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Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Store

Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Store. Short paper, PLE Conference 2012, Aveiro, Portugal.
Authors: D. Dahrendorf, D. Dikke, N. Faltin (IMC)
Presentation: D. Dahrendorf (IMC)

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Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Store

  1. 1. Sharing Personal Learning Environmentsfor Widget Based Systems using aWidget StoreDaniel Dahrendorf,Diana Dikke,Nils Faltin © www.role-project.eu
  2. 2. ROLEThe ROLE project aims at building a framework that allows alearner to easily construct (mash up) and maintain her ownPersonal Learning Environment.Components of this framework are• a SDK for learning environments• a space feature in OpenSocial• recommender systems• libraries (usage tracking, IWC, …)• a widget store © www.role-project.eu
  3. 3. Goal of the ROLE Widget StoreCreate a cross-platform marketplace focusing educationalapplications and assisting the learner in selecting applicationsfor their needs and learning goals © www.role-project.eu
  4. 4. Why Another Application Store? While there are several (well known) application stores, stores focusing education are still rare © www.role-project.eu
  5. 5. The ROLE Widget Store Widget Store Learning Community of Widget Bundle LMS / PLE system Activities and Recommendation Practice Templates integration Competences Education related widgets © www.role-project.eu
  6. 6. Why Using Widgets for PLEs?• Widgets allow flexible mashups in web platforms• On the one hand they provide very simple functionalities at their own• On the other hand they can be communicate which each other and combined to create a larger piece of software Supported by a large number of learning environments © www.role-project.eu
  7. 7. The Widget Repository Extract metadata Use Cases Screenshots Enrich Screencasts metadata Licenses Developer Contact Categorization © www.role-project.eu
  8. 8. How to Share Mashups? How could I share a nice set of tools with the community? © www.role-project.eu
  9. 9. Widget Bundles A widget bundle is a set of widgets that complement each other and are used together for a common purpose to fulfill a specific learning goal © www.role-project.eu
  10. 10. Widget Bundles Preconfigured Widgets + Content + Learning Activities © www.role-project.eu
  11. 11. Widget Bundles Widget Bundle create rate, comment,rate, comment, share, discussshare, discuss• Bundles can be shared with the community• The community can rate, comment and discuss these templates and add them to a learning environment © www.role-project.eu
  12. 12. CategorizationIn order to support the learner in selecting widgets /bundles the store provide several categorizationsystem for different purposes• Identify the learning phase• Identify the functionality• Identify the learning domain © www.role-project.eu
  13. 13. Tool categoriesFor which learning phase can a tool be used?• Categorization based on the PPIM model © www.role-project.eu
  14. 14. Tool Functionalities & Learning DomainsWhat for functionality does a tool provide?• Categorization based on a functionality ontology © www.role-project.eu
  15. 15. Learning DomainsIn which learning domain can the tool/bundle beused?• Categorization based on dppedia.org © www.role-project.eu
  16. 16. ConnectivityDifferent approaches to add widgets to PLEs• Add manually (copy reference, download)• Push (e.g. iGoogle)• Via JavaScript• Web services (SPARQL, REST)• Embedded HTML Code © www.role-project.eu
  17. 17. http://role-widgetstore.eu © www.role-project.eu
  18. 18. Future Work• Include more tool types (Desktop, Mobile)• Connect with other systems• Add Recommender• Evaluate the system• Add social requirement engineering tool• Release new version © www.role-project.eu
  19. 19. Widget Contest Bring together the best ideas from software developers and practitioners In the first round contribute your specification of a learning widget (no coding) Three selected specifications have two months to develop their learning widgets (supported by a ROLE partner) Deadline first round: 29 July 2012 http://www.role-project.eu/WidgetCompetition © www.role-project.eu
  20. 20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FORYOUR ATTENTION! © www.role-project.eu