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Power Search #2 Lists and Associations

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Since thousands of professional organizations are available, the best resources in this area are tools that help you find professional organizations and associations in your field that you can attend/join for successful career networking.

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Power Search #2 Lists and Associations

  1. 1. #RDaily P R E S E N T S POWER SEARCH #2 Lists And Associations
  2. 2. #RDaily Power Search #2: “Lists and Associations” • Use for associations, committees, staff and memberships emails and contacts • Targets emails and contacts but you can adjust to target additional information • I use this search to identify target lists of competitors that may have attended a conference and or public lists The Search: (“Keyword” OR Keyword OR Keyword) (inurl:list|inurl:~members|inurl:directory|intitle:list|intitle:~members|intitle:~directory|i nurl:starff|inurl:association|inurl:board|inurl:committee|intitle:association|intitle:boar d|intitle:committee|intitle:starff) (email|contact) ext:xls List and Association Searching:
  3. 3. #RDaily Power Search 2: “Lists and Associations” 3 Parts to the Search: 1. (“DNA Sequencing” OR “PCR” OR “Metabolic”) These are the terms / topics we are searching 2. (inurl:list|inurl:~members|inurl:directory|intitle:list|intitle:~members|intitl e:~directory|inurl:starff|inurl:association|inurl:board|inurl:committee|inti tle:association|intitle:board|intitle:committee|intitle:starff) This is targeting leadership or those assumed to be in power 3. (email|contact|phone|cell) (ext:xls|ext:pdf|ext:doc) Searching the contact details generally seen on registration form or sign in sheet. Think about the columns you see on an excel spreadsheet.
  4. 4. #RDaily Power Search 2: “Lists and Associations” (“DNA Sequencing” OR PCR OR Metabolic) (inurl:list|inurl:~members|inurl:directory|intitle:list|intitle:~members|intitle:~direct ory|inurl:staff|inurl:association|inurl:board|inurl:committee|intitle:association|intitl e:board|intitle:committee|intitle:staff)(email|contact|phone|cell)(ext:xls|ext:pdf|ex t:doc
  5. 5. #RDaily