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Bridging the Gap Between Sourcing & Recruiting

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You Can’t Have One Without the Other

You know the story. Over the last few years, we have seen silos forming between sourcing and recruiting.

Each side feels they are the more important function.

Awkward Meme GIF by swerk
In reality, they should be working as a unit.

Yep – one happy little cohesive team dancing their way to the candidate fair.
We know a guy who can help…
Michael Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Hiring Transformed, has made a living out of understanding the sourcing-recruiting relationship and has agreed to give you 60 minutes of uninterrupted, live counseli…training.
Let’s call this training.

He’s known for his ability to build kick-ass Talent Acquisition teams and has been doing it for many, many years. If you don’t believe us (and you somehow don’t know who he is) check him out.
Here’s what you’re going to learn.
1. How to eliminate the blurred lines.
2. How Recruiters and Sourcers can work more effectively together.
3. What sourcing and recruiting managers, as well as Heads of Talent, can do to eliminate the riff.
4. What recruiters in smaller companies (with no sourcing functions) can do to build their sourcing skills.
What do you say?
All you need is an open screen and a box of tissues. We’ll handle the rest. You’ll go home with the tools to create a truly functional partnership with your “other half.”

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Bridging the Gap Between Sourcing & Recruiting

  1. 1. T H E P L A N HOUSEKEEPING You are in Listen-Only Mode. You can hear us, but we can’t hear you. ASK QUESTIONS Don’t be shy! Use the Questions Panel in your side bar to talk to Michael. SHARE We’re LIVE. Use the #rdaily hashtag to share on social media. WE’RE RECORDING You will receive a copy of this slide deck & recording after the webinar. Keep an eye on your inbox.
  2. 2. Do you know who theright person for this chair is? Don't worry, we got yourback with ourComprehe nsive, Customizable HiringAssessment Solution. info@eskill.com +1-978-649-8010 www.eskill.com
  3. 3. M I C H A E L G O L D B E R G CEO & Founder of HiringTransformed Recruiting Strategist, Talent Finder, and Hiring Manager Whisperer all describe Michael who advises and coaches Talent Acquisition Leaders through roadblocks. Michael also assists talent organizations with strategies to increase productivity, create strong recruiter/hiring manager partnerships, and lead change management initiatives. He has over twenty years of Corporate Talent Acquisition (i.e. Recruiting): research, recruiting audits, technology assessments, employment brand, creative job postings, and candidate experience. His goal is to shake up the boring mundane way to attract and identify talent and help his clients hire the best candidates.
  5. 5. Breaking down the differences What recruiters in smaller companies (with no sourcing functions) can do to build their sourcing skills How Recruiters and Sourcers can work more effectively together What sourcing and recruiting managers can do to eliminate the riff Key Take-A-Ways
  6. 6. R E L A T I O N S H I P B E T W E E N R E C R U I T E R A N D S O U R C E R
  7. 7. Recruiting ● Intake Meeting and 1:1 communication with Hiring Manager ● Inputting the requisition into the ATS ● Interviewing Candidates who apply for the position – active candidates ● Using tools to find candidates when not enough are applying – ATS, LinkedIn, Indeed Resume DB or other job board ● Candidate engagement throughout the process ● Closing the candidate ● Offer and Onboarding Sourcing • Understands the job requirements and responsibilities • Develops search strategies • Build candidate personas • Creates and test search strings that will yield the most results • Focus is finding and qualifying candidates • Build talent pipelines Recruiting | Sourcing
  8. 8. B U T F I R S T , L E T ’ S T A L K R E A L I T Y
  9. 9. THE FIVE FOR 2020 Storytelling True Talent Advisors Recruiters + Sourcers = Resourcers Power of VideoAutomation & Data
  10. 10. W H A T I F R E C R U I T I N G A N D S O U R C I N G J O I N E D F O R C E S A N D B E C A M E O N E P O S I T I O N I N S M A L L T O M E D I U M S I Z E D O R G A N I Z A T I O N S ? “ R E S O U R C E R S ”
  11. 11. THE NEW “RESOURCER” QUALIFICATIONS Strategic Research Relationship Manager Data Geek Candidate ExperienceStoryteller
  12. 12. Assumptions • All recruiting administration given to a HR or Recruiting Coordinator • Scheduling • Affirmative Action • Monthly Reporting • Interview set up • Offer letters • Candidate dispositioning • Onboarding • “Resourcers” are trained and/or given tools to research and proactively find passive candidates • Hiretual • Seekout • ZapInfo • Small to medium sized businesses generally have a recruiting team and no separate sourcing function
  13. 13. " G I V E M E S I X H O U R S T O C H O P D O W N A T R E E A N D I W I L L S P E N D T H E F I R S T F O U R S H A R P E N I N G T H E A X E " - A B R A H A M L I N C O L N
  14. 14. Strategic Research & Data Geek The Competition and the Overall Marketplace • Direct Competitors • Similar technologies and processes • Hiring or Laying Off • Indirect competitors looking for similar skills/backgrounds • Also ask, “Where I have had success before” Data Sources • ATS • CRM • Lists • LinkedIn • Resumes • Google • Associations • Conferences • Current Employees https://start.me/p/GE7Ebm/ssar Look at Intel Tools & Insights By Dean DeCosta
  15. 15. BENEFITS OF A PERSONA PROFILE • Create more relevant job descriptions and increase applications • Understand the best recruiting channels for your target candidates • Provides more data points for sourcing • Align your sourcing strategies and focus on better talent • Helps you create a go-to recruitment marketing strategy
  16. 16. BRINGING MORE DATA INTO THE PICTURE StakeholdersCurrent Employees
  18. 18. STORIES THAT ATTRACT • Focus on the people • What is the WOW factor • Learning & Development • Work Practices and routines • Company values • Cultural vibe • Space and Locations
  19. 19. Talent Advisor/Consultant to hiring managers & Candidate Focused 100% of the time Do I really need to say anything more here?
  20. 20. I N L A R G E R C O M P A N I E S
  21. 21. T O O M U C H O F T H I S
  22. 22. How To Bring Balance Dual Partnership
  23. 23. T H E H O W Recruiter and Sourcer work together through candidate identification process Intake Meeting Research Strategy Persona Conversations Story Creation Communications Accountabilities Timeline Expectations Frequent Updates Reset Meetings (when needed) Deliver Qualified candidates matching personas and hiring manager expectations
  24. 24. Set performance goals and KPIs together Cross train recruiters and sourcers in each area of responsibility Meet once a week on: • Talent pipeline • Candidate delivery • Successes • Missed Opportunities Participate in the process helping in research and story creation Managers Role in Eliminating the Divide
  25. 25. L E T ’ S T A L K Michael Goldberg 469-955-2561 michael@hiringtransformed.com