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The role of women in society

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The role of women in society

  1. 1. The Role ofwomen in society
  2. 2. Thomas HardyBorn: 2 June1840Died: 11January 1928He was aNovelist, Poet,
  3. 3. Employment For women in 19th centuryType of Employment Number of women employedDomestic servants 1,740,800Teachers 124,000Nurses 68,000Doctors 212Architects 2 In the 19th century there were limited jobs available to women. It did not matter whether or not they were upper class or working class men had complete and utter power over them. The idea was that upper and middle class women had to stay dependent on a man: first as a daughter and later as a wife.
  4. 4. Women’s RightsIn 1839 a law was passed which An example of someone who wasstated if marriage broke down and involved in women’s rights inparents separated, children seven society was Emmeline Pankhurst;and under lived with their mother. she was a leading British womens rights activist, who led theIn 1870, women were allowed to movement to win the right forkeep money that they had earned. women to vote.Matrimonial act of 1957 under theterms of the act, the husband hadonly to prove his wifes adultery,but the wife had to prove herhusband had committed not justadultery but also incest, bigamy,cruelty or desertion.
  5. 5. Women Today & Women Yesterday
  6. 6. The Influence & Expectations Of Women Then..Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management Wasfirst published in 1861, it was full ofadvice on how to become the perfecthousewife for middle class women.
  7. 7. Role Of Women: Differences Between The Classes.Middle Class Women Upper Class Women•Boiling water • Servants•Washing and ironing clothes •Maids•Floors were washed and •Nanny’s for their childrenscrubbed •Home entertainment•Look After Children•Food was prepared before thereturn of their husbands•Teach Their daughters thework of a house wife•Clean the entire home