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  1. 1. S andD QuickBooks Quick books Accounting Package Trainer for Profit and not for profit Organization and Part time accountant Box 246, Iringa Mobile:0714 407 443 (+watsapp) : 0768 975 398 Email: saidikobossa@gmail.com
  2. 2. Training Over view WHAT BENEFITS WILL THE TRAINEES OBTAIN AFTER TRAINING?  Participants will be able to setup a unified chart of accounts and class necessary to manage multi-donor funds using a single QuickBooks Company File or depending on Donor/Organization Requirements  Participants will be able to prepare financial statements by donors, projects and Comprehensive  Participants will be able to set up and monitor budget in QuickBooks Accounting System. WHO SHOULD ATTEND  Program managers, finance Managers, finance assistants, accountants of Non-Profit Organizations and Any one in the Management team/Organization  Individual who has a basic knowledge in using QuickBooks wishing to expand the knowledge with non-profit sector for their future careers.
  3. 3. Training Over view  Training Out line! 1. Introduction  Knowing each other  Knowing the System (General Over view and what the system will bring to the already existing system 2. Setup QuickBooks (Interview)  Setup unified chart of account  Setting up: Class, Vendors, Customers, Employee for effective report by donors and consolidation report for organization. 3. Set up and Monitoring the Budget  Entering the Budget  See the Budget Monitor 4. Setting Up Users and Passwords
  4. 4. Training Over view 5. Recording transaction in QuickBooks:  Cash received from Donors (receipt)  Expenditure (payment)  Staff Imprests  Monthly payroll recording  Transferred fund  General Journal (Imprests retirements)  Bank reconciliation  Track vehicle Mileage log books  Employee time sheets
  5. 5. Training Over view 6. Financial reports (Seeing and Understanding)  Expenditure report (profit or loss)  Balance sheet  Advance monitoring report by individual Staffs  Reconciliations (Cash, Imprests, Bank, Suppliers, Customers)  Budget monitoring (Budget versus Actual)  Memorized report 7. Other Quick Books Utility  Backing up and restoring files.  Import and export from one computer to others.  Set up automatic back up.