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Research & Insights – State of the Nation Review

Presented by Ray Poynter of Potentiate, and NewMR.

We live in interesting times, there are ups and downs, changes and reverses, opportunities and traps. In this session, Ray reviews the current status of Research & Insights, drawing on a variety of sources to show what is changing, what is staying the same, where some of the opportunities are, and highlighting things you can do to build resilience and to select options.

Access the recording of the presentation via the NewMR Play Again page here: https://newmr.org/play-again/

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Research & Insights – State of the Nation Review

  1. 1. Research & Insights State of the Nation Review Ray Poynter Festival of NewMR April 2021
  2. 2. Sponsors Communication
  3. 3. In a nutshell There is going to be more research in the future more surveys, more depth interviews, more focus groups, more ethnography, more usability testing, more semiotics, more build/test/learn, more analytics … But there is going to be less ‘market research’
  4. 4. 2 Key Changes More than 50% of research is ‘No Questions Research’ Nearly 50% of research conducted internally by clients
  5. 5. Now Insights Now Insights MR Agencies MR Agencies CX UX Web analytics Social Media Analytics DIY Platforms Design Thinking AB Testing Automated Feedback Management Consultancies Data Science The Past
  6. 6. How? Online Platforms
  7. 7. For example Surveys 1991 -> 2021 1991 Paper Field force Printing, data punching, analysis knowledge CATI Call centres Scripting skills & analysis CAPI Field force & computers Scripting skills & analysis 2021 Sample Online panels Customer lists Communities Data collection SaaS tools of every complexity Projects One-stop questionnaire and sample options Pre-prepared solutions (e.g. Zappi)
  8. 8. ResTech HT Patrick Comer
  9. 9. ESOMAR GMR 2020
  10. 10. 井底之蛙 Frog at the bottom of the well
  11. 11. $42.5 $15 Traditional MR Turnover 2019 ESOMAR GMR Qualtrics 2021 IPO valuation USD $ Billions The frog in the MR well thinks Qualtrics is overpriced
  12. 12. Market Capitalisation Yahoo Finance 5 April 2021 Ipsos $1.4 Billion SurveyMonkey $2.7 Billion Medallia $4.5 Billion MR is becoming a minnow in the business of helping organisations make better decisions through the use of human-centric information
  13. 13. Why? 1. Customer Centricity 2. Agile
  14. 14. Democratisation Customers Agencies Insight Team BU BU BU BU Customers BU BU BU BU The Past The Trend
  15. 15. A zappi example “…we just rolled out an instance of zappi to 800 marketers in a global alcohol company- it was bought and vetted by insights.” Ryan Barry, President Zappi Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6784404958117687296?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A%2 8activity%3A6784404958117687296%2C6784469019501068288%29&replyUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A%28activity%3A6 784404958117687296%2C6784473594584985600%29
  16. 16. Key Questions ? What will happen to quality? ? What will happen to MR agencies? ? What will happen to client insight teams? ? What will happen to trade associations? ? What will happen to MR ethics? ? What should a new market researcher do?
  17. 17. What will happen to quality? The median project will be of HIGHER quality Innovative, non-standard or complex problems will still be handled by specialists The weakest link is going to be the sample – which is also true of agencies
  18. 18. What will happen to MR agencies? Continue to grow in absolute terms But lose share to internal And lose share to non- MR companies The HX pie will grow much faster than the MR part will grow
  19. 19. What will happen to client insight teams? 1. Some will shrink, following democratisation 2. Some will become assistants to others 3. Some will transform insights to be coaches, arbiters of value, and strategy consultants
  20. 20. What will happen to trade associations? Live in a world without clear boundaries – Advocacy – Standard setting – Education – Networking – Business opportunities
  21. 21. What will happen to MR ethics? For commercial research, anonymity is going to be much less common – Informed consent is going to be the new norm – Selling and marketing to participants will be the norm – Social research will need to separate itself from MR
  22. 22. What should a new market researcher do? 1. Able to understand business questions and needs in the context of human behaviours and beliefs 2. Able to choose and implement a solution from a range of possible option solutions 3. Able to turn the findings from the research into recommendations 4. Able to persuade organisations to implement the recommendations * Focus on using machines when machines can do the job, develop skills in the area where machines can’t do the job
  23. 23. What is the future of MR? i. The need to understand people will grow ii. The use of tools and approaches to understand people will grow iii. There will be more semioticians, ethnographers, data analysists, strategists, cultural specialists etc iv. But there will be fewer market researchers, doing less ‘market research’
  24. 24. Sponsors Communication
  25. 25. Q & A Ray Poynter Potentiate & NewMR