benefit For Publishers
  8. 8. DELITED CASE STUDY: EMPATHY QUIZ ON NEWS MINUTE • Delited powered TheNewsMinute.com’s personality quiz for their campaign with the Live Love Laugh foundation. • Empathy quiz to increase audience engagement along with increasing redirects to main campaign page. • Delited managed the end to end campaign from Design to monitoring and data analysis Engagement Numbers Within 30 Hours of Live Time 8.0% Conversation Rate 30% Completion Rate 3308 Quiz Takers 67 Seconds Page Read Time Increased 9000+ Unique Votes Registered
  9. 9. Thanks! Any questions? You can contact us at: sandeep@insightsio.com