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First 100 Days At Your New Recruiting Gig: What To (And Not To) Do

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As more talent acquisition suites and strategies are going end-to-end, we’ve seen more people in our field get involved with onboarding.

It’s paradoxical, then, that when recruiters jump ship for another job, they often don’t think strategically about their first 100 days in the new role.

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First 100 Days At Your New Recruiting Gig: What To (And Not To) Do

  1. 1. Smart Sourcing and Recruiting professionals read RecruitingDaily (and watch our webinars) First 100 Days At Your New Recruiting Gig What To And What Not To Do
  2. 2. SPECIAL THANKS https://www.wepow.com Wepow structured interviews create consistency in your screening process by leveling the playing field for your candidates. When combined with our evaluation tools Wepow helps you increase objectivity in your recruiting process and reduce hiring bias.
  3. 3. HERE’S THE PLAN ➔ Housekeeping for today Listen only mode, #Rdaily, We are recording ➔ We’re recording! 24 hour turnaround with presentation. ➔ Ask questions Use your control panel or follow along on Twitter and use #rdaily.
  5. 5. Agenda ● What TO DO ● What NOT TO DO ● Questions to ask TODAY
  6. 6. I’m hired. Now what? ● Assume Good Intent ● Imposter Syndrome ● Learning ● Relationships 101
  7. 7. Assume Good Intent
  8. 8. RELAX! ● Imposter Syndrome is real ● Remember you were hired for a reason! The 5 Types of Imposter Syndrome and How to Beat Them
  9. 9. Learning: Processes and People ● Formal training plan / classes ● Study guides, best practices, notes ● Onboarding buddy / mentor
  10. 10. Relationships 101 Manager ● regular syncs ● discuss leadership style ● speak up! Colleagues ● partnerships/overlap ● metrics Meet the “Cousins”
  11. 11. What NOT To Do ● Bring Skills. Not Baggage ● Rome wasn’t built in a day ● Wait for instructions
  12. 12. Questions you can ask TODAY - Manager ● How will I be measured/know I’m doing a good job? ● What’s your leadership style? ● Who should I know? Best sourcer/closer/process person? ● Biggest team pain points / where can I help?
  13. 13. Questions you can ask TODAY - Team ● Tell me about your day! (structure, highlights, pain points) ● Magic wand - what do you do? ● Biggest priority on your desk right now? ● How can I help?
  14. 14. Q&A
  15. 15. THANKS AGAIN @RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs @RecruitingTools