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10 ways to fuel productivity

  1. 10 ways to fuel productivity Galaxy Book3 | Galaxy Book3 Pro Galaxy Book3 360 | Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 | Galaxy Book3 Ultra
  2. 1 Ultra lightweight design A thin, lightweight, super-powerful PC that’s possibly our most portable ever.
  3. 2 Premium performance Blaze through your workday like never before with our most powerful processor available.
  4. 3 Optimized video calls With a full-HD 1080p Camera, Dolby Atmos sound, and premium features like auto-focus and a noise-canceling mic, you’ll look and sound your best on every video call.
  5. 4 Galaxy Ecosystem continuity Do more effortlessly with Galaxy devices that work seamlessly together.
  6. 5 Easiest file transfer ever Send files to other Galaxy users with a simple tap with Quick Share.
  7. 6 Easy audio 10:00 AM Automatically connect your Galaxy Buds to your Galaxy Book or Galaxy Book3.
  8. 7 Long-lasting and fast-charging battery Power through your workday plug-free with 76Wh battery capacity. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, and other factors. Based on results from internal lab tests for local video playback time conducted by Samsung. Test Results from a prerelease version of the device under default settings (audio volume and brightness levels) without connection to Wi-Fi or mobile network. *
  9. 8 Second Screen Extend your Galaxy Book‘s display to a tablet, and control it using an S Pen.
  10. 9 Smart Switch Transfer data and apps from your old devices quickly and easily.
  11. 10 Extended care Worry less with enhanced security features that help protect your PC.
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