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College + Foundation Strategic Planning: 2 Plans, 1 Path

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Institutional strategic planning is a ‘must’ for any community college but infrequently do these plans include links to the college’s foundation. Even less frequently does a foundation’s strategic plan link to the college. As discussed in this presentation, having a college-wide team working together on a singular vision is key to reaching the mission and goals of your college.

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College + Foundation Strategic Planning: 2 Plans, 1 Path

  1. 1. College + Foundation Strategic Planning: 2 Plans, 1 Path Rachelle L. Karstens, J.D. Executive Director, Philanthropy & Alumni Relations Indian Hills Community College Follow Online @RLKarstens Joe April, Partner, Director of Community College Division, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions Follow Online @JoeKnowsCCs
  2. 2. 1. Introductions. 2. Why a Strategic Plan is Important. 3. Strategic Planning Process. 4. Operationalizing the Plan. 5. Questions – Thoughts – Wrap Up. Itinerary @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  3. 3. Who Are You? Desired Take-A-Ways? @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  4. 4. Why Strategic Planning Matters • Importance of a Strategic Plan. • Why the College and Foundation Missions Must Align. • Positive Side Effect for the Board @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  5. 5. Strategic Planning Process What is the current situation? • Assess status of college and foundation. Where do you want this to lead to? • You will own this – so….be clear in your own mind. Get Allies • It’s Better to Beg for Forgiveness than to Ask for Permission…EXCEPT in strategic planning!!! Prioritize. • You can have anything you want – you just can’t have everything you want”—Anonymous Plan. • Even a blind squirrel finds an occasional nut. @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  6. 6. Case Study: Indian Hills CC • Background • Development Program Assessment: External Scan + Internal Evaluation • Communication Strategies: Alignment of Visions • Tactics - Steps • Tools • Vision Retreat • Key Interviews • Survey • Presentation to Board • Into action @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  7. 7. 1. Having a plan simply for plans sake. 2. Not understanding the environment or focusing on results. 3. Partial commitment. 4. Not having the right people involved. 5. Writing the plan and putting it on the shelf. 6. Unwillingness or inability to change. 7. Having the wrong people in leadership positions. 8. Ignoring marketplace reality, facts, and assumptions. 9. No accountability or follow through. 10. Unrealistic goals or lack of focus and resources. FORBES MAGAZINE: NOV 30, 2011 Traps to Avoid 10 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail* @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path
  8. 8. Wrap Up – Questions- Thoughts Learn More…. Community Colleges Leading the Entrepreneurial Way - http://bitl.y/CCsLeadingWay Community Colleges & Workforce Development: Stronger Together - http://bit.ly/CCsWFDev @RLKarstens @JoeKnowsCCs #AACC2017 #2Plans1Path