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1. Achieving buy-in
foryour CRM
2. Demonstrating
value to employees
3. Removin...
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Adopt CRM: your customer engagement journey

In order to keep one step ahead in the modern marketplace, companies must focus on maximising CRM customer engagement.
Savvy companies have been waking up to customers who are demanding more from businesses and embracing a customer-centric approach to their work culture in response. It means that wherever the customer is on their journey, everyone in the company is there to support, help and enthuse.

Our infographic highlights how a CRM platform and company buy-in plays a vital role in making your business customer-focused and omni-channel, helping to nurture consumers’ buying decisions at every stage of the sales funnel and improve their engagement.

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Adopt CRM: your customer engagement journey

  1. 1. ADOPT CRM: YOUR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT JOURNEY 1. Achieving buy-in foryour CRM 2. Demonstrating value to employees 3. Removing silos 4. Create a core team 5. Boost Advocacy Takeaways To start the journey towards CRM customer engagement, it’s essential that every person in the business from the executive level through to the departmental assistants sign up to the new customer-focused vision – and to the CRM platform itself. CRM customer engagement can only be achieved if your employees are engaged first. By aligning departments through the same CRM platform, they will be able to work together efficiently to improve customer engagement. Sales and Marketing working in alignment experience: To help with the heavy lifting of CRM projects, a core team should be put in place to handle the day-to-day operations of running and maintaining the platform. This could involve hiring new personnel – or training up existing staff – or alternatively, bringing on board CRM consultants to take the strain. Creating brand advocates within the company will not only ensure the success of your CRM but will help push your brand out into employee social feeds whether it be on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - ultimately extending your reach to and interaction with customers. Ensure your team have bought into the vision of improving customer engagement and the CRM platform you intend on using. Build advocacy through your employees, this will help them to engage and reach out to more customers. Align your departments so they garner as much data about your customers as possible, using it to effectively target, message and act on leads and prospects. Aligned Sales, Marketing, IT and Customer Service departments can gathervital data and insights, improve targeting and messaging, identify new customer segments and highlight potential issues with products from complaints. Companies who focused on providing a superior experience across customer journeys realised a 10-15% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. Involve end users in demos, offer technical and soft-skill training to include customer service and relationship building, and celebrate successes. 38%of CRM projects fail due to a lack of senior level/exec support. 49%of respondents to a Gartner study stated that slow user adoption of the company CRM system had prevented their organisation from becoming more customer-centric. 76%The amount an enterprise will more likely outperform in terms of revenue generation and profitability when the CMO and CIO workwell together. 20%of CMOs use social networks to engage and collaborate with customers. Only 20%growth in annual revenue. 4%growth for those companies that don’t.