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Glucose Trail - A community based diabetes healthcare solution

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An explanation of our solution and photographs from our pilot project.

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  • My whole life has changed. Your program has made a remarkable difference. My blood sugar level is normal. I have more energy than ever. I have lost weight. And, I am excited to be able to help others to achieve good health ... all this, because I decided to download your book. Saying thank you does not seem to be strong enough. But God bless you and your work, just begins to express my feelings. ♥♥♥ http://t.cn/A6vI6BAP
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Glucose Trail - A community based diabetes healthcare solution

  1. 1. Glucose Trail A Global Diabetes Telemedicine Project
  2. 2. Where is the Pilot Project?
  3. 3. Pind Begwal, 20 miles outside Islamabad
  4. 4. WHY?
  5. 5. 1 in 5 People suffer from diabetes
  6. 6. What are the challenges?
  7. 7. No legitimate health care facilities in vicinity, prevalent use of ad hoc home remedies
  8. 8. Misconceptions about medication and insulin
  9. 9. Limited access to authentic medication
  10. 10. Lack of awareness of the value of available resources like organic produce
  11. 11. Sedentary lifestyle
  12. 12. Tobacco use
  13. 13. A Diabetes Care Solution
  14. 14. Glucose Trail Pakistan Team
  15. 15. Train Health Care Companions
  16. 16. HCC Trainings
  17. 17. Trained Healthcare Companions
  18. 18. Glucose Trail Recruitment Camps
  19. 19. 127 patients tested 84 had diabetes (66%)
  20. 20. Successfully concluded Glucose Trail Camp
  21. 21. Weekly Focus groups
  22. 22. Weekly to biweekly home visits
  23. 23. Data entry into GT app
  24. 24. Why Glucose Trail ? • Education • Compliance - Medical • Compliance - Lifestyle • Quality Medicine Sourcing • Social Responsibility • Local Entrepreneurship • Community Mobilization Patients APP HCC Medical Care Pharmacist Doctor Laboratory Community Care Physical ActivityGrocer Enabling
  25. 25. Donate to make a difference one step at a time. Glucose Trail is a public charity under IRC section, 501(c) (3) and your donations are tax exempt. Go to https://glucosetrail.com Donate Now
  26. 26. Get involved $10 empowers a community member to manage 1 poor diabetic patient per month $100 empowers a community member to manage 10 poor diabetic patients per month Building sustainable health, transforming communities, preserving wellness