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  1. 1. looking forward to leverage Big Data technologies to solve challenging problems faced by the Finance industry and be part of a revolution that Analytics could bring in? ARE YOU A BIG DATA TECHNOLOGIST AWS JAVA ParquetScala Big DataHDFS Hive HBase Flume Spark NoSQL platforms(MongoDB,Cassandraetc) Kafka SparkStreaming Drill HortonWorks Cloudera MapR Avro SparkSQL Lambda S3
  2. 2. by the potential of Big Data and AI that can bring tumultuous impact in the Capital and Commodity markets space as us? FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, THE POTENTIAL OF BIG DATA IS HUGE, AND IT WILL BRING DISRUPTIVE CHANGE TO THE INDUSTRY. The financial services sector is going through unprecedented change in the last few years to find new ways to establish sustainable competitive advantages. This increasingly connected and always-on world presents several challenges for such firms. Be it finding trading opportunities or identifying fraud patterns or building better customer experience, financial services institutions are constantly exploring new ways to develop insights across customers and markets. While seeking an information advantage is standard practice by a majority of companies across the board – the ability to lead firms in incorporating wide pools of data from internal structured sources to external unstructured sources (e.g Social Media) is creating results. As the customer experience takes center-stage, banks and financial services markets are increasingly relying on Data and Analytics practices to gain reliable and sustained insights into rapidly changing global markets, customer expectations, channels, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more. Financial institutions will realize value by effectively managing and analyzing the rapidly increasing volume, velocity and variety of new and existing data, and putting the right skills and tools in place to better understand their operations, customers and the marketplace as a whole. ARE YOU AS FASCINATED
  3. 3. who challenges the status quo, innovate, disrupt and seize the opportunity to transform yourself. And all this while also have fun along the way! ARE YOU A TROUBLEMAKER
  4. 4. an innovative services and solutions provider IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU JOINED SAPIENT GLOBAL MARKETS 16+years of successful track record in Big Data 800+workforce aligned to Big Data 70+engagements in last 3 years alone in Big Data Expertise across business verticals & functions CoE for thought-leadership, accelerators and knowledge Strategic acquisitions to remain ahead of the curve Sapient Global Markets, part of Publicis. Sapient, is a leading provider of services to today’s evolving financial and commodity markets. We provide a full range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance their businesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operating costs, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. We offer services across advisory, analytics, digital innovation, creative studio, technology, delivery and managed services outsourcing. For more information, visit www.sapientglobalmarkets.com. Over 4,000 passionate professionals in dozens of offices and delivery centers around the world growing over 10% annually. BEST CONSULTANCY 2015 TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARD BEST CONSULTANCY 2016 MARKETS CHOICE AWARD
  5. 5. BUILD A CAREER, NOT JUST A JOB Your Learning Curve TECHNOLOGY SKILLS Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Kafka, HBase, ElasticSearch, Akka, ELK CORE DOMAIN SKILLS Develop high end so ware products/services involving large scale data processing (TBs/PBs) Design and build different architectural models for scalable data processing and storage and real time insights generation INDUSTRY EXPOSURE Capital Markets, Retail, Healthcare, Telecom SOFT SKILLS Client Exposure, People Management, Thought leadership, Leadership, Conferences, Best Practices development, Writing White Papers and POVs
  6. 6. Keen to know what your career trajectory looks like? Or what kind of work you will do? Read the stories of our people to find out the work and the opportunities that come their way. MEET OUR BIG DATA TROUBLEMAKER STAYCONNECTEDWITH SAPIENTGLOBALMARKETS Deepak Saini Senior Specialist, Big Data, India PEOPLE SET US APART DECODING MY GROWTH IN BIG DATA AT SAPIENT GLOBAL MARKETS NoSQL database MPP& Appliance Big Data Analytics Visuali- zation INTERMEDIATE Big Data Certified inApplied Statistics Speaker atindustry forums Semantic EXPERT Roadmap foraData Analyst? Usage ofmyskill sets? Role? BEGINNER ? ? ? S A P I E N T ENCOURAGERISKTAKING OPENNESS INDUSTRYEXPOSURE FLEXIBILITY LEADERSHIPOPPORTUNITIES PEOPLEGROWTH LEARN NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOLLOW INDUSTRY TRENDS ASK QUESTIONS www.sapientglobalmarkets.com